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Yesterday it was reported that Zac Efron and Chord Overstreet were facing off over the same woman – Halston Sage – and it looks like Zac Efron has won the battle for the beauty.

Unfortunately for Chord, it seems that Zac and Halston have been “hot and heavy for some time now.” Ouch! Perez Hilton’s inside sources have this to say: ”They are definitely an item. They were seeing each other a bit during filming of their movie together and ever since he went to rehab they got a lot closer. Her friends love him and say he is so sweet. He’s really good to her.”

The two met while filming the movie

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Your daily dose of celebrity news and gossip, brought to you today by Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima.

  • The trailer for Gone Girl is officially here. (D Listed)
  • Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima were in London at the Bond Street Victoria’s Secret to announce that this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show will take place in London. (Moe Jackson)
  • Kelly Osbourne has jumped on the partially shaved head bandwagong. (HuffPost Celebrity)
  • Kim Kardashian may have accidenally dropped a huge wedding secret – or two. (PopSugar)
  • Benji Madden hung out with his niece and nephew
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JOHNNY WEIR & VICTOR VORONOV Preparing Postnuptial Agreements Before Reconciliation

After the very public split between former Olympic ice skater Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov, including disclosure of Johnny’s domestic violence arrest, Johnny insinuating Victor (who’s a lawyer) needed to get a job, the release of nude pics (of Johnny), fights over their dog, and plenty of accusations hurled back and forth, the two have decided to give their marriage another try. However, each is presenting the other with postnuptial agreements before moving back in together. RELATED: Johnny Weir calls off divorce.

TMZ somehow got the details on the agreements. Victor’s sounds pretty

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BEYONCE Is Apparently One Of KIM KARDASHIAN’S Bridesmaids

Hm, this story is certainly a bit different than what’s been reported for the last few weeks.

Reports about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s attendance and participation at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding have run the gamut – everything from Jay-Z being the best man, to Beyonce refusing to attend. But now there are new reports out of camp Kardashian… and it’s that Beyonce is apparently going to be one of Kim’s bridesmaids.

A few months ago it seems the press got wind of the rumor that Beyonce had turned down Kim’s request, and while Kim’s camp denied it, nothing more was ever said about the

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After some very public canoodling, it looks like rapper French Montana is all wrapped up in Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe and French have been spending a lot of time together recently… but it turns out, he wasn’t exactly unattached. French had been kinda sorta dating female rapper Trina, and by “kinda sorta” I mean they were living together! Although the couple was apparently never “official,” Trina is completely done with French after seeing him out and about with Khloe so much recently.

I don’t blame Trina for not standing for it – although I’m quite shocked that Khloe would move in on another

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JOHNNY WEIR Calls Off Vicious Divorce

Just when it seemed that the divorce battle between figure skater Johnny Weir and his husband Victor Voronov couldn’t possibly get any uglier there’s been a huge twist – it’s been called off!

However when things get as ugly as they did between Johnny and Victor, it can’t just be swept under the rug with no repercussions. Over the weekend Johnny and Victor reconciled, and Johnny will be moving back into the couple’s home this week – but first he’s got to sign a document agreeing to publicly apologize for all of the nasty things he said about his husband. And to top it off – Johnny also has

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GINNIFER GOODWIN & JOSH DALLAS ‘Once Upon A Time’ Newlyweds Hang Out With The Fam

The day after their wedding, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas went to a family gathering. Ginnifer was baby bumpin’ in her wedding gown! I bet she was a beautiful bride. RELATED: Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas go for happily ever after.

It looks like Ginnifer and Josh had a brunch or something the day after the wedding. That’s a great thing to do if you have a lot of guests from out of town at the wedding. It’s easy to forget that it’s a lot to have to travel somewhere for a wedding, so the more events you can have for guests, the better. I wonder when Ginnifer is due? She and Josh seem

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GINNIFER GOODWIN & JOSH DALLAS Prince Charming & Snow White Go For Happily Ever After

Wedding bells rang recently for ‘Once Upon a Time’ co-stars and real-life couple Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas. They announced last fall that they were engaged and expecting their first child together. RELATED: Ginnifer Goodwin confirms her pregnancy. Now the couple have tied the knot.

A source told E! News that Ginnifer and Josh had an “immediate connection” when they met in 2011.

They were shooting in Canada together, and because they were both away from home, they inevitably started to socialize together off the set as well as on—and they got closer as friends.” The insider added,

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TORI SPELLING & DEAN MCDERMOTT ‘True Tori’: “I Can Never Give Dean Enough Sex”

Here’s our first look at Tori Spelling’s and Dean McDermott’s latest reality TV show, ‘True Tori,’ which will air on Lifetime. RELATED: Tori Spelling’s new reality TV show will focus on marital problems with Dean McDermott. I still can’t believe they’re doing this show! I can’t IMAGINE dealing with something so private in front of the cameras.

This quick clip shows Tori and Dean sitting together on a couch as well as a quick glimpse of Tori and the kids. Tori and Dean look like they’re in a counseling session. Dean seems to be comparing his cheating to an addiction, saying he was “out of

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RIHANNA And DRAKE Are Living Together

It looks like Rihanna and Drake have certainly taken things to the next level. From being a couple who didn’t want to readily admit they were dating, to moving in together, these two have certainly kept us guessing!

Apparently a friend of the former TV star turned rapper has dished to Hollywood Life that the two are living together. They couple haven’t purchased a joint residence together, but they do stay together when they are both in LA, rather than staying in hotels or separate residences. According to Drake’s friend, “It doesn’t really make sense for them to be apart in the same city

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