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Bobbi Kristina Brown Bikini Pic: Is She Too Skinny?

Bobbi Kristina Brown has posted a new bikini photo online.

And it’s making some people think of Rachel Fredrickson.

The only daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown is posing in a tiny swimsuit in the photo, which was snapped by husband Nick Gordon and accompanied by the caption:

“I gotta bad b––––.” 

But once critics started to respond in the comment section, the couple was forced to defend Bobbi’s figure.

“My baby is perfect the way she is,” Gordon Tweeted on Tuesday. “And for the record she was made that way why change I know she is beautiful.” 

Added Brown: ”I am

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Bobby Brown: NOT Excited for Daughter’s Engagement!

Simply put, Bobby Brown does not approve.

On the heels of daughter Bobbi Kristina confirming her engagement to Nick Gordon, the singer was asked by TMZ whether he’s excited for these impending nuptials.

His curt response? “I’M NOT.”

Brown added that Gordon – who was taken in by Whitney Houston when he was 12 years old, though never legally adopted  by the singer – never asked for his blessing.

Bobbi and Bobby have had problems for a very long time, of course.

The teenager has said she’s unsure if her dad can ever rise above his alcoholism.

Despite these differences and the

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Bobbi Kristina Brown Calls Off Her Engagement

Bobbi Kristina Brown shocked everyone, including her own family, when she revealed that she and her Nick Gordon were engaged.  Bobbi’s mom, the late Whitney Houston had unofficially adopted Nick when Bobbi was 12 years old and many members of their immediate family felt the relationship was inappropriate. Well they don’t have to worry any more because the wedding is off.

According to US Weekly;

“They did split. It will come out in the show.” Another insider adds, “I think it has to do a lot with the family not liking Nick, considering he was a godson and then they became a couple. I’m sure

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Bobbi Kristina Brown confirms engagement to guy raised as her brother

It’s hard to write a title that accurately portrays this mess, and I tried to be as accurate and diplomatic as possible. We’ve heard that the late Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, now 19, was dating a guy named Nick Gordon in the aftermath of her mother’s untimely death. Nick is 22 and was raised in the same household as Krissi (she goes by Krissi) since he was 12. He was basically raised as her adopted brother (although I haven’t been able to confirm that Whitney ever formally adopted him) and they are said to have considered themselves brother and sister. So Krissi’s mom

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Bobby Brown: 22 DAYS Sober!

Bobby Brown is out of rehab and doing well, according to Bobby Brown.

The star is adamant that he did not leave rehab early, as has been widely reported, after checking into a facility last month to battle problems with alcohol.

Brown did depart the facility after only two weeks, but he claims was part of the plan all along … a somewhat dubious story, but we digress and hope it’s true.

The New Edition singer says he’s now 22 days sober … and counting!

Wow, 22 whole days. That’s more than three weeks (by one day)! Hey, those 22 days are totally the hardest, right? Here’s hoping Bobby can

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Bobbi Kristina Walks Off Set Of Show

Bobbi Kristina Brown (the late Whitney Houston’s daughter) reportedly has quit her role on Tyler Perry’s show, ‘Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse.’ She was given a recurring role. A source told Radar Online:

“She thought she was ready for this, but she wasn’t. Bobbi Kristina had a private breakdown and barely anyone saw it. She was crying and said she needed a minute, she needed a break to get herself together. But then she decided she couldn’t handle doing the show right now. She’s still mourning her mom.”

“She is confused right now,” another source told “She is not

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Houston Family Reality Show to Launch Bobbi Kristina Music Career?

At first glance, it seems disturbingly exploitive: Lifetime will soon air a reality show based around the family of Whitney Houston.

But sources tell TMZ the motivation behind this program isn’t merely to make money off the singer’s tragic death; for Cissy Houston, it’s to help boost the career of her granddaughter, 18-year old Bobbi Kristina.

Bobbi Kristina Sings Adele

While believing the series will push along the family’s “healing process,” Cissy is mostly concerned about Bobbi, insiders say, and hopes this will be a showcase for her talents.

Look for the Houston family docu-series

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Source: Marc Anthony Hoped to Reconcile With Jennifer Lopez, Lost Out to Casper Smart

Up until last week, Marc Anthony hoped to reconciliation with his estranged wife Jennifer Lopez, only to learn she was madly in love with new BF Casper Smart.

Marc filed for divorce Monday, nine months after the couple separated.

Sources indicate that Anthony didn’t make the decision on his own, really. He wanted J. Lo back and had a heart-to-heart with her about giving it another shot.

Anthony reportedly make his intentions clear and asked to give the marriage another try, but Jennifer confessed tht she was “deeply in love” with Casper.

She said she wanted to pursue that relationship,

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Emily Maynard: The Bachelorette Portrait Revealed!

Ready to fall in love again?

The new season of The Bachelorette is just one month away, with Emily Maynard ready to dole out the roses beginning May 14. To mark the occasion, ABC has released the first promotional poster and photo featuring the star.

Check out both Emily Maynard pictures below:

Unfortunately (and obviously), her relationship with Brad Womack ended, and along with it, the dream of moving on and starting a new family with daughter Ricki.

But when one door closes, another opens, and now that she’s the one handing out roles on ABC’s hit show, she’s ready to seek love she

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Kim Kardashian in Lingerie: Instagramed!

Let’s hope Kanye West is not a jealous man. Because his rumored new lover has taken to Instagram to show the world her new figure.

Indeed, Kim Kardashian is once again posing in lingerie and sharing it with the world, this time because she’s shilling for some meal delivery company called Sunfare. Kim lies claims she lost 10 pounds in 10 days by following its sugar-free, gluten-free guidelines.

Incredibly, she’s actually wearing more layers here than she did a few weeks ago when she posted a different photo on Twitter. Kardashian, of kourse, went topless in that one.

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