21 Smiling Dogs: Life is so Fetch!

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There’s a reason no animal named Grumpy Dog exists, you know. It’s because there’s no reason for a canine to ever be in a bad mood… unless it’s raining, of course. But these four-legged creatures sleep on very comfortable beds. They go for walks, sometimes even for runs or hikes. They play some fetch. They…

Taylor Swift on Tumblr: I Call My Lamp Bae!

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Taylor Swift may not seem like she has much in common with Steve Carrell’s character in Anchorman, but she and Brick Tamland do in fact, share one very important trait: they both love lamp. Now that Taylor has conquered Instagram with her epic odes to fall and inspiring messages to bullied fans, she’s decided to set her sights…

25 Parents Who Owned Their Kids at Texting

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Parents 25, kids 0. The old folks have dominated this texting game. That’s the official score after scrolling through the gallery below, documenting some of the best exchanges between mothers and fathers and their offspring. Exchanges via text message, that is, a platform where you’d think the younger generation would have an inherent edge, given…