Kim Kardashian to Kanye West: Stop Working So Much!

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By now you’ve probably heard that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West enjoy a bit more time apart than your typical newlyweds. By which we mean they basically never see each other. In fact, by one estimate, Kim and Kanye spent ten days together in their first two months as a married couple. You may think…

Kim Kardashian Mocks Her "Many Moods" on Instagram

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Kim Kardashian posing in a bikini is something we see nearly everyday. But Kim Kardashian being funny? Original? Self-deprecating? That’s more unusual than a day going by without THG reminding everyone about the Kim Kardashian sex tape! Last night, however, Kardashian took to Instagram and posted the following montage, including with it a caption that reads “The…

Demi Lovato Chops Off Lots of Hair!

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It’s happened again, folks. Demi Lovato has undergone yet another hair transformation. The singer debuted an edgy new bob on Twitter yesterday, writing as a simple, explanatory caption: “Just went shorter!!!! only the best from @RiawnaCapri at @NineZeroOne.” Riawna Capri, co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon, tells E! News that the change was mostly impromptu,…

KESHA Kesha’s Blue These Days

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Luckily, “blue” only seems to desribe Kesha’s hair color, not her mood. Check out her blue locks! She color coordinated with her dress to create a pulled-together travel outfit. RELATED: Kesha opens up about her experience with an eating disorder. I admire Kesha’s willingness to travel in those platform shoes. I’d be kicking them off…