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Justin Bieber vs. Orlando Bloom: Extended Fight Footage!

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You’ve seen the Orlando Bloom crying photo. You’ve read through the celebrity reaction. You’ve tried to wonder who, exactly, started the Justin Bieber-Orlando Bloom fight. But you haven’t witnessed the actual punch thrown by Bloom… UNTIL NOW! The original video that surfaced online Tuesday night of the confrontation between this actor and this artist was…

Justn Bieber Posts Orlando Bloom Crying Photo to Instagram!

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In case you somehow haven’t heard, Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber in Ibiza last night. Since then, Justin has been taking subtle shots at Orlando via social media.  First, Bieber posted a photo of Miranda Kerr to his Instagram page, seemingly to suggest that he had sex with Bloom’s Victoria’s Secret model ex-wife.…

Selena Gomez: Going Back to Rehab?

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As you’ve likely heard by now, Justin Bieber spent part of this week getting into a fight with Orlando Bloom. Sadly, according to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, Selena Gomez isn’t doing much better these days. The magazine (erroneously) claims Gomez could be heading “back to rehab,” where she spent a few weeks…

Khloe Kardashian to Adrienne Bailon: You Have Some Nerve!

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It’s safe to say that Adrienne Bailon will not be invited to the Kardashian household for Christmas this year. The former Cheetah Girls member recently went off to Latina Magazine; first saying that her previous affiliation with the Kardashians hurt her career and then slamming Rob Kardashian for cheating on her. Bailon said Rob “strategically” planned…