MTV Video Music Awards 2014: List of Winners!

Image miley-cyrus-at-2014-vmas.jpg

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards – a show now 30 years running, having outlived the music videos the network no longer even airs – were handed out Sunday. Irony aside, without the VMAs, celebrities wouldn’t have a much-needed summer excuse to bust out their zaniest getups, pull crazy $h!t and trend on social media.…

Kaley Cuoco: Makeup-Free to Save The Seals!

Image kaley-cuoco-and-ryan-sweeting-save-the-seals.jpg

Kaley Cuoco is nothing if not an animal lover. Earlier today, Kaley spoke out against an anti-pitbull article published by Time magazine (Cuoco and her husband Ryan Sweeting are currently three rescue pits). Shortly thereafter, she posted a photo from her Instagram page taken during last night’s Wheels for Seals event, during which Kaley and supporters…

Owner Serenades Pitt Bull with Original Song

Image man-pens-song-for-pit-bull-gets-dog-kisses.png

This is downright adorable. The owner of a Pitt Bull named “Doogie” has penned an original song in honor of his beloved pet, who apparently loves to eat cookies and to relieve himself outside. And while the track isn’t overly catchy or anything, the reaction of the pet upon hearing his master play the song…