LeAnn Rimes preview: ‘No one can quite understand why you hurt so badly’

As we discussed yesterday, LeAnn Rimes sat down for her first television interview since she entered rehab or some kind of mental health/spa facility shortly after her 30th birthday in September. LeAnn made a really big deal about how she was going for a month-long treatment or something, but she was “out” within a few weeks, and I guess she’s claiming that she’s “cured” now. Except that she keeps on tweeting and she’s still ensconced in her own perpetual victimhood and she can’t really see anything beyond her own narcissism. So, as you can imagine, I’m sure this television interview will be a doozy. LeAnn sat down with Katie Couric, and the interview isn’t going to air until Friday. But Couric did put up this preview and… just watch it:

I guess we can give LeAnn credit for crying on cue? Is that what she’s really doing, though? I don’t think she’s “acting”. I think her emotions, her own sense of her own victimhood and her own untouchable sadness are always front and center, and she can just cry at the drop of a hat whenever anyone is like, “Oh, you poor thing.” Still, I guess it’s notable that she managed to dodge the actual question of “Why did you seek treatment?” And I guess Couric didn’t actually check up on the whole “30 days” thing. Because LeAnn did NOT spend 30 days in whatever facility/spa, as she seems to be claiming.

Screencaps from the video, plus a photo from LeAnn’s World.


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LeAnn Rimes preview: ‘No one can quite understand why you hurt so badly’