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JESSICA SIMPSON Her Daughter Gets Flying Lessons From Dad

Jessica Simpson’s daughter, Maxwell, is too cute for words. And when she’s having play time with her father it’s even more adorable!

While the family was spending some time at the beach this weekend Eric Johnson, Jessica’s fiance and Maxwell’s dad – and a former NFL player – took a bit of throwing practice, with Maxwell! Jess took an adorable photo of Eric and Maxwell walking along the beach… and another one of him throwing her about 10 feet into the air!

Some people might think Eric was being a bit reckless, but Maxwell seems to be having a blast. And I mean, her dad was a professional

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Kourtney Kardashian and her long-time beau, and father of her two children – Scott Disick, have jetted off to Mexico to celebrate her 35th birthday in style. The trip isn’t all play though, Kourtney is also promoting the Kardashian Kollection while in Mexico.

It’s not clear whether or not their two children – Mason and Penelope – were with them in Mexico, but the couple was joined by a few friends and spent some time soaking up the rays with adult bevs.

Since Kourtney and Scott skipped the Kardashian family trip to Thailand, they were actually overdue for a break!

Photos via

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Robert Pattinson is quite the ladies man these days. While rumors have been swirling that he’s dating Katy Perry, and that he and Kristen Stewart might be reuniting, he’s also been spotted out recently with British singer Rita Ora.

However, sources close to both sides say that Rob and Rita are definitely not together, and simply share a mutual interest in the same type of music – as well as their home town of London.

Want further proof? Well, Rob was spotted at Coachella hanging out with Katy and Rita in a group – so at the very least while he may be dating one of the ladies, he probably

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KIM KARDASHIAN Moving To Paris For One Month

Kim Kardashian is planning to spend the next month in Paris finalizing the details of her sure-to-be over-the-top wedding to Kanye West. Kim wants to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for her wedding, and she feels the only way to accomplish that is to be there planning until she walks down the aisle.

Kim and Kanye have already been racking up the frequent flyer miles (well, except for the fact that they fly private) flitting between LA, Miami, and Paris and now it seems that Kim is done with the flying – for the time being, anyway.

The reality TV diva won’t be alone while she’s in

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LAMAR ODOM Back In the NBA With The Knicks!

Although it seems like it’s against all odds – what with his very public drug issues – Lamar Odom has just inked a contract to return to the NBA! Well, kind of.

Reports say that Lamar has signed a one game deal with the New York Knicks after missing out on all of this season. Lamar will not be playing in tonight’s season finale game, but will most likely begin practicing with the team in the off-seasons, so that they can see how he’s progressing with his drug issues, as well as keeping in physical top form.

So how did Lamar catch this break? Well, the new president of the New York Knicks is

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There’s been some major drama on the set of Glee lately, and tons of conflicting reports to boot.

Rumors started surfacing that Naya Rivera and Lea Michele got into a huge fight on April 15 after Lea left the set, leaving the cast and crew waiting around for her to return. Eventually Naya got fed up with Lea’s departure and complained to the producers. And of course, once that got back to Lea, the word on the street is that Lea flipped out on Naya.

However, sources close to the starlets are saying that isn’t what happened at all. Lea did leave the set on April 15, but she did so with

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LINDSAY LOHAN Her Sobriety Became A Thing Of The Past At COACHELLA

In what might be the least surprising news you hear all day, Lindsay Lohan apparently fell off the wagon while attending Coachella last weekend.

Lindsay had been telling everyone around her that she is working hard on her sobriety, and that she fully intended to keep herself in check during the weekend long festival, but sources that were there say she was busy drinking throughout the entire weekend.

Something tells me Oprah is not going to be pleased when she hears this news!

Photos via WENN.

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JAMES MASLOW Scored A Perfect 10 On DWTS And In VANICHI Magazine

James Maslow – a member of the band Big Time Rush, and current Dancing With The Stars participant – recently received the first 10 of the season! But that isn’t the only place that he’s crushing it – he recently posed for Vanichi magazine and looked … well, amazing.

Vanichi’s Elevation-themed issue went live on April 15, 2014 at 12:30pm EST and showcases Maslow in contemporary styles from some of Los Angeles’s hottest new designer labels. The actor/singer/songwriter reveals to the magazine how he values people and giving back more than the glamor of fame.

James clearly does care a lot about

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HILARY DUFF Her New TV Series Has Officially Been Picked Up

Hilary Duff is headed back to TV, and I – for one – am thrilled.

It has just been announced that Hilary’s series, Younger, has been picked up for a full-season run by TV Land. The show chronicles 40-year old Liza’s attempt to look and act younger, with the help of her best friend Maggie and new co-worker, Kelsey (Hilary’s character).

In a statement by TV Land’s president Larry W. Jones, the network said “Younger’s serialized style is different for us, yet fits our brand with its humor and relatability. These are compelling characters that our audience will root for, love and love to

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SELENA GOMEZ Might Have Found Her New Manager – KRIS JENNER

Not to brag or anything, but I saw this coming from a mile away. It appears that after ditching her mother and step-father as her managers, Selena Gomez has found new representation in none-other than momager extraordinaire, Kris Jenner.

Selena reportedly told her parents that she wanted to take her career to the next level with a manager that’s familiar with working with A-listers. Sources are saying that Selena also wanted to work with someone who was already working with some of her friends… and Kris Jenner fits at least one of those bills.

While the Kardashian/Jenner ladies might not be

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