Leo DiCaprio is a control freak, doesn’t want Erin Heatherton to talk about him

I enjoy how the tabloids are always trying to make Leonardo DiCaprio “happen” as a scandalous celebrity. I have no problem believing that Leo does some (many?) scandalous, gross things, but I just think the tabs pick the wrong stories to push. A few weeks ago, The Enquirer ran a story straight of Bar Raefeli’s Dream Journal, all about how Leo was super-bored with Erin Heatherton and how he longed to be back with Bar. Note to tabloid editors: Leo does not date 23-year-old Victoria’s Secret models because he wants witty conversations and a partnership of equals. He really is looking for the youngest, most easy-going blonde model he can find. And according to Star Mag, he’s found that girl in Erin. Star claims that Leo grows more and more “quirky” (my word) with age, and Erin puts up with it. Probably because she’s an easy-going 23-year-old model whose life-aspiration is to be Mrs. DiCaprio?

The first rule of dating Leonardo DiCaprio is this: You do not talk about Leo DiCaprio! Leo fanatically prohibits his girlfriends – including current squeeze Erin Heatherton – from discussing him or their life together with anybody and everybody.

“Leo is a control freak,” an insider reports. “He doesn’t want people to know anything about his life – not what work projects he’s considering or who his friends are or even what he eats.”

Just like Howard Hughes, Leo is becoming strangely secretive with age, friends say. He reportedly dumped Blake Lively because she told relatives too much about their life together.

“When he met the Livelys at a family get-together, one of Blake’s sisters knew ahead of time that he didn’t like ketchup – and it freaked him out,” a friend explains.

Erin, 23, is apparently so accepting of his bizarre demands that she even avoids being phtoographed with other guys because it upsets her leading man, says another source.

“She’s the first girl who seems to fully accept his eccentricities.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Yeah, I’m not sure if I believe Leo dumped Blake. Blake’s big mouth might have freaked him out – I’ll buy that – but I think Blake did the dumping, and I think it was the first time in a long time that Leo got dumped. As for Leo’s control-freak nature… it wouldn’t surprise me. Leo is somehow able to fly further under the radar (when he wants) than Tom Cruise. How does that happen? Because Leo is a control freak who values his privacy to a really hardcore degree. And I could totally see him telling Erin to STFU about any and all details of his life.

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Leo DiCaprio is a control freak, doesn’t want Erin Heatherton to talk about him