Is Eric Stonestreet (‘Modern Family’) having an affair with a married ABC star?

This story just sent me on a whirlwind IMDB-ing that left me wondering, “Why isn’t Damon Wayans Jr. a bigger star?” This post isn’t even about Damon Wayans Jr., although I hoping for an opportunity to write about how much I love that man at some point. Anyway, this post is about two other ABC sitcom stars, Eric Stonestreet (Cameron on Modern Family) and Eliza Coupe (Jane on Happy Endings). They might be having an affair! Except not really. Probably not. But there are rumors that Eric was a “wandering eye” and that he’s fooling around on his girlfriend of some-odd 3 years, Katherine Tokarz (the brunette in these photos). I knew Eric was straight, and I knew he had a girlfriend. But I would have never guessed that he was a womanizer?

“Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet’s enormous ego and wandering eye are wrecking his love life, say sources. Stonestreet met Broadway dancer/actress Katherine Tokarz in December 2009 and they’ve been together ever since. But no sources close to Eric, 40, say fame has gone to his head and he can’t resist the attention he’s getting from hot women who constantly throw themselves at him.

“Women are becoming like catnip for Eric – he has a wandering eye and can’t seem to control himself,” a set insider told The Enquirer.

Stonestreet was photographed getting cozy with “Happy Endings” star Eliza Coupe in late May while partying with her at Sway nightclub in the SoHo section of New York City until 2 am. Even though she’s happily married and both insist they are just good friends, a source said: “That doesn’t make Katherine feel any more comfortable with Eric’s out of control flirting. While she’s stuck in LA for the summer doing a play, he’s hanging out with other women and acting very cavalier about it.”

When Stonestreet and Katherine first got together, Eric was thrilled because he was finally able to put long-simmering gay rumors about his love life to rest. But since then, “success has gone to his head… he’s still crazy in love with Katherine, but he thinks he’s the toast of Hollywood and can get any chick he wants. And that’s threatening to wreck the relationship.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Well, I didn’t know Eliza Coupe was married. I think we have photos of Eric and Eliza together (below, Eric talking to a mystery blonde on the sidewalk).

Perhaps they’re just friends. It’s possible that Eric and Eliza aren’t boning, but Eric still has a wandering eye. It’s also possible that Eric is a loyal boyfriend and all of this is just malicious gossip. I have no idea. But here’s another question – who is THIS blonde (below) – Eric went to a Lakers game with her in April. Hmm. Is it Katherine with newly dyed blonde hair? Or is it a mystery woman? SO confusing.

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