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  • James Franco is really good at taking criticism. (D Listed)
  • Laura Prepon is dating Tom Cruise – weirdest thing ever, right? (Moe Jackson)
  • Is Cressida Bonas too care free to be a royal? (Lainey Gossip)
  • Lindsay Lohan confirms that she wrote that list while in rehab. (HuffPost Celebrity)
  • Lea Michele is all smiles around Jonathan Groff. (PopSugar)
  • Chelsea Clinton is pregnant! (Celebrity Baby Scoop)
  • Kate Upton covered up! (TMZ)
  • Ashley Greene hit the gym again – whatever role she’s shaping up
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Benedict Cumberbatch has a secret, non-famous girlfriend, ‘sources’ claim

This is only the most ridiculous of speculations and a blatant attempt at a Benedict Cumberbatch click-bait. This story is even less “confirmed” than last year’s mess with Katia Elizarova (for the record though, she really wanted us to think that she was banging the Batch, and I believe she was). Showbiz Spy seems to have gotten the ball rolling, because I literally can’t find other site claimed this. Showbiz Spy says… contain yourself… that Benedict Cumberbatch has a secret girlfriend. So secret, in fact, that I’m carrying his baby and he doesn’t know it. I will name the baby Timothy

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Benedict Cumberbatch wanted a part in Star Wars, ‘but it won’t happen sadly’

Benedict Cumberbatch was in Australia for the “Oz Comic Con” over the weekend, and guess what made an appearance? The denim shirt. Bless him. Typical man – he rarely shops for himself. I guess he’s at a point where designers (probably British designers, I would think) just send him clothes, but I think he must get a lot of suits and not very many “casual” clothes. Too bad. Anyway, while he was doing his thing at the Oz Comic-Con, promoting Sherlock and assorted other fan-favorite projects, Benedict ended up saying that he FOR SURE is not going to be in Star Wars. Or Doctor Who.

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“Katy Perry dyed some of her hair ‘slime green’, left her bangs black” links

Katy Perry dyed her hair green. It might have looked cuter if all of her hair was dyed green instead of leaving her bangs black? [Dlisted] Benedict Cumberbatch’s childhood video. [OMG Blog] Chris Brown’s misdeamenor assault case in LA is moving forward. [CDAN] Comic book “Archie” to die in July. Damn. [Starcasm] Lorde is obsessed with Instagram. [Evil Beet] Amanda Bynes seems to be doing a lot better. [IDLY] Lindsay Lohan has been acting like a dumbass at AA meetings. [Bitten & Bound] See, I don’t even think Faith Hill looks that Botoxed. [Celebslam] Drew Barrymore’s second pregnancy is

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Tom Hiddleston’s solo Jaguar commercial: surprisingly sexy or just cheeseball?

Even though I was tardy to the Dragonfly party, I never really thought of Tom Hiddleton as The Sex. He’s sweet, he’s charming, he’s like an overeager puppy. His sexiness comes from a place that seems almost wholesome and romantic rather than rip-off-your-clothes-and-throw-you-on-the-bed. But maybe I’ll have to rethink that.

Jaguar launched a new two-and-a-half minute commercial from their #GoodToBeBad series that featured Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong in the first wave (Benedict Cumberbatch is also doing voiceovers for the campaign as well). But this commercial is all Hiddles. And it’s

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Benedict Cumberbatch kept his phone on in Malaysia just in case his mum called

Benedict Cumberbatch is still in Malaysia. He arrived in the country a week ago, hosted the Laureus Awards last week, and then he’s just been hanging out, I guess. On Sunday, Benedict attended the Formula 1 World Championships, and since he’s a company man for BBC, they got him to interview the winner (Lewis Hamilton). He also stopped by some outlets to do some press here and there. My favorite was the interview he did with the BBC’s reporters where the first thing out of his mouth is about keeping his phone on because his mum might call. For real! Wanda did not call during his

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Benedict Cumberbatch hams it up at the Laureus Awards: would you hit it?

Benedict Cumberbatch hosted the Laureus World Sport Awards in Kuala Lumpur yesterday (two days ago? Something?) and here are some photos from the event. I’m not going to do a lot of talking or writing… I’m mostly going to be in the corner moaning softly and whispering, “My Batch… my lovely Cumber…” I haven’t watched the show, of course, but I did look at some videos online to see if there was anything interesting. Well… Benedict sat in the audience with American Olympian (and all-around adorable girl) Missy Franklin and he makes a FILTHY joke about being “stiff” around her.


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Benedict Cumberbatch’s friend talks about what it’s like to photograph him

In the current issue of GQ Style, there is a photo feature with Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve. The photos looked more than a year old, and they likely were older pics, repurposed for GQ Style. As it turns out, Benedict’s friend Tertius Bune took the photos. Because Benedict Cumberbatch would naturally have a childhood friend named Tertius Bune. It’s like finding out that Benedict had a childhood friend named Lord Higginbottom Fancypants. So, Benedict and Tertius are BFFs and Ben invited Terty to come stay with him in Venice Beach. Wait… Benedict was living in Venice Beach for a

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Benedict Cumberbatch confirmed for ‘Hamlet’ on the London stage… in 2015

By now you know that I will literally write about anything having to do with Benedict Cumberbatch, regardless of how small or unimportant the story is. While it might seem like I’m doing that here… this is something I actually care about. Benedict has the face, voice and talent to play the great Shakespearean characters. Personally, I think Benedict should play Iago in Othello. He is absolutely perfect for it. But Benedict is an actor and all actors really want a go at Hamlet, for some reason. There were many rumors last year that Benedict was trying to get a London production of

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Jeremy Piven mocks Benny Cumberbatch, but calls him a ‘true gentleman’

Jeremy Piven hates Benedict Cumberbatch. Prepare for the onslaught, Piv. Cumberbitches are going to be attacking and destroying Jeremy Piven for the next five years (at the very least). The Piv’s career is going to take a major hit. The Cumberbitches are ruthless. It all started out innocently enough – The Piv was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he was talking about Mr. Selfridge (which I’ve tried to watch but I never got into) and how the BBC and PBS shows work, and there was a story about promoting Mr. Selfridge and Sherlock at the same time:

The Piv says:

“PBS is putting it out and we

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