Kourtney Kardashian gives birth to baby girl Penelope Scotland Disick

It’s baby time! I’ve been expecting this for a while – all of the knocked up celebrity women are going to be giving birth, all within a few days/weeks of each other. Over the weekend, it was Sienna Miller and now Kourtney Kardashian. You should keep your eye on Drew Barrymore too – I suspect she’ll be giving birth shortly. Anyway, Kourtney and Scott Disick welcomed their second child together on Sunday, according to E! News. It was a little girl, and they named her Penelope Scotland Disick. Hm.

Look out, world: there’s an adorable new Kardashian to keep up with now! Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have welcomed their second child—and first daughter—E! News has exclusively learned.

The baby girl was born early Sunday in Los Angeles at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and joins big brother Mason in the ever-expanding Kardashian-Disick household. So how did the birth go down? And, most importantly, what’s the cutie pie’s name?

Let’s say hello to Penelope Scotland Disick.

“Scott and I are overjoyed to welcome our precious angel Penelope Scotland Disick into our lives. We are forever blessed. Mommy and baby are resting comfortably,” Kourtney tells E! News.

The 33-year-old E! star had an all-natural birth, and her new mini-me tipped the scales at 7 pounds, 14 ounces.

“It was a great. She had an easy delivery,” matriarch Kris Jenner tells us. “[Penelope] is so cute. She looks just like Mason. She’s so beautiful. We are so happy.”

As it happens, this has been one highly anticipated birth (complete with a headline-grabbing false alarm), and not just among the fans. Kourtney and Scott announced the news of the impending stork delivery last November, and revealed that they were expecting their first daughter in February of this year (son Mason turned the big 0-2 in December).

In May, the family—along with Kim Kardashian’s beau, Kanye West—celebrated the baby-to-be with a femme-fueled, pink-themed baby shower. As for the million-dollar question: as Mason’s birth was must-see TV, are the proud new parents going to once again share with fans the miracle of life?

“I don’t know,” Kourtney said on the Tonight Show a few weeks ago. “We’re gonna film it again ourselves, and honestly, my experience last time was so peaceful and calm and everything you don’t see in the movies. And I really wanted to share that with people so they knew it doesn’t have to be a crazy screaming session.”

This time around, we’ll have to wait and see. While Kourtney said she and Scott planned on filming the birth, they would decide after the fact if they were going to go public with the footage. And something tells us that’s not their biggest priority at the moment.

[From E! News]

Well, congrats. I don’t hate the name Penelope at all. As for “Scotland” – eh. It’s just a middle name, and I guess it was just to have “Scott” somewhere in there. Penelope Disick? Penny Disick? That’s kind of cute. My mom – who watches the Kardashian shows – says that Scott has changed for the better over the past year, and that Kourtney has turned into an even bigger a—hole (“like her mother,” my mom says). I have to admit, I’m kind of surprised that Scott has stuck around and I’m kind of surprised that Kourtney hasn’t kicked him to the curb by now. And now there’s another Kardashian girl in the mix! Mother of God.

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Kourtney Kardashian gives birth to baby girl Penelope Scotland Disick