Josh Brolin in NOLA, shirtless and smoking a cigarette: would you hit it?

These are photos of Josh Brolin in New Orleans yesterday, He was shirtless, wandering around outside, smoking a cigarette. Apparently, he was on a break from filming Oldboy with Spike Lee – I only know about the film because I’ve seen and read a lot of stuff about how the Korean original was, like, the best horror/suspense film ever. A lot of people have been critical of the idea that the film is getting a long-gestating American remake too, but Spike Lee is directing, and the cast includes Josh, Samuel L. Jackson, Lizzie Olsen and Sharlto Copley.

But none of that is the point of this post. The point is: would you hit it? I’ll admit that I find Josh Brolin attractive, even with those significant caveats. I get that his personality might not be all that awesome. But this is about how he looks. Just judging him on his face… I would hit it. He’s an attractive man. His body is… eh. I thought he was in better shape than this? Maybe he gained some weight for the character he’s playing? The gut and the way he’s wearing his pants are NOT good.

Seeing as how I already confessed to still being somewhat attracted to Julian Assange (I am, God help me), I feel like this is the day I progressively come to terms with the fact that I’m nonsensically attracted to douches and a—holes.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.


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Josh Brolin in NOLA, shirtless and smoking a cigarette: would you hit it?