Morning Links With Paul McCartney & Nancy Shevell

Paul McCartney and his fiancee, Nancy Shevell, have fun in the sun in St. Barths. (TRB/PAL/FameFlynet )

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  • Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth deny that cheating was a factor in their split. (D Listed)
  • How do you like Mariann Gavelo’s take on the little black dress? (Moe Jackson)
  • Mila Kunis goes sheer at the airport. (Drunken Stepfather, Site NSFW)
  • I want to know ALL the secrets, so hopefully celebrities and their stylists told all! (Lainey Gossip)
  • Are these things you wish your guy would wear? (The Berry)
  • Rachel Uchitel rocks her baby bump while relaxing at the park. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)
  • Forget March Madness: it’s all about March Sadness! Vote for the most shocking celebrity split. (HuffPost Celebrity)
  • Donald Sutherland is also in ‘The Hunger Games’ and shares his (very high!) hopes for the movie. (PopSugar)
  • Oprah Winfrey shared her thoughts on her Bobbi Kristina interview and even gave break-up advice! (TMZ)
  • Ashley Hart rocks a bikini! (Hollywood Tuna)
  • The Kardashian sisters model some lingerie. (IDLYITW)

Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell Enjoy A Day At The Beach
Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell Enjoy A Day At The Beach
Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell Enjoy A Day At The Beach
Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell Enjoy A Day At The Beach
Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell Enjoy A Day At The Beach
Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell Enjoy A Day At The Beach
Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell Enjoy A Day At The Beach
Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell Enjoy A Day At The Beach
Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell Enjoy A Day At The Beach
Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell Enjoy A Day At The Beach

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Morning Links With Paul McCartney & Nancy Shevell


Barbara Walters’ new face: improvement or stop with the chipmunk cheeks?

Barbara Walters is 82 years old and has probably had at least a couple of face lifts prior to her most recent work. Unlike say, Betty White whose face lift(s) look natural and were allowed to settle at some point, Barbara keeps tweaking it and she’s starting to get that freaky look. (Don’t tell me Betty hasn’t had any work done. She’s admitted to getting her eyes done at least and she looks way too good to be all natural at 89.) As I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m completely fine with face lifts and will probably get one myself in about 15 to 20 years. I’m serious, and I’m being honest. It’s the injectables, the touch ups and the follow up surgeries that end up screwing with your face. I really wanted to report on poor Melanie Griffith’s latest work, which is really really bad, but we don’t have the latest photos of her yet. I hope it settles for her. Instead we’re writing about Barbara. You may have heard this last week on Radar, but In Touch is running something on Melanie and Barbara’s work (alongside their Brandi Glanville plastic surgery story) and The Daily Mail has more about Barbara:

With her career still going strong you can’t blame Barbara Walters for wanting to maintain her on-camera appearance.

The 82-year-old television host and veteran journalist recently debuted what appears to be a freshly-tightened face sparking rumours that she went under the knife.

Barbara showed off her smoother complexion and more define jawline at the wedding of Sir Paul McCartney to Nancy Shevell ten days ago.

This is not the first time that Barbara has been rumoured to have gone under the knife in the name of her appearance.

Back in 2007 she also looked to have freshened up her face with some form of tightening procedure. – Daily Mail

With the iconic stars appearing to have rejected the option of aging gracefully or naturally, asked a plastic surgery expert why they may have gone to such extremes to fight back the years.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami (who has not treated either star) told in an exclusive interview that he thinks both women have had what he calls “the last straw” in facial plastic surgery.

“By last straw, I mean that they have likely had procedures before and now with this extensive work, they look overdone,” Dr. Ghavami told

“Barbara Walters appears to have had another facelift combined with way too much fat or filler injections,” he explained, adding that her face doesn’t look like it has settled yet and still has post-operative swelling.

Dr. Ghavami went on to say that The View host looks like she has had too much fat removed from around her eyelids, causing an “A line” deformity.

“The combination of excess pull and too much fat transfer are likely the culprits here,” he told – Radar Online

[From Daily Mail and Radar]

I really think Barbara, and Melanie, looked better before. At least Barbara is almost 30 years older and doesn’t have a mask-like face yet. Those cheeks are really bad though. I don’t give a crap about her and found her so pompous during her book tour. She’s a piece of work. I hope she ends up looking like Priscilla Presley or Joan Rivers. Melanie, I like though and I really want her to stop with the visits to her surgeon. It must be hard to see positive results and then take a step back and realize you need to stop or there’s no going back. There are always things we want to improve, but less is best when it comes to surgery and injectables.




March 13, 2010:

August 1, 2009:

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Barbara Walters’ new face: improvement or stop with the chipmunk cheeks?


Bijou Phillips and Danny Masterson: Married!

Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips, who have been together more than eight years, tied the knot on Tuesday before an intimate group of family and friends.

The wedding took place in the Irish countryside, their rep confirms to People.

In a nod to Masterson’s Irish heritage, the couple had a formal wedding at a private castle, the picturesque setting of Tipperary serving as their backdrop.

Bijou Phillips and Danny Masterson

Masterson proposed to Phillips, his co-star in several films, in 2009.

For you celebrity fashion followers, Bijou Phillips, 31, wore a custom Zac Posen gown and Masterson, 35, chose to wear Albert Hammond Jr. for Confederacy.

The groom’s brother Chris Masterson served as best man and guests included actors Ben Foster, Mike Pena and Ethan Suplee and artist Gottfried Helnwein.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!


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Bijou Phillips and Danny Masterson: Married!


Heather Mills Accused of Sucking, Stiffing Stylist

Heather Mills is a b!tch who spread horrible lies about Paul McCartney and a cheapskate who never paid for $5,000 haircuts, according to a lawsuit.

Mills is being sued by her former hairstylist David Paul, who says starting 2005, Mills often hired him at his out-of-shop rate of $5,000-per-day.

Her goal? To become a celebrity.

Heather M.

At least he gave Heather some great hair … NOT!

According to the suit, David claims Mills told him she couldn’t afford to pay him up front, but promised she’d deliver the green when McCartney – her then husband – gave her money to do so. Guess that never ended up happening.

David claims Mills used his services at least 20 times, but never paid up, even after she received a multi-million dollar divorce settlement from Paul.

David says Mills began to avoid him in 2008, after he made several requests for his paychecks -which totaled $80,000 – she never, ever paid him.

Worse yet, Mills says Heather would tell terrible lies about McCartney, insisting he was “a cheap tyrant who was often a drunk and abusive husband.”

Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell, a seemingly nicer and more stable influence on his life than wife #2 ended up being, got married this month.

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Heather Mills Accused of Sucking, Stiffing Stylist


Shannen Doherty and Kurt Iswarienko: Married!

Shannen Doherty is a married woman for the third time.

Her husband this time? A fellow named Kurt Iswarienko!

The 40-year-old actress who most notably played Brenda Walsh on the original 90210, said “I do” to her fiancé at sunset in Malibu, according to reports.

Shannen Doherty and Kurt Iswarienko

The black-tie affair took place at a private estate nestled in the hills … and will air on her reality show on WEtv as part of the season finale early next year.

Yes, Shannen Doherty and Kurt Iswarienko have a reality show coming out, and it revolves around planning their wedding. Is this a great country or what?

Shannen previously ended short-lived marriages to Ashley Hamilton and notorious Paris Hilton sex tape costar Rick Salomon. Third time’s the charm?

“Marriage to me is such a gigantic commitment that it’s not something I’d ever go into lightly anymore,” says Doherty. “I’ve learned my lesson.”

Congratulations and best of luck to the couple!


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Shannen Doherty and Kurt Iswarienko: Married!


Report: Demi Moore Meets with Divorce Attorney

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore may have been spotted together at a Kabbalah center Friday night, but don’t take this as a sign of reconciliation, a source tells Great Britain’s The Daily Mail.

Earlier that same day, the actress “consulted with a lawyer about getting a divorce,” the insider claims. “The discussion included her living arrangements and how a divorce would impact her assets.”

Both stars are worth over $100 million.

Ashton in NYCDemi Moore Premiere Photo

“This is a huge and very tough decision for Miss Moore to take. But her trust has been shattered,” the mole adds, saying Moore didn’t want to believe the rumors about Sara Leal were true, but photographic evidence of Kutcher partying in San Diego makes the story hard to ignore.

The couple does seem to be making a last-ditch effort to stay together, however. The Insider has posted pictures of Demi and Ashton on a camping trip at Cachuma Lake in Santa Barbara yesterday.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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Report: Demi Moore Meets with Divorce Attorney


Naya Rivera Sizzles in FHM

Naya Rivera plays the most scandalous, sexual character on Glee. So it should come as no surprise that the actress behind Santana is posing in a provocative manner on the cover of the latest FHM issue.

But still. Yowza! It’s okay to stare, fellas. She plays a high school student, but she’s nearly 25…

Naya Rivera FHM Cover

Is Rivera actually similar to the cheerleader she portrays on the Fox hit?

“Ha! Not at all,” the actress tells the magazine. “I’m really easygoing nowadays. Mind you, when I was 17 things were a little different.”

Rivera adds that she had “such a blast” during the shoot, as this outfit – plus a few more layers – are akin to how Naya relaxed on a typical day: “At home I can mostly be found wearing cute T-shirts and jeans,” she says.

Naya Rivera Sizzles in FHM


THG Asks: Is Columbus Day a Legit Holiday?

THG Asks!

Welcome to THG Asks, where two of our experts debate topical issues in the world and you vote for the winning argument!

Today, THG Asks: Is Columbus Day a real holiday?

YES by Hilton Hater

I’m sick of Christopher Columbus getting so much flak simply because he essentially stumbled upon America. The famed explorer still got the job done, didn’t he?

This makes him akin to Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, who set out to feed patients via a strict vegetarian diet in 1894, mistakenly left boiled wheat sitting out and – bam! – invented Corn Flakes.

Should we take these off supermarket shelves, too?

What about the microwave? Percy Spencer meant to create a new vacuum tube when he stumbled upon a melting candy bar in 1945. His intentions were to help people clean, but I’m not about to tell readers they can’t zap their leftovers tonight.

And don’t even get me started on Post-Its, which were originally invented by Arthur Fry in 1974 to hold his hymnal bookmarks in place while singing in the church choir. I proudly remind myself of that fact everyday, and you’ll never guess how.

The point is: everyone makes mistakes. But not everyone’s result in the greatest nation this world has ever seen. We’re all here. And we should celebrate that one Monday in October.

Christopher Columbus Picture

This is Christopher Columbus. We’re pretty sure, anyway.

NO by Free Britney

Today is one of those “holidays” I always forget exists.

Why do we need a random second Monday in October off? Can people not read celebrity news as a fun break while leading otherwise productive lives like any other day?

And you wonder why U.S. schools are fading. Kids should be there right now … learning about why Christopher Columbus is no longer deserving of a national holiday.

At this crucial juncture in history, we must look to forward, not back. Our nation now is nothing like it was 50 years ago, let alone 500. It’s time to recalibrate.

Yes, Chris discovered the New World. That was awesome. It was also 1492, and he was sort of lucky. Point being, we were settled. Great. Now let’s move on.

Those lucky enough to have jobs in these troubled times should be working, not sitting around reflecting on the genocide of the American Indian. In exchange, how about we designate the Monday after the Super Bowl instead. That would be worth celebrating.

THG Asks you … is Columbus Day a real holiday?

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THG Asks: Is Columbus Day a Legit Holiday?


World War Z Set Raided By SWAT Team, Brad Pitt Livid

Brad Pitt is reportedly irate over a SWAT team raid in a Budapest, Hungary, warehouse that held weapons being used in his upcoming zombie movie, World War Z.

“The film is already over budget and over schedule,” a source says. “Brad is furious.”

Police seized 85 fully-functional weapons, most of them automatic, military style assault rifles, saying “We can confirm weapons were confiscated at an airport.”

Brad Pitt in England

The problem with the guns arose a source says, is that they came with paperwork claiming they were non-functional – but they’re actually in working order.

“This morning a private plane brought guns wrapped in a parcel from a company to an individual [in Budapest],” said the police. “Guns such as these are extremely illegal to transport even if they were to used as stage guns, which hopefully they weren’t.”

Brad Pitt is not to blame for the mixup.

“The movie company employees must have made a mistake bringing the guns in without the Anti-Terrorism Unit’s permission,” says a police spokesman. “We’re interrogating witnesses now, getting closer to solving the firearms story.”

The film starring Pitt, who nearly ignited World War J after his comments about being married to Jennifer Aniston, is scheduled for a December 2012 release.

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World War Z Set Raided By SWAT Team, Brad Pitt Livid


Cheryl Burke: Stunned By Kristin Cavallari Ouster, Proud of Rob Kardashian

Last week’s elimination on Dancing with the Stars was shocking for Cheryl Burke, who says she knows she and Rob Kardashian have to work that much harder now.

“It should not have happened,” she said of Kristin Cavallari being sent packing.

“I believed Kristin and Mark were going to last for the long haul, so it’s really scary because it doesn’t matter what score you get – you could be the one eliminated.”

Rob and Cheryl

Cheryl says she’s proud of her partner and that his best days lie ahead.

“I think that Rob really came out of his shell [last] week, and he stands out because people didn’t have high expectations for him,” Burke told People.

“Every week he’s showing that he cares about this competition and he’s improving. He’s super competitive and wants to do well. I think he’s turning his reputation around, and people are really starting to like him and root for him.”

The attitude adjustment is more key than you think. In a season where fan support and charisma may mean more than ever, it could carry him far.

DWTS returns tonight. Who do you think will win this season?

Cheryl Burke: Stunned By Kristin Cavallari Ouster, Proud of Rob Kardashian