Selena Gomez Plans New Album, Tour

Selena Gomez has taken a break from luxurious dates with adorable superstars to talk about her professional future – and she wants it to include music.

Speaking to E! News at a press preview of Hotel Transylvania – one of three movies Selena filmed this year – the 19-year old said she misses recording and hopes to get started on a new record soon.

“I want to be able to write about things I’ve never talked about before and tell a story with this album because I’ve never actually had time to go in and do that. I’ve never worked on a song for more than two days,” Gomez said.

Selena Gomez in Canada

So does this mean Selena will be opening up to the world about Justin Bieber? Not exactly.

“It’s not going to be necessarily, ‘Here’s my tell-all,'” she says. “It’s going to be more of something that people could say, ‘It could be that or it could be this or it could that.’ At the end of the day I only make my music because I want it be really fun and if I could have people dance to it, relate to it, have a good time, that’s all I want.”

Mentioning that she’s inspired these days by Jason Mraz and Parachute, Selena added that she also plans to reunite with Rock Mafia and Toby Gad. She then plans to go on tour in promotion of the CD.

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Selena Gomez Plans New Album, Tour