Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes go to gymnastics, narrowly escape a fender bender

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

The gossip buzz surrounding the Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise divorce has cooled over the past few days, although I suspect that we’ll be hearing some new (or possibly recycled and reframed) details from the tabloids later this week. In the meantime, here are some new photos (from last night) of Katie taking Suri to her Chelsea Piers gymnastics class. After the class, their car (driven by Katie’s new security detail) was involved in a slight fender bender, which sounds scary enough; but it least it wasn’t a CO$ conspiracy — just an errant recycling truck. In NYC, that stuff happens on a regular basis, and I’m just surprised that it doesn’t happen more often since people there drive like hell.

At Suri’s gymnastics lessons, however, all was well with Suri throwing herself into the routine, which appeared to include some self-defense moves as well. She also flew through the air with the instructor’s assistance and was generally having a great time. These photos are so cute:

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Otherwise, I am awaiting the glorious Tom Cruise photo ops of his “reunion” with Suri after wrapping up filming on Oblivion. I find the whole lead-up process to that moment sort of ridiculous, and it’s not because I think that children shouldn’t see their fathers (because barring dangerous circumstances, they should). Rather, I don’t really know that Suri (at this stage, anyway) has realized what’s going on between her parents. She’s already used to Tom being away for months at a time, so how is the current situation really that much different than usual where Tom is concerned? Suri’s clearly been having the time of her life doing normal things. Tom will have to step up his game in that department, and you know he’ll try to top Katie (probably by getting her a puppy, unlike mean old mommy), but Tom will never be able to top Katie in the normalacy department. Like, Tom is physically incapable of being “normal.”

In other slightly rude news, the Mail recently made a huge deal about how Tom visited the bathroom 3 times in 20 minutes on the Oblivion set. So basically, this news cycle may just run its course sooner rather than later. Still, the tabloids are hopeful that they’ll be able to continue cashing in on the divorce because they’ve made a ton of money so far from the split:

Weekly magazine sales following the news that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split have gone through the roof, as HuffPost Celebrity previously reported.

People magazine was the biggest winner, increasing sales by more than 27 percent the week the split was announced and now, in week two of the divorce drama, magazine sales have again been huge.

Early numbers show that all three magazines featuring Tom and Katie on the cover the week after the split saw huge newsstands sales surges. People magazine sold 1.4 million copies, Us Weekly sold more than 720,000 copies and In Touch sold 632,000. Last week, four weekly magazines put the Tom and Katie news on the cover — People, Us Weekly, In Touch and Star magazine — and early numbers show that once again sales were very strong.

“This is exactly what we needed,” one editor-in-chief tells me. “This is the biggest celebrity story since Whitney [Houston] died and looks like it’s going to be even bigger as far as how long we can keep putting Katie on the cover and see it sell. I predict at least three of the major six weeklies will do Tom and Katie as the main cover again this week. We have not seen anything like this since Kate and Jon Gosselin split.”

Kate Gosselin still holds the record for most consecutive covers, having appeared on the cover of Us Weekly seven consecutive weeks in a row. However, after just two weeks media insiders think Katie Holmes is on track to beat her.

[From Huff Po]

Isn’t it bizarre how someone as inconsequential as Kate Gosselin actually covered seven consecutive issues of a magazine? Now nobody pays attention to her at all, but at one point, many people cared enough to pay to read her stories week after week. These days, it’s all about Katie and Tom, and millions of readers certainly want to know the sordid details of what went down in their marriage. Yet with a supposed iron-clad settlement deal taking place so early in the divorce process, I have to wonder how the tabloids will keep cranking out so many stories unless they just start making sh-t up. Not that they’re strangers to the process, mind you.

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News


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