Levi Johnston to Marry Sunny Oglesby… This Weekend!

Already a father of two, Levi Johnston will soon commit to just one. Woman, that is.

The man best known for knocking up Bristol Palin will reportedly marry Sunny Oglesby this weekend.

Photo of Levi Johnston

In early September, Johnston and Oglesby welcomed a daughter named Breeze Beretta into the world. Yes, she’s named after the Italian firearms manufacturer.

Now, sources tell Us Weekly, they will take the step Levi was originally ordered by Sarah Palin planning to take with Bristol.

They will walk down the aisle in Wasilla on Saturday or Sunday.

It’s unclear if Johnston’s four-year old son, Tripp, will be in attendance, although it’s not unclear whether anyone else in the Palin clan will attend; they will not.

Levi has clashed with the family over the years since splitting with Bristol, accusing the Palins of denying him time with his child. But, hey, Bristol congratulated Levi on the birth of Breeze. So maybe there’s hope for these crazy kids yet.

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Levi Johnston to Marry Sunny Oglesby… This Weekend!