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PEACHES GELDOF Mourned At Funeral

The funeral of British socialite and TV host, Peaches Geldof, was held today at the same church the 25 year old mother of two was married in just a few years ago.

Mourners included close friends of Peaches and her family, as well as more notable figures – such as Kate Moss and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. In a touching tribute her coffin was painted a sky blue color and included a portrait of herself, her husband, and their two sons, along with the family pets.

Unfortunately there are still many unanswered questions in the matter of Peaches death, namely – the cause. Some have

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Kevin Sharp Dies; Country Singer Was 43

Kevin Sharp died Saturday due to complications from cancer, his mother sadly confirmed.

The country singer was 43 years old.

Sharp was diagnosed with this disease as a teenager. But even though his treatment did not lead to a reoccurrence, the artist’s mother says her son suffered later in life due to the effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

“He had a good, strong heart. He’s not hurting anymore,” Elaine Sharp told CNN Saturday night from her house in Fair Oaks, California.

Sharp, best known for the track “Nobody Knows,” traveled the country as a motivation speaker and

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Hurricane Carter Dies; Boxer Wrongly Committed of Murder Was 76

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, a legendary boxer who spent 19 years in prison on a wrongful murder conviction, died this morning at home in Toronto.

He was 76 years old.

According to friend John Artis, Carter passed away from prostate cancer, a disease for which he was being treated for an unknown period of time.

In 1966, Carter was convicted charges of fatally shooting two men and a woman in a Paterson, New Jersey restaurants. It took nearly two decades, but both jury verdicts were eventually overturned on different grounds of prosecutorial misconduct.

Prior to his legal battles

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez Dies; Nobel Prize-Winning Author Was 87

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Nobel Prize-winning author and one of the most respected voices of the 20th century, died in Mexico City.

He was 87 years old.

According to The Associated Press, Garcia Marquez was hospitalized for an infection on April 9 and then released to convalesce at his home.

Over the course of an impressive lifetime, the writer published six novels and seven nonfiction books, along with countless novellas and short story collections.

His most famous novel, “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” was inspired by his grandmother. It has sold over 50 million copies

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SHAILENE WOODLEY ‘Divergent’ Star Attends 2014 MTV Movie Awards (Love It Or Hate It)

At this point, Shailene Woodley has been working red carpets all over the world for ‘Divergent.’ RELATED: Shailene Woodley flaunts her back for ‘Divergent’ European premiere. She’s probably as comfortable on the red carpet as she is at home by now! She had fun on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards, as you can see.

What do you think of Shailene’s dress here? I suspect this outfit fits her fun-loving mood. I’m not sure it’s what I would have chosen if I were Shailene’s stylist, which I’m most definitely not. Yet she can look gorgeous in anything, so I still think she looks good out More >

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Miley Cyrus Gives Away New Dog: It’s Too Soon…

Last week on Twitter, not long after her dog Floyd died, Miley Cyrus wondered if she could ever love again.

And today, via that same social media network, she sort of answered her own question: not yet.

In a message to followers, the singer explained why she gave away Moonie, the pet her mom gave to her soon after Floyd passed away from a coyote attack.

“Moonie, thank you for giving me so much love, comfort, & peace. It’s just to soon for me right now ♥ #missingmoonie,” Cyrus Tweeted this afternoon.

Asked where the cute puppy went, Cyrus replied to a follower:

“my friends

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Kenya Moore Opens Up on Puppy Care, Maternal Instincts, Programmable Baby Doll

It appears The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore may be having second thoughts about having a baby following the death of her beloved puppy.

Or alleged death, depending on who you believe. Some crazy rumors on the Internets say Kenya Moore faked her dog’s death for ratings and sympathy.

Anyway, opening up about her hectic lifestyle, Moore, 42, says on her Bravo blog that taking care of Velvet opened her eyes to what a huge job it is.

“Speaking as someone who travels weekly, works constantly, and come and goes as I please, a puppy was a huge wakeup call,” Porsha

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Peaches Geldof Died in Front of Infant Son, Report Claims

A recent autopsy provided little information about the cause of the tragic death of Peaches Geldof at age 25.

Family and friends will have to wait for a full toxicology report to find out what killed the socialite and mother of two, but in the meantime more distressing news has emerged about Geldof’s final moments.

Radar Online reports that Peaches’ husband, Thomas Cohen discovered her body after spending a night elsewhere with their oldest son.

Sources say that 11-month-old Phaedra was playing near the body when Thomas arrived at the house.

“The hope is that Phaedra is so

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield: Red Carpet Romance at Spider-Man 2 Premiere

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been dating for nearly three years now, so it’s safe to say, playing a young couple in love doesn’t present much of a challenge to the charming twosome.

Open Slideshow 1. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield: Spider-Man 2 Premiere The young couple on the red carpet. They date in real life and onscreen.

View As List 1. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield: Spider-Man 2 Premiere

The young couple on the red carpet. They date in real life and onscreen.

2. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Red

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Teresa Giudice: Bankruptcy Papers Reveal Lavish Lifestyle

Joe and Teresa Giudice are headed to jail but first they have to get their financial affairs in order…by screwing over their creditors to the tune of $13 million!

So how did the Real Housewives of New Jersey couple rack up such massive debt? By living like royalty despite the fact that they haven’t had a dime to their names for years.

Court documents reveal that the Giudices live in a $1.7 million house with a Maserati, an Escalade and a Ford 350 in the garage.

Oh, that garage also houses toys such as a Sea Doo boat, Kawasaki quad and 2 go-carts.

As you may have guessed, Teresa

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