Nicole Kidman tells Kelly Preston to GTFO of her marriage & come to Nashville

Oh, the stories that Nicole Kidman could tell. It’s amazing that Nicole has never really sat down and done an extensive interview about her years spent with Tom Cruise, within (or adjacent to) the Church of Scientology. I imagine she was just happy to get out relatively unscathed, and she doesn’t want to even think about those mostly unhappy years? Does Nicole ever speak to anyone from her old Xenu-tastic life? Star Magazine claims she does. They say that Nicole still talks to Kelly Preston occasionally, and Nicole has reached out to Kelly in the wake of Masseur-gate. Allegedly, Nicole is encouraging Kelly to leave John Travolta and come to Nashville for some rest & relaxation (from Xenu).

In recent weeks, Kelly Preston has found an ally in Nicole Kidman. The two women have been close since the early ‘90s when both were married to high-profile Scientologists.

“Nicole called Kelly as soon as she heard about John’s issues,” a friend says. “She is urging Kelly to come to her ranch in Tennessee for a month with her kids, Ella and Benjamin. Nic thinks her friend needs time away from John, so she can get counseling from non-Scientologists.”

While Kelly and John have endured rumors about his sexuality for years, Kelly has always stood by her man. But this time, friends fear the scandal may be too much for the 49-year-old actress.

“Nicole is worried that Kelly is going to become dependent on alcohol again,” the source explains. “Kelly’s been sober recently, but this is a full-scale crisis. At Nicole’s house there is no alcohol, because Keith Urban is sober. So it would be a good retreat for Kelly.”

For her part, Kelly seems open to the idea. “She has said she is going to Tennessee after she wraps up a few things – legal things,” the insider reveals. Unfortunately, divorce may not be a real option for the couple, as it’s frowned upon by the Church of Scientology.

“John is doing everything he can to keep Kelly,” the friend says. “He’s a wreck though, and Kelly feels sorry for him – sorry enough to not just totally walk out on him. But she may be considering her options and talking to lawyers.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

As if you needed any more evidence that Nicole Kidman is a Suppressive Person, right? That’s how Scientologists see it, and trust me, Kelly Preston isn’t going to give up her beliefs in CoS just because her husband loves dong (allegedly.). So while I could see Nicole calling Kelly to gloat about how she (Nicole) got out of her “Boys Only” marriage, I don’t see Kelly and Nicole really reaching out to each other in times of crisis.

In any case, Gossip Cop has a very specific denial – from Nicole Kidman’s rep. Not Kelly’s. Not John’s. So… maybe only the Nicole Kidman part of this story is false? I could buy that.

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Nicole Kidman tells Kelly Preston to GTFO of her marriage & come to Nashville