Rumor: Was Dina Lohan Paid $50,000 To Appear On Dr. Phil’s Show?

It gets crazier by the minute, doesn’t it? After basically embarrassing herself once again by appearing to be either drunk or under the influence of some sort of substance while on the Dr. Phil show on Monday, there’s a hot new rumor that suggests that Dina Lohan was paid a whopping $50,000 to be on the show!

Here’s what we’re reading from Radar Online:

Michael Lohan made an appearance on screen at one point, and claims that although he was not paid a cent, his ex-wife pulled in thousands for her time.

“I got absolutely NOTHING,” Michael told “It’s the first question Dr. Phil asked me but they cut that out. Dina DID get $50,000 and that’s why they were pissed that she didn’t give them the interview they wanted.”

Michael says that he doesn’t believe that Dina will be honest about the money she made from the interview, saying she’ll spend it “having another party. And telling the kids (mostly Lindsay) that she’s broke.”

Hmm… what do you guys think? Is Dina really worth THAT MUCH money for an interview?

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Rumor: Was Dina Lohan Paid $50,000 To Appear On Dr. Phil’s Show?

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