Rachael Ray Faces Her Fears

Rachael Ray is a brave, brave woman!  My legs are turning to Jello just looking at this shot!

The celebrity chef and talk show host took the plunge and faced the most terrifying moment of her life when she rappelled down a cliff in Mexico with Bert the Conqueror.  Rachael went to Mexico to shoot the ‘Hey, Can You Cook?! All-Stars’ competition. While there she and Bert went rappelling in Coyote Canyon.

She was really nervous, but was able to take the plunge with the support of her husband and crew!  She’s going to share her experience on her show tomorrow, November 2nd.

Off topic, but have you ever seen Bert the Conqueror’s show?  He’s hilarious and so crazy-adventurous!  Can’t wait to see this interview tomorrow!

Photo courtesy of the Rachael Ray Show

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Rachael Ray Faces Her Fears