FKA Twigs Calls Out Racist Haters, Embraces Robert Pattinson Relationship

Things are getting very serious between FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson.

According to a new report, the singer and the actor may be living together and may even be planning a wedding. (Sorry, Kristen Stewart.)

But FKA Twigs admits in a new interview with USA Today that dating the former Twilight Saga star has not always been rainbows and sunsets… not when so many supposed fans of Pattinson have expressed so much disdain for Twigs online.

“I am genuinely shocked and disgusted at the amount of racism that has been infecting my account the past week,” Twigs says. “Racism is unacceptable in the real world and it’s unacceptable online.”

As Pattinson and Twigs have been spotted holding hands in both Europe and New York City, the vitriol has only increased, with the latter assuming most of it comes from “14-year old kids that should be in bed.”

Twigs says it feels “weird” and “disgusting” to be getting attention for simply dating someone and she tries not to take any of it personally.

“I know that’s not really because of me or what I’m doing,” Twigs says. “The positivity that I get from [my relationship] makes the more challenging aspects… very worth it.”

The artist is still adjusting the life in the spotlight and says it’s easier for men than for women, due to a clear double standard.

“Sometimes I look at someone like James Blake, and I kind of envy the fact that he’s a 6-2 English guy and no one will say he’s changed his T-shirt from black to blue,” she laments. “People will only talk about his music.”

Robert Pattinson for Dior

Robert Pattinson is not bad looking, is he? Drool away, ladies!

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FKA Twigs Calls Out Racist Haters, Embraces Robert Pattinson Relationship


Kendall Jenner Reacts to Parents’ Divorce: It Sucked!

Kendall Jenner has opened up for the first time, in any real depth, about her parents no longer being married.

Speaking to Nightline’s Juju Chang, the model – who recently signed an endorsement deal with Estee Lauder – said of Kris and Bruce Jenner splitting up after decades of marriage:

“It sucked.”

Kendall Jenner Ad Still

But the teenager is trying to put the divorce in perspective.

“I try to think of it as it’s not the worst thing that could have happened,” Kendall says.

Last fall, after 22 years as husband and wife, Kris separated from Bruce, with the couple referencing Kendall and Kylie Jenner in a statement at the time.

“We have children together, and we have memories and holidays and traditions,” Kris Jenner then told Us Weekly last month of the relationship these days. “I don’t want to give that up. I don’t want him to take that away from me and I don’t want to take that away from him.”

Kendal told Nightline that she hasn’t chosen sides in the break-up. She’s just happy to have both parents around.

“I still am so close with both my dad and my mom,” she notes. “Nothing has really changed, except for the fact that now my dad lives on a beach, which is awesome. That’s not that bad… everybody’s happy.”

Tune in to ABC on Tuesday, November 18, at 12:35 a.m. ET to watch Kendall’s complete interview, in which she also talks about her modeling career and how she has tried not to take advantage of her family’s name to succeed in it.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner Share a Moment

Kendall and Kylie exchange a meaningful look. These two can communicate without words.

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Kendall Jenner Reacts to Parents’ Divorce: It Sucked!


Nicki Minaj Nip Slip Posted to Instagram: The "Only" Photo You Need to Ogle Today!

Nicki Minaj knows how to promote some music.

Fresh off a rare apology for Nazi imagery included in her recent video, the 31-year-old rapper pivoted back to a more universally beloved, but still racy tactic:

Posting a blatant “nip slip” on her Instagram!

Nicki Minaj Nip Slips

The shot is from the set of her “Only” video.

Nicki took to Instagram yesterday and posted a series of pictures of herself in scantily clad black lingerie, which didn’t quite cut it in terms of coverage.

Looking good, Nicki. Ya look good girl.

Some fans have noted that Cher wore a very similar outfit while performing “Turn Back Time” in 1989. Could Minaj be paying tribute to the music icon?

The track also features Drake and Lil Wayne, which should make for quite a video. Even Nicki’s lyric video already caused a big stir. Wait for the real deal.

Nicki’s apology for the lyric video stated that, “I didn’t come up with the concept, but I’m very sorry & take full responsibility if it has offended anyone.”

“I’d never condone Nazism in my art.”

You buying it? Or was it as “accidental” as the wardrobe malfunction above (which comes on the heels of an equally dubious Kristen Stewart nip slip)?

Hit the comments, and scroll through this gallery of Nicki Minaj fun facts to learn a whole lot more about this wildly famous, yet enigmatic star …

Nicki Has One Tattoo

It says “God is always with you” in Chinese. Nicki says she regrets it and has thought aboutn having it removed.

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Nicki Minaj Nip Slip Posted to Instagram: The "Only" Photo You Need to Ogle Today!


Kristen Stewart on Nip Slip: If You Wanna See Me Naked, Watch My Movies!

Over the weekend, the Hollywood Film Awards featured some humiliating moments for Tinsel Town’s best and brightest.

First, Johnny Depp’s drunk speech went viral. Then some eagle-eyed pervs pointed out the “Kristen Stewart nip slip” to the world, even though it was really just a loose-knit top.

Kristen Stewart Nip Slip

Now, Kristen has reportedly reacted to the Internet’s obsession with her almost-exposed boobs with her usual “meh, whatever” enthusiasm:

“She is not worried about it. It’s not a big deal,” a source close to Kristen says. “If people want to see her naked, she would rather it be from the movie’s she’s done with nudity, but this has happened and she’s already forgotten about it.”

“It’s not like the Fappening, and certainly not the worst thing cameras have caught from her. Not a big deal at all.”

Sadly, the source didn’t provide a full list of the movies in which Kristen appears nude, but don’t worry – we gotcha covered:

Kristen’s sex scenes for On the Road provide most of the highlights of her nakedness career, but she also gets nude in the Clouds of Sils Marie.

Both films are totally artsy, so you can stream them without feeling like a creep when your roommate walks in. You’re welcome, America. 

Happy Birthday, Kristen Stewart!

Hooray for Kristen Stewart! The actress is now 24 years old!

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Kristen Stewart on Nip Slip: If You Wanna See Me Naked, Watch My Movies!


Kylie Jenner Loves Big Lips, Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors

Kylie Jenner wants you to listen up.

She would like you to stop whatever you are doing and inch closer to the computer screen because the reality star has something to say… again:


Kylie Jenner Then and Now

Kylie Jenner now and just a few years ago. She looks a tad different.

In yet another response to those Kylie Jenner lip injection rumors, the teenager spoke to E! News at a party this weekend in Beverly Hills and tried to set the record straight once more.

“I feel like everyone has been talking about it for months, so I’m kind of sick of it,” Kylie said. “My pictures, I palp them out a lot. I think big lips are awesome.”

Followers of the 17-year old have been bombarded for weeks with photos of Jenner’s very full lips, prompting rumors and speculation.

She recently said on Twitter that such talk has “hurt her feelings,” explaining to E! that it’s an issue of makeup, not of plastic surgery.

“I love lip liner and over lining my lips,” she says. “But I don’t even care anymore. I’m like whatever, just say whatever you want.”

But why does Kylie continue to post these kinds of close-ups? Why add fuel to the lip injection fire?

“I see all these Kylie Jenner makeup tutorials, hair tutorials so I really want to share with my fans lips colors, this and that and maybe do my own,” Jenner explained. “It’s dope.”

Do you think Kylie Jenner has had lip injections? Do you think it’s fair game to wonder about it online?

Or, instead, should we focus on a different question instead: Did Kylie Jenner get a boob job?!?

Kylie Jenner Cleavage Pic

Kylie Jenner squats and shows off her cleavage in this photo. NOTE: She is 16 years old.

Kylie Jenner Loves Big Lips, Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors


Nick Jonas Mocks Kim Kardashian Paper Picture, Sort of Goes Naked

Nick Jonas is proving time and again these days: He’s anything but shy.

The singer/actor barely nearly EVERYthing for a recent pictorial in Flaunt Magazine, giving fans a look at his shirtless body.

It was hot. It was sexy. And it was revealing… but it didn’t exactly fire up the World Wide Web in the same way as the recent Kim Kardashian nude spread in Paper.

But Jonas has come up with a way to garner the same kind of reaction as that large-boobed reality star. And here it is:

Nick Jonas as Kim Kardashian

Jonas posted this photo on Instagram over the weekend, not bothering to pen a caption for it because, really, what is there to say?

We’re gonna go out on a crazy limb and say Nick isn’t really naked for this image. We’re pretty sure this head is simply Photoshopped on to an oiled-up naked body.

But, hey, that’s better than Miley Cyrus superimposing her baby face on to Kim’s naked body, don’t you agree?

Ogle Nick Jonas above and then ogle Nick Jonas below – via a gallery of real Nick Jonas photos. This young man is quite the looker, is he not?

Shirtless Nick Jonas

Holy Nick Jonas! Look at the shirtless singer in this promotional photo for the show Kingdom.

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Nick Jonas Mocks Kim Kardashian Paper Picture, Sort of Goes Naked


Amanda Bynes: Just Kidding About That Murdering My Family Stuff!

Clearly troubled star Amanda Bynes now says she was obviously kidding when she fantasized aloud about killing her parents in a shocking new audio tape.

Come on, people. Do you even know her?! Can’t you take a joke?

Covered in Hair

A friend of the star recorded Amanda Bynes talking about killing her parents in alarming detail while driving around with her in a car at some point recently.

She describes the hypothetical murders at length, and in detail.

Bynes rambled, ranted and raved about how her father deserves to be left in a ditch and that if you only knew what she’s been through, you’d understand.

The friend sent the recordings to TMZ in hopes that medical professionals would realize what a dire situation she’s in, but Bynes says it was all in jest.

In a series of tweets, she explains that obviously she’s not really going to slit her dad’s throat and her mom’s wrists … despite having said that and more:

“By the way – i was obviously joking about hurting my family – i straight up don’t believe in harming a soul,” Bynes wrote, going on to explain further:

“I said what I said in jest & if you don’t understand that then know I’m in therapy to talk about my dad issues and that will solve my concerns with ppl invading my private life.”

You won’t believe what she also said to help make her point.

Amanda Bynes is Dope

Amanda Bynes thinks she is dope. The actress has posted this photo to Twitter.

“When I said I want @drake to murder my vagina did anyone think I was asking him to actually murder my vagina… I think not,” declared the actress.

“So take what I say lightly because I am the nicest girl.”

Bynes, of course, wanted Drake to murder her vagina last year when she began to exhibit the signs of erratic and unstable behavior that now define her.

Absurd logic aside, she may well have been joking around or just ranting harmlessly, but her mental state these days makes it hard not to fear the worst.

Pray that this doesn’t end very, very badly.

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Amanda Bynes: Just Kidding About That Murdering My Family Stuff!


Kristen Stewart Nip Slip Shocks Fans, is Really Just See-Through Top

Perennially brooding actress Kristen Stewart took the stage at the 2014 Hollywood Film Awards Friday night when she treated fans to a nip slip … minus the slip.

The whole term “nip slip” implies that the nipple slipped out or was not intended to be shown to a massive audience. It’s not clear if this was any sort of surprise:

Kristen Stewart Nip Slip

In the second-most talked about moment from the 2014 Hollywood Film Awards (after Johnny Depp’s drunk speech), Kristen Stewart took the stage to present.

Her Still Alice co-star Julianne Moore was to receive an award, but she seemed more interested in the view Kristen was presenting her, and the entire world.

Hard to blame her in that regard.

There’s something to be said for a woman so confident and fashion forward to make areolas an integral part of an ensemble. Talk about style integration.

Mad respect, K-Stew.

The 24-year-old donned a sleeveless mesh crop top and cream-colored dress, which Us Weekly reports “sagged just a little too low while on stage.”

That’s one way to put it.

Making things even more awkward? Her ex-boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, was also on hand at the event to present an award! Boy did he get an eyeful!

The former couple didn’t appear to have much interaction Friday, but that should’t spark the obligatory celebrity gossip rumors, especially after Kristen’s “nip slip.”

See how it compares to other infamous celebrity wardrobe malfunctions in the gallery below and hit the comments: Do you think this was even a nip slip?

Or just deliberate?

Kristen Bell Wardrobe Malfunction

Kristen Bell suffers a wardrobe malfunction for the ages. And for that, we thank her.

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Kristen Stewart Nip Slip Shocks Fans, is Really Just See-Through Top


Kristen Stewart in Chanel at the HFAs: awkward or stunning?


Kristen Stewart was on hand at last night’s Hollywood Film Awards to honor her costar and onscreen mom, Julianne Moore. Moore won the Hollywood Actress Award, presented by K-Stew. My takeaway? Everybody loves Julianne. Everybody wants good things for Julianne. If Julianne plays her Oscar campaign the right way, so could totally win this year. Now, I’m not so sure what Hollywood power players think of Kristen though. She was as awkward as always when presenting Julianne with her award (this video cuts out the very beginning where Kristen had to clear her throat on stage).

I will say this – Still Alice looks like a really good movie. I kind of wonder if they couldn’t get someone better than Alec Baldwin to play the husband, but whatever.

As for the fashion… neither woman brought it. Kristen wore this messed up, ill-fitting Chanel dress which was TOO LOW on her chest. I felt like we were one cough away from seeing her breasts, full on. It doesn’t even seem to be exceptionally well-tailored or anything, it’s like Kristen grabbed a half-finished dress from a Chanel rack.

Julianne wore Balenciaga… the dress is inoffensive but the terrible bridesmaid shoes kill the look! As a matter of fact, her whole look has a weird bridal feel.





Photos courtesy of WENN.


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Kristen Stewart in Chanel at the HFAs: awkward or stunning?


Daily Link Love With Kristen Stewart & Julianne Moore

AFI FEST 2014 - 'Still Alice' Premeire

AFI FEST 2014 - 'Still Alice' Premeire
AFI FEST 2014 - 'Still Alice' Premeire
AFI FEST 2014 - 'Still Alice' Premeire
AFI FEST 2014 - 'Still Alice' Premeire
AFI FEST 2014 - 'Still Alice' Premeire
AFI FEST 2014 - 'Still Alice' Premeire
AFI FEST 2014 - 'Still Alice' Premeire
AFI FEST 2014 - 'Still Alice' Premeire
AFI FEST 2014 - 'Still Alice' Premeire
AFI FEST 2014 - 'Still Alice' Premeire

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