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Zachary Quinto: Naked on Instagram!

Zachary Quinto delivered a late Easter present to his fans and Instagram followers today when he posted the naked photo below for all the web to enjoy.

Sure, his private bits are obscured by the water (we’re guessing Zach did a few takes to make sure he didn’t post anything that would get him flagged), but given his cultish army of adoring fans, we’re guessing the actor’s skinny-dipping selfie was appreciated nonetheless. 

The actor, who’s best known for his roles in Heroes and the Star Trek films has become an Internet favorite in recent years and uses his web presence to

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Brad Pitt signs on to play Gen. Stanley McChrystal in ‘The Operators’: woah?!

Over the past few weeks, there’s been a flurry of activity with Oscar-winner Brad Pitt and his future projects as a producer and actor. Allegedly, he’s circling a World War II-era romantic thriller, and he’s planning to produce a film about the hacker at the center of the Steubenville rape case. As a producer, Brad (to his credit) has always been attracted to smaller passion projects and unconventional stuff, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing how he parlays his Oscar win into more interesting producing and starring projects. And here’s the big one I was waiting for: Brad has signed

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Brad Pitt & Angelina are ‘kinky’ but ‘both are insecure about their relationship’

Good God, Brad Pitt is looking really good these days. He stepped out last month looking “refreshed” and then he was out and about on Friday in LA, looking like this. Only Brad Pitt could really pull off a ratty t-shirt and chinos and still look like Tom Ford personally dressed him. I really like his shades too. Brad was photographed as he left the Fahey/Klein Gallery, which apparently has some photography exhibitions. According to Us Weekly, Brad was checking out a Peter Lindbergh exhibit. Lindbergh has photographed Brad several times throughout his career, so there’s a chance Brad

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Lupita Nyong’o named as the new face, brand ambassador of Maison Lancôme

I called this months ago! As soon as Lupita Nyong’o became the “woman to watch” on the red carpet during the awards season, and as soon as we got The Full Lupita (meaning we saw her grace, beauty, humor and all-around loveliness), I knew the beauty companies would be calling her. And Lupita didn’t start off with some small brand either – she’s signed on to be the new face of Lancome (Lancome released the glamour shot of Lupita above). WOW.

Lupita Nyong’o’s next big role has been revealed! The 12 Years a Slave Oscar winner was named the newest Lancome brand ambassador on Friday, April 4.

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BRAD PITT Ready To Tell ‘Anonymous Vs. Steubenville’ Story

Here’s Brad Pitt arriving at LAX. It looks like he was traveling solo this time. There’s no sign of his brood with Angelina Jolie. He’s busy wheeling and dealing. Did you hear about his production company, Plan B, buying the movie rights to the Rolling Stone’s article ‘Anonymous vs. Steubenville’?

The Rolling Stone article focused on the role of “Anonymous,” a hacking group with included Deric Lostutter, who found out about the cover-ups regarding the rape of a 16-year-old teen in Steubenville, Ohio by, well, hacking. The information Deric uncovered led to the conviction of two teen

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James Middleton: ‘For Mum and Dad, work & home is family, we grew up with that’

The last time we checked in with James Middleton – the youngest Middleton sibling – he was going Full Rob Kardashian and launching a company that screenprints your Instagrams on marshmallows (which is better: Middleton marshmallows or Kardashian socks?). James Middleton’s career right now is printing stuff on marshmallows. For real. He calls the company Boomf, and it looks like they’re already a success! Boomf has raked in £100,000 in just three months. WTF?! And James isn’t as reticent about talking to the press as his big sisters. Not that I actually think that Pippa and Kate don’t

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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt want to get matching tattoos ahead of their wedding

Several years ago, Angelina Jolie did a photoshoot with Vanity Fair where she wore something like hot pants, revealing her toned thighs. That was notable, but even more so because there seemed to be a never-before-seen tattoo on her right inner thigh. There were some conspiracies and long story short, the Brangeloonies believe that Angelina’s thigh tattoo reads “Whiskey Bravo.” As in, W-B for William Bradley (Pitt). So, it would seem that Angelina already has Brad inked on her body in a significant (and charming) way. But Radar’s sources think Angelina and Brad are going to get more

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Angelina Jolie traveled to London, Sarajevo with her new boyfriend William Hague

Angelina Jolie is on the move! Again. Angelina flew to London Wednesday, then she flew to Sarajevo with British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Thursday. Hague and Jolie are BFFs at this point – he seems to be a full-on Angeloonie and she’s always flying out to support their shared interests. They’ve traveled to Africa together, and he invited her to speak at the G8 summit last year too. Hague has cited Angelina’s film In the Land of Blood and Honey as a catalyst for his awareness campaign to end warzone rape and sexual assault.

Apparently, Hague invited Angelina to a “drinks

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Brad Pitt attends ‘Big Men’ documentary screening: he looks ‘refreshed’, right?

Here are some photos of a de-bloated Brad Pitt and a documentary director named Rachel Boynton in LA last night. Boynton directed the documentary Big Men, which Brad executive produced, because he’s a big Oscar-winning producer now (eat it up, loonies). Before we talk about the movie, can we have a word about how Brad looks? He looks… surprisingly good. Surprisingly “refreshed.” Surprisingly de-bloated. Did he find a good diuretic or a good doctor? CB suggested that it might not be “surgery” in the traditional sense, that Brad might have gotten a laser peel or something. Whatever

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ANGELINA JOLIE Let Pax Buy “Swearing Finger” Toy: Would You Do The Same?

Yesterday we saw pics of Angelina Jolie arriving at LAX with Maddox and Zahara. It sounds like they flew to LA from Las Vegas. While in Vegas for CinemaCon, Angelina took her kids out on a shopping spree. Ten-year-old Pax made an, um, interesting choice.

RELATED: Angelina Jolie says she wants to be her kids’ “friend” when they become teens.

Angie Hurt, the manager of the toy store where Angelina and her brood (minus Maddox and Brad Pitt) did some shopping, dished on what went down with Us Weekly.

The kids were having a good time. They were straight for the toy department and they grabbed

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