The Bachelorette Season Synopsis Released; Emily Maynard to Travel a Lot

ABC has released, in the form of a season overview, more details of Emily Maynard‘s search for love, commencing Monday, May 14 on The Bachelorette.

While kicking things off in her hometown of Charlotte, Emily will travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia; Prague, Czech Republic; and London, England this summer.

Read The Bachelorette spoilers we’ve pulled together so far regarding which men make it to the hometown dates and more, then read ABC’s rundown:

Emily Maynard Picture

The 26-year-old former Bachelor winner first meets her 25 suitors at a southern mansion for a cocktail party after putting six-year-old daughter Ricki to bed.

Several of Maynard’s bachelors will attempt to make memorable first impressions during their arrivals as always … that’s par for the course on this show.

Think actual glass slippers being presented, dudes riding in on skateboards, a party MC who breaks down into dance, and a gesture from a true southern gentleman who gives Emily something to symbolize how he’d protect her and Ricki.

In addition, Maynard will also encounter one suitor who makes a grand entrance in a helicopter … is it Brad Womack? Is it Bentley Williams? No and no.

The promos always mislead you that way …

Anyway, once the cocktail party begins, the competition to impress Maynard only intensifies, as a “confident” charmer gets upstaged by a single dad of six.

A “handsome” man gives her a pair of custom bobblehead dolls, a bachelor is nervous to explain his career because it may remind her of her late fiance, and another single father brings her a heartfelt letter from his 11-year-old son to read.

The mood then turns serious when host Chris Harrison arrives and reveals it’s time for Maynard to present one of the men with a first impression rose.

The men will become increasingly competitive, as Emily decides to award the special rose to one “charming” bachelor … a decision surprising nobody.

The Bachelorette season premiere will conclude with Maynard whittling her 25 bachelors down to 19. But she’s just getting started at that juncture.

Emily Maynard’s around-the-world dates will include:

  • Traveling to Bermuda where she must eliminate three bachelors before leaving.
  • Visiting London for a week where she’ll receive a double-decker bus tour of Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park along with a solo dinner in the Tower of London and watching a group of suitors perform scenes from “Romeo and Juliet” in Stratford-on-Avon.
  • Traveling to Dubrovnik where she’lll watch Pixar’s upocoming Brave movie and a group of bachelors will compete in a round of Highland games to win extra time with her.
  • Going to Prague where Maynard and her remaining bachelors will enjoy a private dinner cruise down the Vltava River, explore a medieval castle, and check out the Lennon Wall of Love and a spooky dungeon.

After four hometown dates, the final three men will then have “exotic” overnight dates with Maynard in an undisclosed location. According to ABC, obviously “there are surprises in store for Emily that will shake her world.”

Color us shocked and in utter disbelief.

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The Bachelorette Season Synopsis Released; Emily Maynard to Travel a Lot


The Voice Lines Up Star-Studded Finale

Miranda Lambert, Stevie Nicks, Pat Monahan (Train) and Ryan Tedder (One Republic) will lend their voices to The Voice season finale on Wednesday night.

In addition to the previously announced Miranda Lambert-Dia Frampton duet, legendary Fleetwood Mac frontwoman Nicks will pair up with Javier Colon.

Monahan will sing alongside Vicci Martinez, and Tedder will duet with Beverly McClellan to round out the final four, who sing for all the marbles tonight.

Here’s a look at their performances from a week ago …

Beverly McClellan – The Thrill is Gone (The Voice)

Javier Colon – Fix You (The Voice)

Vicci Martinez – Dog Days Are Over (The Voice)

Dia Frampton – Losing My Religion (The Voice)

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The Voice Lines Up Star-Studded Finale


Ashley Hebert: Tortured For Her Looks!

Competing for Brad Womack’s attention on The Bachelor, Ashley Hebert turned to food to cope with the stress. Soon enough, she’d packed on 10 pounds.

For a petite, 5’2″ girl, that’s a fair amount.

Fortunately, Ashley changed her diet and exercise habits to lose the weight in time for her upcoming wedding to her dreamy mystery fiance (follow this link for The Bachelorette spoilers if you care to know who that is).

Ashley Hebert Tortured!

Those 10 pounds weren’t the extent of Ashley’s self-esteem battle.

Despite the misleading cover above (she was called those things as part of a comedy roast, after all), there’s no question she has legitimate insecurities.

The way Bentley Williams messed with her, how could she not?

Fortunately, with the show behind her and a bright future ahead, things are looking up. Ashley Hebert is engaged, and mentally and physically, just so healthy!

“It’s a new, enlightened me. I’m happy. I’m in such a great place right now!” she says of her new body and her new life with the final rose winner.

The Bachelorette finale airs August 1.

[Photo: Life & Style]

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Ashley Hebert: Tortured For Her Looks!