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Cameron Diaz: Women should have ‘lots of lovers’ instead of ‘one man’

These are photos of Cameron Diaz in Sydney with The Other Woman co-stars Kate Upton and Leslie Mann. All three women may be ripping through a press tour, but it’s Cameron’s mouth that gains most of the attention. Cami likes it that way. She’s outspoken and strong in her beliefs. That’s fine, but she’s coming off as a little overbearing lately. I was excited about watching this movie in the theater, but now Netflix will do. That’s a shame because I usually enjoy Cameron’s interviews, but she’s gone overboard on this tour.

If only Cameron would qualify her statements with an “in my

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Cameron Diaz: ‘I don’t know if anyone is really naturally monogamous’

Cameron Diaz covers the May issue of InStyle. This cover is the only preview image so far. I’ll probably cover the rest of the shoot later this week if Cami says some weird stuff, which she always does. InStyle’s released a few excerpts, and Cameron’s sticking with the cheating theme of The Other Woman. She’s already told the world how everyone has or will be cheated on and doubled down on the statement. She also thinks that women should ask why they’re in the position of having a man cheat on them. These first two quotes are from InStyle, and the other stuff is from an interview the Mail

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Cameron Diaz: If a man cheats, women should ask ‘why am I in this position’?

No one can ever say that Cameron Diaz is lazy at promoting her work. I can’t remember the last time a romantic comedy was promoted as heavily as The Other Woman. Maybe that’s because I mostly cover celebrities who do sci-fi or action films. Cami’s last few interviews have clarified her thoughts on down-there hair and universal cheating. She’s also declined the “feminist” label. Cameron’s bringing the focus back to cheating, which is the subject of this movie. Cam talked with Redbook and says women shouldn’t blame other women for their men straying. They should look at themselves instead?

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Cameron Diaz on feminism: ‘I am not looking to have all the things men have’

These are some slightly dated photos of Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, and Leslie Mann at the German premere of The Other Woman. I didn’t cover them until now because there was very little interest for either the London or Amsterdam fashion posts. In Munich, Cameron wore a tight little Emilio Pucci mini-dress that was too ornate. Kate went with a red Fendi number that was her best dress of the tour. Leslie looks absolutely amazing in an ivory, cowl-necked, satin dress by the row. With her glamorous waves, she scores my vote for the evening.

Cameron’s been doing most of the talking for this press

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Gwyneth Paltrow: Leaking Cheating Rumors? Seeking $25 Million From Chris Martin?

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin wanted the world to believe they were above the ugliness of divorce and prove to us through “conscious uncoupling” that married couples can split peacefully and remain best friends. While that may be true, it seems Chris and Gwyneth can’t pull it off. 

Countless affair rumors have emerged since the couple separated, alleging that Chris and Gwyneth were both sleeping around regularly. Now it seems the source of some of these details may have been none other than Gwyneth herself. 

Radar Online reports that Chris believes Gwyneth is the one leaking

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Cameron Diaz reaffirms her belief in pubic hair: ‘It is there for a reason!’

Cameron Diaz is on a publicity warpath (and she knows how to go on a bender) to promote The Other Woman. She stopped by “Wetten Dass” in Berlin while wearing an Elie Saab wrap dress with a pretty floral pattern. Cami looked good, but this story is about her Friday visit to the “Graham Norton Show” in London. That show is always fun because all the celebrities talk together as an ensemble.

Russell Brand, Kylie Minogue, and Richard Ayoade were all on hand. All three of them got an earful of Cami’s opinions on cheating and down-there hair. Cameron previously wrote in The Body Book that she

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“Megan Fox lost the baby weight after 6 weeks, looks fantastic” links

Megan Fox is back on the set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She gave birth six weeks ago and already looks like this. Not fair! [Popoholic] NSFW: Miley Cyrus shows her rack & poses on a … horse. [Dlisted] Justified brought it back to Ava, Raylan & Boyd. [LaineyGossip] Samuel L. Jackson performs slam poetry, is adorable. [Pajiba] Emma Stone wears Valentino & Balenciaga for Spidey. [Go Fug Yourself] Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis have a Twitter date. [Bitten & Bound] Katy Perry‘s “Dark Horse” is more entertaining with GIFs. [Buzzfeed] Kendra Wilkinson bumps out in Beverly Hills. [Celebrity

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CAMERON DIAZ & JASON SEGEL Made A ‘Sex Tape’ (Red-Band Trailer: NSFW)

WARNING: This is probably not a video you want little ears listening to or little eyes watching, and it’s NSFW. Having said that, it’s pretty funny. This is the first trailer we’ve gotten for Cameron Diaz’s and Jason Segel’s new movie, ‘Sex Tape.’ It’s certainly not Cameron’s more family-friendly movie, ‘Annie‘- LOL.

RELATED: Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are steaming up the set.

The plot sounds simple yet hilarious. Cameron and Jason play a couple trying to get “the spark” back in their marriage, so they decide to make a sex tape. Unfortunately, the sex tape syncs in the cloud to a bunch of

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Cameron Diaz: ‘All women have been sexually attracted to another woman’

Cameron Diaz covers the May issue of Glamour UK to promote The Other Woman. The movie is all about sisterhood and rallying against lying, cheating men. Cameron has made some huge statements about women over the past few months. She’s tired of society’s chauvinism and misogyny towards single women. Cameron’s a living example of her perspective. She’s not out chasing a ring. The men have chased her, but whenever she’s gone through a breakup, the media has covered it in terms of what she did wrong. As in, “Poor Cami can’t keep a man…” That’s so wrong.

I don’t agree with everything Cameron says

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Cameron Diaz: Gwyneth Paltrow is ‘extraordinary’ & ‘very brave’ in her divorce

Cameron Diaz attended CinemaCon (the land of bad lighting) to promote The Other Woman with Leslie Mann. Cameron’s wearing a Victoria Beckham dress, which is designed to make it look like a pleated slip is swinging free. Leslie fared slightly better in a yellow Oscar de la Renta dress. These ladies are hamming up the BFF vibe for their movie. I wish Kate Upton was available for the event, and I bet producers agree.

Cameron is good friends with Gwyneth Paltrow. The topic of Goop’s love life is everywhere right now, and Cami fielded some questions. She sounds like a loyal friend even though

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