Suri Cruise

Luke Kirby: Hot and Heavy with Katie Holmes?!?

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This just in: Katie Holmes has been spending a lot of time recently with Luke Kirby, eating lunch with the actor and hanging out in her apartment. Who cares that the two are co-starring in Mania Days and the meals often take place on set and the apartment dates just consist or scene rehearsals?!?

Katie Holmes Allure Cover: Sexy!

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Katie Holmes is looking as sexy as ever on the new Allure cover! The 34-year-old actress has had a rough go of it over the last year or so, going through a very public split with Tom Cruise . In an interview, she says she hopes 2013 can just be “peaceful.” With her divorce behind her, Holmes is living with her daughter Suri Cruise in New York City, and may have some plans for her future that don’t involve acting