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ANNE HATHAWAY Fun In The Sun In Miami

Here’s Anne Hathaway with her husband, Adam Shulman, enjoying a dip in the Atlantic at Miami Beach. She’s in town for some ‘Rio 2′ promotion. Miami’s not a bad place to have to go to work, is it?

Anne has to be one of the MOST modest celebs in Hollywood. Not only is she wearing a one piece, she even wore her shorts in the water. Look at her covering up as soon as she got into shallow water.

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I guess Anne really doesn’t want any revealing pics of her floating around. You can’t blame her for that, although I bet she can rock a one-piece or

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ANNE HATHAWAY Hits The Beach With Adam Shulman

It was a day at the beach yesterday for Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman! Here they are on the east coast in sunny Miami. Anne looks like she was a little shy about revealing her bikini body. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone so covered up at the beach- LOL.

Maybe she’s just trying not to get too much sun. Well, it looks like Anne and Adam had fun in the sun regardless. These two seem to be going strong. That’s always a great thing to see in Hollywood!


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Is Anne Hathaway frustrated with Adam Shulman’s ‘house-husband’ ambitions?

Here are some photos of a grumpy-looking Anne Hathaway leaving LA yesterday. She was entering LAX in these photos. These are her travel clothes! I always think it’s such a bold move to travel in white. I only travel (even if it’s just a road trip) in dark colors, just because I’m the kind of person who picks up mysterious stains along the way. The only thing worse than accumulating soda/liquor/food stains while traveling is accumulating those stains while wearing a white ensemble. I do love her tote bag – it’s gorgeous! As for the pants… they look like pajama pants, right? I’m sure

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Did Alex Skarsgard eat alone (save for his skinny jeans) in a LA sushi restaurant?

Why do I forgive Alexander Skarsgard nearly everything? If Anne Hathaway’s husband Adam Shulman was wearing this all-black, skinny-jeans ensemble, I would be in the midst of a style migraine. But since it’s Alex… I can’t hate him. This Swede loves his skinny jeans. He likes a tight fit. He likes to squeeze into things. I could go on…but I won’t. It also occurs to me that Adam Shulman rarely wears dark-colored skinny jeans and maybe that’s the difference. Shulman loves a white skinny jean. Ugh.

Anyway, these are some photos of your Swede leaving Sushi Roku in LA. I don’t know if

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“Hilary Duff’s casual style is pretty cute & very scarfy” links

Hilary Duff wants you to pay attention. [Popoholic] Here’s Lainey’s take on the Dylan Farrow situation. [LaineyGossip] I love this photo of Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart! [Dlisted] All of the references in Sherlock Episode 3 (spoilers). [Pajiba] Solange Knowles bugs out. [Go Fug Yourself] Patrick Stewart can still do one-armed push-ups. [Buzzfeed] Philip Seymour Hoffman’s remarkable Almost Famous speech. [CDAN] Um, is this really Britney Spears?! [Evil Beet] Courtney Stodden went on a “date” with a producer. [Reality Tea] Shia LaBeouf borrowed Adam Shulman’s pants. [A Socialite Life] I

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ANNE HATHAWAY Camera-Shy For Her Walk

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman met up with another couple to hang out for a bit. It looks like the four of them went for a walk with the couple’s dog. Anne must’ve left her own dog at home, which is too bad. Perhaps their dogs aren’t as friendly as their human parents?

Anne also looks like she was in NO mood for photos. That big, floppy hat does a pretty good job of hiding her face. I wonder if it might’ve been a bit of a tip-off for the paparazzi, though. Well, honestly, I’m not sure it makes a difference. The paps know how to spot a celeb, and with a lot of them out of town for the

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Anne Hathaway Leaves Dog Poop on Hood of Paparazzo Car

Anne Hathaway left a bag of dog poop on the hood of a paparazzo’s car last week.

That’s really sums up this entire story. It’s very simple. It’s kind of cross. Oh, and it’s TOTALLY AWESOME!

The Oscar winner was taking her dog for a walk on December 26 when she grew irritated at a “journalist” following her and her pet in a car.

So, after Esmeralda did her business, Hathaway deposited the baggy-wrapped excrement on the front of the quasi stalker’s vehicle and then continued on her way.

Take note, Justin Bieber bodyguards. This is a far funnier, more effective way to deal with

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ANNE HATHAWAY Hiking With Her Hubby

Anne Hathaway isn’t letting the holidays wreck havoc with her waistline. Here’s the actress going for a hike with her husband, Adam Shulman. They decided to give their dog a workout, too. I’m sure the dog loved being out there. Paparazzi caught up with them on a hiking trail in Beverly Hills.

It looks like Anne tried to draw the paparazzi attention away from Adam and their dog by sprinting ahead. Something tells me that strategy only met with minimal success. Hopefully they didn’t let the cameras ruin their hike. It looks like it was a gorgeous California day. They shouldn’t let the

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ANNE HATHAWAY Anne & Adam Shulman Step Out For Lunch

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman enjoyed a low-key Saturday afternoon. The couple had lunch at Cafe Gratitude in Hollywood. It’s a vegan restaurant that focuses on serving healthy food that is organic and vegan. I wonder if Anne and Adam participate in the “clearing” process? According to the Cafe Gratitude website, it’s practiced by the staff. Here’s a little bit about their philosophy and practices:

Cafe Gratitude does business through a practice we call “Sacred Commerce.” We view our restaurants as environments to not only serve healthy food, but also training grounds to practice seeing

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Star: ‘Arrogant’ Anne Hathaway ‘openly compares herself to Grace Kelly’

It disappoints me that months after the Oscars, people still have an axe to grind with Anne Hathaway. Yes, her Oscar campaign was awful. Yes, her acceptance speeches went from annoying to cloying to insufferable. But let’s remember – Anne is actually a talented actress. And she’s one of the most respected actresses of her generation. And when she’s not in the midst of an Oscar campaign, she’s really not that annoying. But still, it feels like some people are really trying to make this Hathahater thing stick. Which is the only explanation for this story in Star:

Anne Hathaway’s smug

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