Is LeAnn Rimes seeking mental health treatment because of cyberbullying?

Well, as I’m sure you know by now, there seems to be a movement by Team LeAnn to really push her firmly into the “victim” role now that she’s checked into a treatment facility for her “anxiety and stress” issues. Two sites got tips on “the reason” behind LeAnn’s breakdown. Her rep told Celebuzz, “She is simply there to learn and develop coping mechanisms.” And then a “source close to the situation” (either the same rep or LeAnn herself) told Celebuzz the REAL reason why – “months of unrelenting abuse on the internet and Twitter.” The source says, “It hasn’t stopped and they are clearly offensive. It has been a campaign of abuse.” Shockingly, Celebuzz was drawn to that blog LunaticLeAnnRimes, the one that published the recording of LeAnn’s phone call to Kimberly Smiley. Ah, now I see! It all makes sense. Incidentally Celebuzz managed to do a sympathetic LeAnn story just a day after getting an exclusive interview with LeAnn (in which she talks a lot about how healthy, content and “not depressed at all” she is). But my favorite thing is this… Radar also got in touch with Kimberly Smiley, and this story is… amazing.

Before LeAnn Rimes entered treatment — reportedly for “anxiety and stress” — the country singer exhibited bizarre and erratic behavior, including phoning and cursing a woman who stopped following her on Twitter!

While Rimes engaged in a very public Twitter war earlier this month after one follower accused her of cheating with Eddie Cibrian, she had a far more bizarre meltdown right before that, going on a profanity-laced tirade against a teacher who stopped being a fan of the star. Radar has the exclusive details of how LeAnn found and confronted Kimberly Smiley, the woman who stopped following the star on Twitter!

Smiley was stunned when she answered the phone earlier this year and the voice on the other end said: “Hey b**ch this is LeAnn you have 5 minutes to say whatever you want to me!”. Yes, it was the real LeAnn and according to Smiley the star filled their conversation with extensive profanity.

In fact, Smiley said that she has “never heard a person cuss so much. I even asked her to watch it, saying, ‘Your language — so trashy!’ I was also surprised that she thought I’d just change my mind about her and want to come hang with her,” Smiley said. “I don’t like her, not because of the affair (although I don’t agree with it), but because of her taunting of Brandi and using those boys in her sick game.”

Rimes’ obsession with Twitter is what led her to Smiley, who followed the star in 2010 when she was still reeling from the “home-wrecker” label some media outlets had tagged her with after she hooked up with a married Brandi Glanville’s husband Eddie Cibrian. Rimes was publicly feuding with Brandi.

Smiley became a strong supporter of Brandi’s on Twitter and LeAnn blocked her. Smiley claims she was harassed by many of the singer’s fervent fans and charges that she learned through other Twitter users that Rimes had set up a phony account (handle: @wewenlove) account “to harass Brandi.”

That backstory set the stage for March 26 of this year when Rimes went to lunch with some of her Twitter fans, who also happened to know Smiley. One of those fans, a woman named Ericka, unexpectedly called Smiley.

“Ericka said, ‘Hi,’ and then handed the phone to LeAnn,” Smiley said, noting she was taken aback when Rimes introduced herself, saying “Hey b***h, this is LeAnn, you have five minutes to say whatever you want to me.

“LeAnn called me because she believed that telling me her side, would change my mind,” Smiley says, adding “she said she thought that I could relate to her situation of being a non-biological parent.” (Cibrian has two sons with Glanville.)

Smiley said that Rimes even “invited her to come hang” out so she could get to know “the real” her. They also “spoke about her obsession with Twitter and Rimes claims it’s not a problem.” Rimes behavior was bizarre and Smiley charges that she has “concocted these elaborate stories” trying to “justify the affair” with her now-husband Cibrian, implying Glanville’s “erratic” drinking essentially drove him into her arms.

Another keynote of Rimes’ agenda, Smiley said, is “to convince the world of her importance” in the lives of Cibrian’s sons, Jake and Mason. In addition to the drama with Glanville, Rimes told her Twitter pal Ericka that her ex-husband Dean Sheremet was “extremely abusive and controlling,” Smiley said, claiming Rimes said Sheremet “would call her fat and tell her that her singing sucks.

“She also tells her fans that he’s a homosexual and that he can’t come out until both sets of his grandparents die, which I find to be so cruel,” Smiley said. (Dean, following his divorce from LeAnn, married photographer Sarah Silver in August 2011.)

Smiley said she finds it odd that Rimes “is very worried about the group of people I talk to on Twitter. She really wants us to like her and see that she’s not as bad as we think. It’s very strange, if you ask me,” Smiley said. “I mean I’m just a mom, wife, & teacher from a rural town in Northern California: Why would she care?”

[From Radar]

Does anyone really have a problem believing Smiley’s entire story? I don’t. This sounds like Classic LeAnn to me. After all, LeAnn’s lawyer had to confirm that yes, LeAnn called this woman, and yes, the recording is of LeAnn. Of course, Team LeAnn is all, “Bullied! Edited! She never said that! Not in that context!” Listen to the recording and decide for yourself.

As for the continuing conversation about whether LeAnn’s mental health is something that we should even be speculating about… sigh. I’ve thought the woman was crazy for so long. Like, flat-out insane, delusional, narcissistic, obsessive and neurotic. I believe she stalked Brandi Glanville (and continues to have an inappropriate relationship with all things Brandi), and I believe that “anxiety and stress” don’t even make the “Top Ten Reasons Why LeAnn Should Seek Professional Help”. But I’m not a doctor, what do I know? Hopefully, this treatment center will be able to provide some answers. Unless it’s all a stunt which allows LeAnn to nurse her persecution complex. In which case, no, it won’t help at all. So… at the end of the day, I think all of this can and should be up for discussion (LeAnn has always invited us to discuss her crap, so whatever), BUT… I do think people should stop trolling her. I’ve been saying that for a while. Stop trolling LeAnn, but it’s okay to talk about her in general.

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