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Selena Gomez Boob Job: Confirmed By Plastic Surgeon!

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Selena Gomez’ nip slip from last night has been making the rounds online today, and now it seems like we might know why the singer didn’t immediately feel a draft when she popped out of her top. Selena boob job rumors have been circulations for weeks, and now an LA plastic surgeon who specializes in…

Kanye West: I Lied About My Wedding Photo!

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Just yesterday, Kanye West stated that he spent his honeymoon Photoshopping wedding pictures. As utterly insane as that sounds, it’s not even the craziest part of the story: Kanye claimed that he had booked famed photographer Annie Leibovitz to shoot the first photos of him and Kim as man and wife, but Leibovitz (who’s shot The Beatles,…