Medium star, Jake Weber exposed as Rolling Stones’ mule

Jake Weber[HMG] – While many upcoming actors endure unremarkable jobs as pizza drivers or messenger boys, Medium star, Jake Weber has quite a rare resume – He was a drug mule for the Rolling Stones.

The 46-year old Brit, who plays Patricia Arquette’s down-trodden spouse Joe DuBois on the CBS drama was the unexpected star of the night when Mick Jagger brought him onstage at Cannes last weekend to relive his role in their new documentary, ‘Stones in Exile.’

The film tells the story of the band’s 1972 album ‘Exile on Main St.’ Filmed at the ‘Villa Nellcôte,’ Keith Richards’ luxurious mansion in the South of France, we meet the 8-year old Jake, looking the picture of innocence as he passes through Customs at an Irish airport, with his father and brother both at his side.

And about 1lb of high-grade cocaine hidden under his clothes.

“Some people can juggle soccer balls. Me? I can roll a killer joint in about three seconds flat,” Jake told reporters in 2009. “Ever since I was four, the reason for my existence was to roll the joints.”

And it was a family business – Both of Jake’s parents used drugs, and it cost them their lives; His mother died while ‘Exile’ was in production, and his father’s whole life was ravaged by drugs, bringing his untimely death in 2006.

But the soft-focus of hindsight seems to make Jake almost fond of his curious past;

“We weren’t invited there as mules,” he says. “The fact that my dad brought a kilo just made him seem…polite.”

These days Jake fills his time with less risky pursuits – He lives quietly in LA with his longtime partner, handbag designer Liz Carey, and their 3-year old son, Waylon. And the talk is now of confetti, not coke – the pair plan to marry.

“I’m here and I’m doing it,” he tells the News, regarding his new love of ‘the family life.’ “I’m working through some of the aggro from bad examples I’ve seen. But I’m getting there.”

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Medium star, Jake Weber exposed as Rolling Stones’ mule