Freida Pinto in a black Ralph Lauren jumpsuit: gorgeous or busted?


These are some new photos of Freida Pinto in London. She was premiering her new Michael Winterbottom film, Trishna, at the London Film Festival. I don’t know anything about the film, so I’m really just writing about Freida because she’s so beautiful, and I love her black Ralph Lauren jumpsuit. At first, I thought it was an outfit made of separates – a sparkly, shiny top and some nice slacks. But it’s all-in-one, and all of it is glittery and sparkly. You can see the runway look here. The look is absolutely gorgeous on her. Plus, I love her styling. Great hair, beautiful makeup. And you know how I am about a great profile – Freida’s profile is magnificent.



I’m also including Freida’s photo call look earlier in the day – a paneled Louis Vuitton dress that I’m not in love with. The fit looks off, the colors don’t do anything for Freida, and I’m not sure this would look on anybody, really. Meh on this one.


I’m a little surprised that Freida didn’t do the London Film Festival premiere with her boyfriend, Dev Patel (her costar from Slumdog Millionaire). There are photos of Freida and Dev from last week, as they were traveling together and looking couple-y, and I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s nice that they’re still together.” But there may be trouble in paradise – a few nights ago they went to a London event, and media outlets noted that their body language seemed “off”. And then Dev didn’t come to her premiere… hmm. Interesting.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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Freida Pinto in a black Ralph Lauren jumpsuit: gorgeous or busted?