Oksana Grigorieva

Mel Gibson: Coked Up at The Expendables 3 Premiere?

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Mel Gibson has had his share of problems in the past…by which we mean he’s engaged in pretty much every kind of bad behavior imaginable, yet somehow still has a career in Hollywood. Mel defied expectations and proved that his deal with the Devil is ironclad in recent months by first getting his latest assault…

Ashley Cusato: Mel Gibson’s New Girlfriend?

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Mel Gibson has a new girlfriend named Ashley Cusato, according to reports. The new woman in Mel’s life is an actress and stuntwoman who’s been featured as a stunt double for big stars like Bones ‘ Emily Deschanel and Denise Richards. She’s also a brown belt in Yoshukai karate and a former NCAA D-I swimmer! The two have been dating for about a month , and things are going very well