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Met Gala 2014 Fashion: Who Wore It Best?

Image kanye-and-kim-at-met-gala.jpg

One of fashion’s most memorable nights took place in New York City on Monday. Stars from the world of television, movies and whatever the heck Kim Kardashian does were all on hand for the 2014 Costume Institute Gala, an annual affair that encourages eccentric gowns and outfits. It even brought our camera-shy couples such as Sean…

Happy 22nd Birthday, Taylor Lautner!

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Taylor Lautner has given so much to fans over the years. Most notably, of course, he’s given us oodles upon oodles of Taylor Lautner shirtless photos. So, on the occasion of this actor’s 22nd birthday, the least we can do is send some best wishs back his way, don’t you think? Lautner, of course, shot to fame…