Doutzen Kroes shows off her crazy bikini body in Miami: gorgeous & sexy?

Oooooooooh. New photos of Doutzen Kroes!! She’s in Miami with her husband Sunnery James – again. I’m not even sure Doutzen and Sunnery’s vacation ever ended. It seems like they’ve been there for months. And before everyone starts screaming “WHO?”, Doutzen is a big-time model. Most people know her from her Victoria’s Secret work (catalog, commercials and runway), but she’s also one of the top girls in the industry overall. And I love her. I think she’s got such a beautiful face, and her body is to die for… slender AND strong, muscular and athletic but still feminine and lithe. She’s got such a great, athletic figure that Victoria’s Secret feels the need to airbrush-out her stomach muscles.

So… I’m really just covering these new photos of Doutzen in a bikini because… well, we should do that more often. All of the sites operated by boys get to run endless amounts of celebrity bikini photos. Why can’t we do that too? Feminism! Or something. All I know is that when I saw Doutzen’s toned, lovely butt, I was filled with a weird combination of jealousy and lust.

A few months ago, Doutzen was talking about food, eating and whether she can partake in any of that because she’s a model. Doutzen admitted that she has a real problem with French fries (me too! We’re the same): “French fries. I really like the ones at Shake Shack. That’s the thing with french fries, and potato chips too. You have one, and you can’t stop. But I always try not to eat the whole bucket that they give you, because I think that’s the trick. Everything in moderation; you can’t force yourself to eat none of the good stuff. I wouldn’t be a happy person if I only ate salads. I love salads — but salads with fries.” But Doutzen also spoke realistically about keeping in shape: “I box, I jump rope, and I do lots of leg work, you know, to keep the butt up. So, it’s lots of things. I have an amazing trainer and I’m really fortunate to have that, you know? But it’s also my job. You can’t compare my life to somebody who goes to work everyday; I have to look this way.” Oh, Doutzen. You are one of my favorite girl-crushes.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.


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Doutzen Kroes shows off her crazy bikini body in Miami: gorgeous & sexy?