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13 Kim Kardashian Photos SHE DOES NOT Want You to See!

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Okay, so Kim Kardashian is a terrible mom, a talentless, materialistic, fame-hungry human being, and the biggest reason that the rest of the world hates America. But at least she’s hot, right?! Well … not all the time. 13 Worst Kim Kardashian Photos! 1. Kim Kardashian Krying Kim gets her ugly cry on. It’s definitely not…

Kim Kardashian: Trolling Beyonce with Elevator Kiss Photo?

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Did Kim Kardashian just take a subtle shot at Beyonce on Facebook? The reality star just posted a photo online of her and Kanye West smooching, writing a one-word hashtag as the caption: “#ElevatorKiss.” Innocent and adorable, right? Not if you dig deeper… Last week, Beyonce responded to the infamous fight between husband Jay-Z and sister…

Jennifer Aniston Wants To Drop 5 Pounds

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Now Julia Roberts may not have made any best celeb bikini bodies list, but Jennifer Aniston certainly has. Yet even she isn’t happy with her weight. Jennifer said she weighs 115 pounds but wishes she could get herself down to 110. Seriously. RELATED: Jennifer Aniston opens up about Justin Theroux. Jennifer confessed her weight loss…

Kim Kardashian Selfies Book: Actually Coming Soon!

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At the time, the Kim Kardashian sex tape made perfect sense. Back then, where else could you see Kim Kardashian nude? What did you really know about this large-breasted brunette? Getting rammed by Ray J on camera was a logical big first step into the celebrity gossip world. But E! News now confirms that Rizzoli…