Jason Momoa claims he doesn’t own a TV or cell phone: dumb but pretty?

I was just thinking about Jason Momoa the other day, so I’m using this TMZ video as an excuse to write about him. What’s going on with Jason lately? I miss him. I wish we had new photos of him – I would be a very happy girl if we constantly had new photos of Michael Fassbender, Jason Momoa and Tom Hardy. Although I don’t think Jason is going to set the world on fire with his acting skills, I do think there’s a place for him in Hollywood. He doesn’t have any movies coming out this year, but he’s got two films for 2013, Bullet to the Head (a Sylvester Stallone movie) and Road to Paloma (a thriller which also features Lisa Bonet). Basically, he’s still struggling. Which sucks.

Anyway, about the TMZ video – some (annoying) TMZ videographer/photographer caught up with Jason outside of… a bar? The airport? I don’t know. Jason was asked if he watches TV, and Jason says he doesn’t own a TV, and he also says he doesn’t have a cell phone (note the photo I’m using of Jason using a cell phone). I think the cell phone comment was a joke, like Jason just happened to be without his cell phone on this night.

As for the TV thing… I’ve always disliked the “I don’t have a TV” or “I don’t watch TV” comments, especially when the comment comes from a place of superiority, like the person has “better things” to do with their time. The quality of (SOME) TV programs continues to astound me – for my money, shows like Mad Men, Game of Thrones, The Closer, etc – those TV shows are superior to most films in both quality and storytelling. Now, was Jason saying he doesn’t own a TV to sound superior? Or is he just a big ol’ hippie? Unknown.

Just look at the pretty pictures! That’s all anyone cares about.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Inked Magazine.


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Jason Momoa claims he doesn’t own a TV or cell phone: dumb but pretty?