Bones star, David Boreanaz faces claims of third mistress

David Boreanaz Gina Rodriguez[HMG] – Having already been used in an unfounded fame grab by Tiger Woods’ former friend, Rachel Uchitel, ‘Bones’ actor, David Boreanaz’ nine-year marriage to ‘Angel’ star Jaime Bergman is in trouble again.

It’s now being alleged the 41-year old actor, who recently confessed to one adulterous affair and was also said to have had a connection with Ms. Uchitel [she denied it] is now being linked to a third woman – Porn star, Gina Rodriguez, who is known as Demi Delia to her fans.

David recently confessed to the first affair after the woman concerned made attempts at extortion, but never addressed the Uchitel claims. He and Jaime even appeared in public to prove they were still together.

But Radar has now found an eyewitness who claims David was at Gina’s home, and spent a lot of time in her bedroom.

Gina is a 43-year old mother of two and lives in Encino with her husband of three years, fellow adult actor Randy Spears. It gets better – She’s also the manager of one of Tiger’s other alleged friends, Joslyn James. A 1992 spread in Playboy won her a bit-part in Baywatch that year, and she’s been in demand for calendar and catalog work ever since.

The eyewitness says David attended a private party over Easter last year at Gina’s home, and has been there again several times.

“David turned up with another guy, and ended-up staying the night,” says one source. “I saw him walking around partly dressed the next morning. One of my friends later drove them to a nightclub, and I saw him at the house at least three times after that.”

Once forged, the alleged connection got deeper – and quick;

“They often talked on the phone. I think they dated for a few months and it seemed pretty casual. Gina knew he was married, but she didn’t seem to care. She said they were ‘friends,’ but it was clearly much more than that.”

Another source also claims the couple had an affair.

There’s no word from David on any of this, but there are also no photos, recordings or texts to support it. So perhaps there’s just nothing to prove? If evidence emerges we’ll update this lead…

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Bones star, David Boreanaz faces claims of third mistress