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Garth Ancier: I Did Not Rape Michael Egan!

Garth Ancier, an accomplished TV producer who Michael Egan alleges raped him, adamantly denies involvement in the bombshell Hollywood scandal.

Ancier’s attorney tells TMZ in a statement following the lawsuit filed this week:

“All of the allegations made by [Michael Egan] against Garth Ancier are demonstrably untrue, and we are confident the courts will agree when the evidence is presented.”

“As just one of many examples, Mr. Ancier has never even visited the estate in Hawaii where the plaintiff claims to have encountered him,” the attorney adds.

“Mr. Ancier is grateful to his

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Chris Brown Accuser Parker Adams: He’s Not Even That Hard!

According to 20-year-old Parker Adams, the man accusing Chris Brown of assault in D.C., the R&B singer only ranks as a 6 out of 10 on the manly scale.

On the stand in the trial of Brown’s bodyguard Christopher Hollosy, who’s also accused of assaulting Adams, Parker was asked to assess the attackers.

Using a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 registering as a strong, manly punch, Hollosy rates a 10 out of 10, whereas Brown only punches at a 6, Adams determined.

Is Chris’ 6-out-of-10 strength enough to destroy a woman’s face? Well, obviously. Insufficient to fight his own battles against

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Andre Johnson (Christ Bearer), Wu-Tang Affiliated Rapper, Cuts Off Penis in Suicide Attempt

Christ Bearer, a member of the rap group Northstar, cut his penis off and jumped off a balcony in a suicide attempt this morning, according to reports.

The rapper affiliated with Wu-Tang Clan, whose real name is Andre Johnson, was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital early Wednesday, TMZ reports.

He allegedly cut off his penis and jumped off a second story balcony in what police believe was an attempt to take his own life for unknown reasons.

Officials were called to an apartment building in North Hollywood, Calif., at around 1:00 a.m. today and found Andre Johnson on the sidewalk

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Chris Brown: En Route to D.C. on CON AIR!

As previously reported, Chris Brown has been picked up by U.S. marshals for his cross-country journey to stand trial for assault charges in Washington, D.C.

The 24-year-old star is on his way from jail in L.A. to a federal holding facility in San Bernardino, Calif., to begin his long trip to our nation’s capital.

Later, escorted by U.S. Marshals and appropriately restrained, he will get on a plane to D.C. Only there will be layovers along the way. A LOT of them.

According to TMZ, there are so many stops en route (think Oklahoma and other out of the way places) to pick up other

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Wen Zhang: Chinese Star Breaks Social Media Records With Affair Apology

Wen Zhang is like the Chinese Robert Pattinson – as adored in his homeland for his talent and looks as for his down-to-earth charm. So when he admitted to cheating on his wife of six years in a recent web post, Chinese social media users went crazy…like really crazy!

Weibo – the Chinese equivalent of Twitter – reported that Zhang’s apology received over 2.5 million comments and 1 million re-tweets in just 10 hours yesterday, making it the most popular post in the site’s history.

“I have brought this upon myself,” Zhang Tweeted. “A mistake is a mistake. This has nothing to do with

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Chris Brown Assault Trial: U.S. Marshals to Transport Shackled Star to D.C.?!

When (if) Chris Brown stands trial in Washington, D.C. for assault in mid-April, he will do so as a prisoner accompanied by U.S. Marshals, TMZ is reporting.

Brown is in jail in L.A. for violating his probation. His probation for assaulting Rihanna was revoked after he was charged with assaulting some guy in D.C.

He originally stayed out of jail by seeking anger management treatment, but once he was kicked out of rehab for the second time, off to jail he went.

His trial begins April 17, unless he’s able to buy his way out of jail by convincing the accuser to drop the case. If

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Porsha Stewart BEATS DOWN Kenya Moore at Real Housewives Reunion Taping

Ding! Ding! It’s apparently on between Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore.

According to Us Weekly sources, “there was a physical altercation” between these two Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members during a taping of that show’s reunion special today.

Just how out of control did the brawl get? One basically went all Chris Brown on the other.

Porsha beat the crap out of Kenya, dragged her across the stage by her hair, and gave her a major beatdown,” says the source.

You can watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online (via TV Fanatic) to see the kind of tension that has been

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RIHANNA Lands In London

After a brief trip to NYC, Rihanna is back in London. It’s not surprising: Drake is currently performing there. These two seem to be getting pretty serious!

Bar fight aside, I suspect Drake is a much better guy to date than Chris Brown.

RELATED: Rihanna and Drake hit the club.

I hope that’s the case for Rihanna’s sake. She’s put up with enough drama. Maybe she’s learned that all the drama Is Not Worth It. That’s a lesson well worth learning! Rihanna certainly looks happy to be back in London. She even stopped and posed for pics with fans on her way out of the airport. Check out the photo in

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Chris Brown Feels Like "Caged Animal," Really Hates Jail

Chris Brown really wishes he wasn’t in jail.

After getting the rehab boot for the second time in a few months, the singer was sentenced a few days ago to a month in the slammer.

With Brown alone for 23 hours a a day in solitary confinement, a source tells TMZ that the singer can’t stand life behind bars.

Brown feels like “a caged animal,” the insider says, adding that the star refers to it as “the worst experience of my life.” 

In a related note, Rihanna thinks getting her face beaten and bloodied by Brown was the worst experience of her life.

What has Brown been doing while

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Karrueche Tran: Chris Brown Got Dumped For Hollering at Random HOES!

Rumors that Karrueche Tran dumped Chris Brown earlier this year were accurate. The alleged reason? A little different than previously reported.

It wasn’t because Rihanna paid him a secret visit in rehab, or because Chris banged in rehab employee … although both of those things did occur.

Karrueche pulled the plug on their years-long, on-again, off-again relationship because he refused to stop texting his legion of side piece playthings.

Tran’s break-up preceded Chris’ sexual tryst with a female inside rehab, reports indicate. Kae ended things after she visited Chris in rehab the

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