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Rosamund Pike Dishes On ‘Gone Girl’ With Glamour

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I just finished reading Gillian Flynn’s blockbuster novel, ‘Gone Girl.’ Even though I know the twists and how it ends, I’m STILL excited to see the movie. Yes, it’s that good. Rosamund Pike stars in ‘Gone Girl’ along with Ben Affleck. She covers the October 2014 issue of Glamour. For her interview, Rosamund sat down…

Kim Kardashian Selfie Alert: Look at My Cleavage!

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Another day, another krazy Kardashian family selfie. As previously reported, a Kendell and Kylie Jenner selfie t-shirt line is actually on the way. This follows the news that a book of Kim Kardashian selfies (yes, a book of Kim Kardashian selfies) will go on the market in early 2015, which follows the news that Kim gifted Kanye…

Kim Kardashian Wedding Gift: Revealed! Hilarious!

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The Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9 finale took viewers behind the scenes of the Kimye wedding last night. We saw a hungover Khloe Kardashian. We witnessed an irritated Kim Kardashian, aghast at the sight of Kylie Jenner’s blue hair. And we also learned what the bride got for the groom for the couple’s…

McKayla Maroney Addresses Naked Photo Hacker: Go Find Jesus!

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Consider us impressed, McKayla Maroney. The Olympian gymnast, who rose to viral fame in 2012 for her unimpressed facial expression at the London Olympics, is one of several female celebrities whose naked cell phone pictures have been leaked online by some loser hacker. In response, Maroney has taken to Twitter and claimed the images are “fake,” while…