Kylie Jenner Goes Grey: Love It or Loathe It?

Kylie Jenner has been trying out lots of different looks on Instagram lately. 

First, Kylie’s increasingly plump lips led to rumors that she’d either had collagen injections or was suffering from some sort of serious allergic reaction.

Then, over the weekend, Kylie’s Halloween costume led some fans to speculate that she decided to celebrate the holiday with a boob job.

Now, Kylie has decided to experiment with her hair color yet again, and it’s resulted in some seriously mixed reviews from fans:

Kylie Jenner Grey Hair Photo

Kylie’s electic blue hair received mostly positive reviews back in May, but the reality star’s grey look has some fans wondering when KJ went from 17 to 70.

While Kylie captioned the pic, “a little grey never hurt nobody,” it’s worth noting that “grey” isn’t the most accurate term to describe what’s going on here.

There’s like 87 colors in there, including some vestiges of Kylie’s usual black.

So it’s safe to say some time and thought went into this look, and she’ll probably be sticking with it for a while.

First Kylie posted a weird bondage pic to Instagram, now she’s rocking 50 shades of grey…in her hair. 

You’ve gotta hand it to her – the girl’s a pro when it comes to Instagram shock value.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Bikini Photo

This is ONE RACY photo of Kendall and Kylie Jenner in bikinis on Instagram. Goodness.

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Kylie Jenner Goes Grey: Love It or Loathe It?


Kylie Jenner Boob Job Rumors Erupt Thanks to Racy Halloween Pic: Did She or Didn’t She!?

It appears that Kylie Jenner had a lot of fun on Halloween, posting a photo that generated a great deal of attention, and not due to the crazy dude next to her.

If nothing else, she’s succeeded in getting people to talk about something besides Kylie Jenner’s lips, the rumors surrounding which she is soooo bored with.

Instead, the web is abuzz over another seemingly growing region of her body …

Kylie Jenner Boob Job?

Yes, it’s a Halloween costume that’s low cut, even by Jenner family standards.

Yes, we have seen far, far racier Halloween costumes out there in general.

It’s hard to escape that Kylie’s chest has seemingly exploded in recent months, though. Granted, it may have been gradual and enhanced by this one outfit.

Still, to see this kind of change all at once is nothing short of jarring, and on the heels of the ongoing Kylie lip injection debate, one can’t help but wonder.

There’s also the fact that the region in question is, well, exposed here.

Many ways for her to make her chestal area appear larger would be taken away by the fact that … there they are. She wants you to notice them, too.

We don’t know if the Kylie Jenner boob job rumors are true, but we have little doubt she’s putting this photo out there knowing full well it’ll get people talking.

Given how pissed she is at Kris Jenner, she’s gotta really be loving it.

Kylie Jenner Then and Now

Kylie Jenner now and just a few years ago. She looks a tad different.

In response to her Momager’s meddling, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings has been acting out and pushing her limits more and more of late.

Clearly, her mom lost control of the 17-year-old a long time ago.

The only question is whether young Kylie can maintain some measure of self-control and keep these constant Instagram teases fun, albeit provocative.

Perhaps we are making entirely too big a deal out of one photo.

She’s showing some cleave in a Tila Tequila-style getup. Inappropriate, perhaps, for a teenager, but she wouldn’t really have gotten a boob job … right?

If she’s just having fun and we’re playing along hook, line and sinker while she remains a grounded, happy and stable person at her core, then great.

Otherwise, we could have another Kim Kardashian sex tape on our hands before too long, and for the love of all things holy, no one needs to see that.

Well, a lot of people probably would love to. But you get the point.

Kylie Jenner Cleavage Pic

Kylie Jenner squats and shows off her cleavage in this photo. NOTE: She is 16 years old.

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Kylie Jenner Boob Job Rumors Erupt Thanks to Racy Halloween Pic: Did She or Didn’t She!?


Beyonce and Blue Ivy Dress as Janet and Michael Jackson, Likely Win Halloween

A very famous mother and daughter went out for Halloween last night dressed as a very famous sister and brother tandem.

In honor of Halloween, Beyonce shared an adorable photo of herself and Blue Ivy on Instagram, writing as a caption: “Janet and MJ.”

Yup. Jay Z’s most precious loved ones dressed up as Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson!

Beyonce and Blue on Halloween

Blue Ivy’s outfit is a replica of the iconic get-up that Michael Jackson wore to the 1984 American Music Awards.

Beyonce, meanwhile, is channeling Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” look from the artist’s 1989 music video and the Rhythm Nation 1814 album.

We love it!

Elsewhere in Hollywood for Halloween…

As for Ellen DeGeneres? Matt Lauer? Al Roker? And a slew of other talk show hosts?

Take a look below at their costumes of choice and decide on your favorite:

Ellen DeGeneres Dresses as Amal Alamuddin

Yes, Ellen DeGeneres will take fake George Clooney as her husband. She’s dressed up as Amal Alamuddin and we love it.

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Beyonce and Blue Ivy Dress as Janet and Michael Jackson, Likely Win Halloween


Amanda Bynes’ Bid to Upend Conservatorship Denied, But What Does That Change?

Amanda Bynes has been shut down in her legal bid to torpedo her parents’ conservatorship, which remains in place after her challenge was dismissed.

The problem is that the conservatorship as it stands is doing nothing.

Amanda Bynes' New Look

After Amanda Bynes was released from psychiatric care in a shocking development Thursday, she said she was headed to court to nix the conservatorship.

The 28-year-old distrusts and hates her parents with a vengeance.

In an epic Twitter rant, the star accused her father – who she again claims is a sexual predator – and Sam Lutfi of conspiring to lock her up against her will.

She vowed to appear in Ventura County Court Friday to take down the conservatorship, which recently gave Bynes’ parents control over her affairs.

Bynes didn’t show. A lawyer claiming to represent her did, but a judge ruled that she could not hire him … because of the conservatorship. The irony.

Under the conservatorship, she lacks the capacity to sign a binding contract, which includes hiring a lawyer to represent her. So no dice yesterday.

All of this begs the obvious question: How was she released!?!

Amanda Bynes is Dope

Amanda Bynes thinks she is dope. The actress has posted this photo to Twitter.

Her involuntary psychiatric hold was recently extended by 30 days, but she somehow convinced a hearing officer at the facility that she was fine.

Believing Bynes was lucid and that the facility lacked legal standing to hold her – even though a judge had just granted it – the officer nixed the 30-day hold.

Amanda walked out the front door Thursday, and, well …

Roaming the streets of Hollywood, talking to imaginary friends and clearly delusional, Bynes showed instantly why she needs to be in just such a facility.

It’s sad, but true and baffling that she got out.

Her parents’ conservatorship is empty if they can’t control or influence her conduct; Amanda seems to have access to money, though it’s unclear how.

Not unlike when she was committed to the psychiatric facility a few weeks ago, it again looks to be just a matter of time before she hurts herself or others.

It’s just a question of when or how badly.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes was a delightful child star with a bright career whose hard-partying ways and obvious mental issues have made for many sad headlines in recent years.

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Amanda Bynes’ Bid to Upend Conservatorship Denied, But What Does That Change?


Tiny Cottle Changes Eye Color to Gray Via Controversial Procedure: See the Photo!

Forget Kylie Jenner’s lips. VH1 reality star Tiny just underwent the wildest cosmetic procedure you’ve ever heard of, changing her eye color from brown to gray.

For good.

Tiny Cottle Eyes

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, best known as T.I.’s wife and co-star on their VH1 reality show, revealed her new eye-popping (sort of literally) new look this week.

Along with a close-up of her new ice-gray eyes, she wrote on Instagram:

“I permanently changed my eye color with Brightocular and lovin it!! Huge thanks to the incredible doctor for the amazing experience and for making my dream come true!”

Brightocular is essentially a permanent colored contact that is applied over one’s actual iris, a controversial concept that has sparked lots of debate.

Is that even safe? Not enough to have it done in the U.S., at least not yet. As for why she decided to have this done, and if its something she’ll regret?

“I had been wearing colored contacts for a couple of years and they were making my vision blurry,” said Tiny to People, looking to quiet some of the critics.

“A friend of mine mentioned that she had heard of a procedure where you could permanently change your eye color and we looked into it.”

“We researched it for a bit but I was nervous because … it’s your eyes! But two years later it came up again. I spoke to the doctors and to patients who’d had it.”

Heidi Montag Boob Job!

The queen of plastic surgery. It’s shocking how different Heidi Montag used to look and how badly this obsession turned out for her.

“I learned that there was no downtime, that it only took about 15 minutes … plus it’s reversible. When I found out that your could reverse it, I was sold.”

“The implant that they use to cover your natural eye color is a medical implant usually used on patients with eye illnesses like glaucoma,” Tiny explained.

It costs around $10,000 … not including your plane ticket to Tunisia, one of the few places you can legally have it done. The only other price she paid?

Not being able to wear makeup for weeks. It’s rough. We can only hope to see this when we watch T.I. and the Family Hustle online in the future.

As for the “haters” she faces? Tiny has a parting shot: “Do what makes you happy. As long as you’re being healthy and safe, just do what makes you feel good.”

“People are saying I must have low self-esteem, but if you really know me, I have no problems in the self esteem department!” Cottle says emphatically.

“[T.I.] always thinks I’m crazy. But when I told him I researched it he didn’t have a problem with it. He loved my eyes before and he loves them now too.”

“He just loves me.”

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Tiny Cottle Changes Eye Color to Gray Via Controversial Procedure: See the Photo!


Kylie Jenner to Kris Jenner: STFU About Tyga!!

Kylie Jenner is pretty darn livid with mother Kris Jenner these days, and has been acting out more than ever as a result, according to a new report.

  • Kris Jenner Profile
  • Kylie Jenner and Tyga

The 17-year-old, Kris’ youngest of six children, had a “blowout fight” with her Momager when she returned from her trip to Europe with rapper Tyga.

The reason for this is that Jenner had been discussing Kylie Jenner and Tyga‘s relationship with the media, which made the teen completely irate.

Last week, Kris called into On Air With Ryan Seacrest to promote her new cookbook, In The Kitchen With Kris, and said, “Kylie isn’t dating anybody.”

“Tyga used to live across the street for a long time, and now he lives next door to Khloe. Everyone’s around and with the way I cook, they’re not leaving.”

Innocent and harmless enough? Perhaps … but not as Kylie sees it.

Says a purported friend of the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister:

“Kylie did not give her mom permission to discuss her relationship with Tyga to anyone, including Seacrest! When she returned from Europe, she was livid.”

Kylie Jenner Then and Now

Kylie Jenner now and just a few years ago. She looks a tad different.

This beef has been a long time coming, people who know them say.

“Kylie told her mom to stay out of her life and keep ‘focusing on Kim as she always has,’” a great dig at both her mom and the family kash kow.

Friends say Kylie is increasingly fed up with her mom’s meddling:

As a result, she’s rebelling with more and more provocative social media posts and the like, hence this week’s surge in pics of Kylie Jenner’s lips.

“Kylie and Kris have a real bad relationship right now and Kylie is doing everything that she can to defy her mom,” the insider adds, and it shows.

Bruce and the older Kardashians “Blame Kris [for Kylie’s wild behavior] because Kylie is only 17, and Kris needs to have more authority over her.”

That ship might have sailed at this point … but here’s hoping.

Kylie Jenner Cleavage Pic

Kylie Jenner squats and shows off her cleavage in this photo. NOTE: She is 16 years old.

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Kylie Jenner to Kris Jenner: STFU About Tyga!!


Sam Lutfi: Amanda Bynes’ Parents Taking Legal Advice From Shady Pal?

Sam Lutfi played a key role in engineering the ruse that landed Amanda Bynes in treatment, but is his continued involvement in her saga cause for concern?

  • Sam Lutfi Picture
  • Amanda Bynes Pout

As previously reported, Amanda Bynes was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold at a Pasadena mental hospital last week after flying back to Los Angeles from N.Y.

Her friend Sam Lutfi, who was once Britney Spears’ manager and bizarrely linked to that star at the time of her 5150 hold, was instrumental in getting her there.

Not surprisingly, Bynes is far from pleased about all of this.

Already deeply distrustful of her family and friends, she’s incredibly pissed at her parents and the ruse that landed her in a mental institution against her will.

Yet Lutfi, who convinced her she was meeting with an attorney to sue her parents, is reportedly still close to Bynes’ parents and is even giving them advice.

“Amanda is disgusted with Sam and has been openly telling anyone who will listen that she hates him for inserting himself into her family,” a source says.

“Even though Amanda is suffering from serious mental health issues, she is lucid enough to know that Sam is someone she wants nothing to do with.”

“The more troubling development is that Amanda’s parents have become enthralled with him. In particular, her dad Rick thinks Sam is a great guy.”

“Sam is even giving Rick legal advice! What law school did he go to?!”

Amanda Bynes

Okay, so we didn’t say they were ALL success stories. Amanda Bynes was a delightful child star whose hard-partying ways caught up to her. Kind of like another star we know…

We don’t know about this story, most notably because how would Amanda’s inner thoughts be known by Radar when she’s being monitored by a team of doctors?

Also, she trusted Lutfi a lot as recently as last week.

According to the allegd insider, reports that Amanda “hates” her parents “are clearly exaggerated,” however. “Is Amanda angry at her parents? Of course.”

However, “she was the last time when she was placed on a involuntary psychiatric hold” and once she stabilizes, the source adds, things “will reset for the better.”

“Stories focusing on Amanda’s feelings towards her parents are clearly being planted by people in Sam Lutfi’s camp,” the source added, for reasons unknown.

“Remember, this is someone who has absolutely no professional experience managing or dealing with celebrities [beyond] being Britney Spears’ errand boy.”

We remember.

The sleuth notes that at the mental facility Friday, Lutfi had his lawyers present, despite the fact the Bynes family attorney was already there with her parents.

“It was shocking that Sam had the nerve to send his own attorneys … what was Sam’s motivation? His attorneys have no knowledge of Amanda’s case and history.”

“All it did was create a more chaotic environment. The problem is that Amanda’s dad, Rick, thinks that Sam has some credibility, despite his track record.”

“Rick believes that Sam is trying to redeem himself after all of the Britney drama,” although it sounds like fortunately, “Lynn is definitely more skeptical of Sam.”

Amanda Bynes is Dope

Amanda Bynes thinks she is dope. The actress has posted this photo to Twitter.

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Sam Lutfi: Amanda Bynes’ Parents Taking Legal Advice From Shady Pal?


Brandi Glanville Launches Wine Brand, Likely Plans to Sample a LOT of Product

Step aside, or drink up, Ramona Singer. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville is launching her own brand of white wine, according to reports.

Singer, 57, and her famed Ramona Pinot Grigio have had the Housewives wine market to themselves … until now! There’s a new boozy babe in town!

Brandi Drinking

“I need your help I can’t think of a name for my wine,” Glanville Tweeted. “It’s a Chardonnay coming out very soon and I cannot come up with anything I love!”

Responses ranged from vulgar to hilarious, while Brandi Glanville noted that she suggested “STFU and Drink” but alas, the “distributors said no.”

Which is really a shame.

Brandi has turned Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes‘ home-wrecking affair into a career, landing on the Bravo show and writing a best-selling memoir.

Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders made the New York Times best-seller list, and she remains one of the most popular Housewives.

She’s got another book on the way, too. “It should be out by January or February of next year,” she said recently. “Mamma’s got to pay the rent.”

More like Mamma’s gotta support her expensive wine habit by trading off her reputation for drinking and profiting from her own brand of the delicious beverage.


Brandi Glanville Drunk GIF

Brandi hates to be sober. She’ll tell you all about it.

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Brandi Glanville Launches Wine Brand, Likely Plans to Sample a LOT of Product


Lindsay Lohan: Ecstasy Is New Drug of Choice!

Remember when Lindsay Lohan moved to London so she could party privately without the tabloids tracking her every move?

Well, it’s not turning out so well, because much like herself, Lindsay’s friends love drugs and will therefore sell stories about her at bargain rates. Take this gem, for example:

Lindsay Lohan: Cocaine Nose?

Some Instagram users have suggested that Lindsay has visible cocaine in her nostril here. Sadly, we wouldn’t be surprised.

“Lindsay is of course still partying,” a friend of Lohan’s tells Radar Online. “She never won’t use drugs and drink. Right now she is on a lot of Ecstasy and Molly because with the psych meds she is on, if she’s tested, it will only show up as amphetamine, which is prescribed to her so it’s ‘safe.'”

That’s right, in addition to her recreational self-medication, Lindsay swallows a fistful of prescribed anti-psychotics every day. Sounds safe:

Radar reports that Lindsay is currently taking Dilaudid, Ambien, Adderall, Zoloft and Trazodone to treat a variety of physical and mental ailments. 

In addition, of course, she still loves her party pills:

“I saw Lindsay rolling on Molly when we were at Coachella,” says a friend. “She really doesn’t hide it and everyone close to her knows she’s still using.”

Rolling on Molly?! And all this time we thought she Lindsay was just drunk at Coachella. Wait til Oprah hears about this!

Lindsay Lohan Miscarriage Confession

Lindsay Lohan confesses that she had a miscarriage on the season finale of LINDSAY.

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Lindsay Lohan: Ecstasy Is New Drug of Choice!


Miley Cyrus: Maintaining Her Vibe, Eating Pancakes

Miley Cyrus has been found.

Earlier this week, the singer left the hospital (following an allergic reaction to medication), though her subsequent whereabouts were unknown.

But now Cyrus has let fans know exactly where she is: in her kitchen, eating pancakes!

The artist posted a couple pictures to Instagram last night, the first of which shows her chowing down on the aforementioned breakfast item; and the second her of sitting in bed with some kind of spotlight across her face.

  • Miley Cyrus with a Pancake
  • Glowing Miley

Miley was wearing a DON’T LET THOSE MOTHER F-CKERS KILL OUR VIBE shirt in the photo and hanging with friend Katy Weaver.

“Makin pancakes @mileycyrus’s house after a funnnnn night of Lucy in the sky videos and Love couches #lovemoneyparty,” Weaver wrote in response to the photo.

Cyrus, of course, recently spent many days in the hospital after having a negative reaction to some anti-biotics.

She even had to miss 4/20 as a result, something she lamented on Twitter last Sunday.

Miley has also been forced to postpone the next month of U.S tour dates as she recovers from this illness. She heads to Europe in a few weeks and then returns to the States in August.

Miley is all quacked up in this photo, snapped while she was hospitalized for an allergic reaction.

View As List

Miley Cyrus Quacks Up

Miley Cyrus Quacks Up

Miley is all quacked up in this photo, snapped while she was hospitalized for an allergic reaction.

Miley Cyrus Hospital Pic

Miley Cyrus Hospital Pic

Miley Cyrus suffered an allergic reaction to medication and was hospitalized in April 2014. But at least she was still able to snap some selfies.

Miley Cyrus in Hospital

Miley Cyrus in Hospital

Miley Cyrus is in the hospital. She has an allergic reaction but will be just fine

Miley Cyrus Haircut Photo

Miley Cyrus Haircut Photo

This is what it looks like when Miley Cyrus gets a haircut. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Totally Topless Miley Cyrus

Totally Topless Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is very topless in this Instagram photo. At least she has strategically placed her arm in a certain spot, though.

Smooching Their Pooch

Smooching Their Pooch

Miley Cyrus and her sister lay a smooch on the former’s dog in this adorable Twit pic. Cute stuff.

Miley and Dog

Miley and Dog

We send our thoughts to Miley Cyrus. Her dog Floyd passed away in the spring of 2014.

Miley Cyrus and Floyd

Miley Cyrus and Floyd

Miley Cyrus cuddles up here with Floyd. The dog sadly died in Apri 2014.

Miley Cyrus Sunburn

Miley Cyrus Sunburn

Miley Cyrus has had too much sun. She might wanna lookout for skin cancer.

Miley Cyrus Bikini Crotch

Miley Cyrus Bikini Crotch

Miley Cyrus doesn’t just pose here in a bikini. She does a crotch grab.

Miley Cyrus Joint Rolling

Miley Cyrus Joint Rolling

This is your basic photo of Miley Cyrus rolling a joint. She very much likes to smoke marijuana.

Miley Cyrus Lip Tattoo

Miley Cyrus Lip Tattoo

Miley Cyrus rocks an eccentric tattoo in this photo. Are you digging it?

Miley Cyrus Sex Toy Pic

Miley Cyrus Sex Toy Pic

Miley Cyrus poses here with a sex toy. Why? Because that’s how Miley Cyrus rolls.

Miley Cyrus Instagram Image

Miley Cyrus Instagram Image

We’re up close and very personal with Miley Cyrus in this photo. She’s singing into a microphone on Instagram.

Miley Cyrus with a Pancake

Miley Cyrus with a Pancake

Miley Cyrus is out of the hospital. And she’s into her kitchen, eating pancakes!

Glowing Miley

Glowing Miley

This is an interesting Miley Cyrus photo. She put it on Instagram not long after she got released from the hospital.

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Miley Cyrus: Maintaining Her Vibe, Eating Pancakes