Football (Soccer) Idols And Luxury Watches: A Happy Marriage

The UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine has shown it once again: sports and the watch industry go well together. The British referee Howard Webb, who is one of the best the world has to offer, has visited the Hublot watch manufacture and has expressed his respect towards the makers of these “pieces of art” whose skills he appreciates highly.

The connection between these watches had already been established four years earlier when the referees of the Euro 2008 were given one of the finest Hublot watches each which they also wore during the games. In 2010, there has furthermore been a game organized on behalf of FIFA and the watch company featuring football stars like David Beckham. The meaning behind this connection of sports and watches is to be continued as the celebration of the Argentinian superstar Maradona on July 5th, 2012 has shown.

Maradona and Hublot

The creation of the “Hublot Big Bang Maradona 2 Limited Edition” relates outstanding people to outstanding technology and design. Maradona, whose physical condition allowed for speedy sprints and technical finesse with the ball, is mainly remembered for dribbling at high speed and for the reverse-cross pass also called “Rabona”, which led to many goals and assists during his career.

Having shot the “Goal of the Century” in 1986, he is one of the most admired players worldwide despite his extravagant and partly scandalous lifestyle. The high-end Hublot marries the figure Maradona with its own technology as it is decorated with a blue signature of the star and an engraved silhouette on the back. It does therefore connect sportiness and elegance. Of course, there are many other watch brands such as Vacheron Constantin which are of equally high quality and all fans can find these watches on

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Football (Soccer) Idols And Luxury Watches: A Happy Marriage