The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1: New Footage!


Peeta is alive.

In a new trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, Katniss is gearing up for a battle against the Capitol when she’s stopped in her brave tracks by a video that doesn’t just feature her quasi boyfriend… it features him sending an unexpected message.

Peeta is seen telling all rebels to “lay down their weapons” and when Katniss defends him as being forced to do so by President Snow, Gale responds harshly.

“Everyone has a choice, Katniss, and I’d rather die than say what he just said,” Liam Hemsworth says in the sneak peek.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 is a mouthful.

It’s also third film in this beloved sci-fi series, which is based on Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novels.

The film will feature the return of many familiar faces, including Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks, Sam Claflin, Willow Shields, Woody Harrelson and late Philip Seymour Hoffman.

It will be released on November 21 and Lorde will sing the main single on the soundtrack.

Here’s an early look at various photos from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1.

Julianne Moore as President Coin

This is our first look at Julianne Moore in Mockingjay. It’s safe to say we’re excited for the film.

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The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1: New Footage!


Iggy Azalea-Snoop Dogg Feud: Real or Fake?

What began as an odd but mostly harmless feud between controversial, emerging rapper Iggy Azalea and hip hop great Snoop Dogg turned ugly this week.

Harsher and harsher insults, followed by full-on Instagram threats, soon sucked all the humor out of this beef, which T.I. had to intervene and squash.

As Ron Burgundy would say, that escalated quickly.

Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg

Was this celebrity feud the real deal, though, like Kanye and Jimmy Kimmel? Or an elaborate PR stunt, a la Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj’s pre-American Idol bickering?

Honestly, we can’t tell. Signs point both directions.

We’re still not entirely sure this was legitimate, but if it was staged, they sure went to great lengths to fuel the fire. Let’s break down the case for each …

Real: Snoop’s Iggy Azalea No Make-Up diss was rough, but sounds like his sense of humor, and was likely someone else’s meme that he just shared.

Fake: Iggy seemed hurt, rather than defiant, saying Snoop has always been “nice as hell” to her face and “I’m disappointed you’d be such an ass for no reason.”

Real: Snoop’s posse doubled down, dissing her again as he continued to post memes of her, such as one likening her to Marlon Wayans in White Chicks.

Fake: Iggy says it’s only Snoop’s two-faced behavior that bugs her, especially since her bodyguard saved his friend’s life … implying the two hang out.

Real: Iggy’s boyfriend Nick Young of the L.A. Lakers jumped in, dissing Snoop for going through a midlife crisis. Why get involved if it’s not legit?

Fake: Snoop shared a pic Nicki Minaj sitting by herself, captioned “Nicki sitting with other relevant female rappers,” fueling Iggy’s earlier “feud” with Nicki.

Real: That felt a little off to us, but Snoop then tripled down with a profane video, threatening Iggy’s life and dropping words we don’t want to repeat here.

Fake: Snoop apologized very, very quickly after T.I. allegedly called him. Iggy and Tip are tight, but since when does she need him to fight her battles for her?

Real: T.I. once fought Floyd Mayweather and threatened Apollo Nida’s life for talking about him. If he did tell Snoop to stand down … Snoop might take heed.

Fake: The American Music Awards are next month. Iggy leads with six nods. Snoop will collaborate with ANYONE big at the moment. Just saying.

Real: Snoop’s teenage daughter (remember, the Dogg is a father who’s 42 years old now) tweeted about the feud. With a sad-face emoticon. :(

Conclusion: We have absolutely no idea. It could go either way based on this evidence. What do you think? Cast your vote in our survey below:

Her Stage Name Has History

She took the name “Iggy Azalea” from her childhood dog and the street she grew up on.

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Iggy Azalea-Snoop Dogg Feud: Real or Fake?


My Love Life in Three Words: 29 Classic Responses to Twitter Hashtag of the Day

How would you sum up your love life in three words?

Twitter’s #MyLoveLifein3Words hashtag is trending today, asking this profound question and yielding some pretty great responses in the process.

There are some hilariously self-deprecating people out there. Check out 29 of the best responses to this trending topic and see if they apply to you:

Another takeaway? People are hungry, and we don’t necessarily mean with lust. We mean literally. Seriously, we are a nation of pizza-consuming fiends.

Others revealed celebrity crushes or that they would prefer to watch TV online or watch movies online than be in any relationship with a human being.

This greatness first originated Comedy Central’s @Midnight, which started via his usual Wednesday hashtag war with a simple gem: #MyLoveLifein3Words.

Some replies were just plain sad. Or uncreative, which is sad for different reasons. But we can’t all be winners on Twitter, just like potential partners in life.

Deep stuff, no? So check out some of the classic responses to the trending hashtag above, and share your own with us in the comments below.

Just please. No pizza okay?

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My Love Life in Three Words: 29 Classic Responses to Twitter Hashtag of the Day


Family Feud Contesant Slams Husband’s Manhood, Wishes She Could Change His Penis

Well, the game is called Family Feud, right?

In one of the more memorable clips from this very long-running game show, host Steve Harvey called two women up on a recent episode and posed to them a seemingly simply question:

If you could change one part of your husband’s body, what would it be?

Perhaps he should cut his hair. Maybe he has too much of a beer belly. Or maybe his penis is too small.

Wait… what?!? Watch the following video to see how a contestant named Joyce outed her husband’s manhood in front of audience members and viewers – with her husband standing a few feet away, no less!

This isn’t the first time a Family Feud response has left us in stitches.

About a year ago, a contestant proved to be clueless about zombies AND a little racist, while this finalist scored a total of ZERO points in the bonus round.

As for other memorable moments in game show history…

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round Solve: Amazing!

Wow! This may be the greatest Wheel of Fortune solve in the history of this game show.

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Family Feud Contesant Slams Husband’s Manhood, Wishes She Could Change His Penis


Jimmy Kimmel Presents… Weather Patterns That Look Like Penises!

Jimmy Kimmel likes to mock the weather in Los Angeles, especially when reporters FREAK OUT OVER THE RAIN.

On last night’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel, however, the host prepared viewers for a forecast of sun, clouds and a definitely chance of.. male genitalia?!?

“There’s actually someone at this show whose job it is to keep track of penis-shaped weather patterns,” Kimmel told the audience. “His parents are very, very proud.”

Kimmel then aired clips from Good Morning America and KCAL, among other shows and stations, which depicted meteorologists drawing penis-like shapes on their weather maps.

Why? Because penises are funny!

In other sexual snafu news, a CBS station unintentionally linked to a porn site in a tweet last week while reminding viewers to “use our interactive radar to track the rain and storms.

Really, that happened. 

Two photo galleries feel relevant in regard to Kimmel’s awesome segment. On one, celebrities send photos of their junk to people who don’t want it…

Brett Favre

Brett Favre didn’t just send another woman a photo of his penis in 2010. He did so while married… and the other woman was an employee of the team for whom he played.

… in the other, we simply live at Jimmy Kimmel Live skits and sketches:

Lie Witness News: Barack Obama Birthday Edition!

Jimmy Kimmel Live makes up stories about Barack Obama for this edition of Lie Witness News. And everyone believes the lies!

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Jimmy Kimmel Presents… Weather Patterns That Look Like Penises!


Zach Galifianakis on Son’s Testicles: They’re So Small!

Zach Galifianakis recently added to his wolf pack.

The actor and his wife welcomed a child into the world about a year ago, though they’re waiting until it’s 16 year olds before finding out the gender.

No, the actor is just kidding!

They actually had a boy and Galifianakis appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon yesterday to discuss what fatherhood has been like so far.

“He is young, so I bathe with him in the tub,” Galifianakis told the host and the audience. “It’s cute. I realized when we were bathing once that his testicles fit perfectly in my belly button.”

Well, sure. Okay then. We guess that’s normal, just not anything we’d really note ourselves.

But Galifianakis shared this story and this observation for a reason, explaining:

“I’m not a particularly religious person, but when I saw that I was like ‘Oh there is a God. It all makes sense now. It is by design.”

The Hangover star went on to say he had experience with children before his son was born, having previously worked as a nanny.

He told Fallon that children “crave discipline” and that “prenatal spanking is important.”

We’re pretty sure he was joking, though. We’re not exactly sure how he could have been serious.

Check out the Galifianakis interview above and then cycle around below to relive many other hilarious moments from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel Duet

Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel put on a great duet in this video. Watch the Tonight Show host and music icon go!

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Zach Galifianakis on Son’s Testicles: They’re So Small!


Sami Miró: Dating Zac Efron?!?

It looks very much like the rumor is a reality.

Following talk of Zac Efron dating a pretty young woman named Sami Miró, the actor has gone ahead and posted a photo of him and his new lady friend on his WhoSay account.

The image was snapped after what sounds like a very fine dining experience in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sami Miró and Zac Efron

“Thx to @ReneRedzepiNoma and team @Nomacph. You’ve created a sophisticated, one of a kind culinary experience I’ll never forget. You rock!” Efron wrote as a caption.

Little is known about Miró, but she resides in Los Angeles and works in business development for a digital content and media company.

The blonde also speaks French and was a Junior Olympic gymnastics state champion in May 2000 ; judging by her Instagram account, Miró must have done some modeling.

Efron was previously linked to Michelle Rodriguez, spending a great deal of his summer making out with the actress in exotic locations before they ended their fling in August.

His best known relationship, of course, was with former High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum

Channing Tatum met now-wife Jenna Dewan on the set of Step Up. She was totally impressed by his moves.

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Sami Miró: Dating Zac Efron?!?


The Flash Premiere: Grade It!

So, are you up to speed on The Flash?

The CW finally debuted its long-awaited Arrow spinoff this week, with Grant Gustin making his second appearance on the network as Barry Allen, following a couple guest-starring stints on Arrow Season 2.

We learned a great deal about Allen on The Flash Season 1 Episode 1, such as the fact that his mother was killed in a bizarre incident when he was 11 years old and his dad was falsely imprisoned for the murder.

Barry was therefore raised by Detective Joe West and grew up to a brilliant, motivated CSI investigator.

The Flash Photo

We then cut to the public unveiling of a particle accelerator created physicist Harrison Wells and his S.T.A.R. Labs team, only to see Barry get struck by lightning as the result of a devastating explosion.

Following nine months in a coma, Barry wakes up to find his life has changed once again, in a way no one could have seen coming:

The accident has given him the power of super speed, giving him the ability to move through Central City like an unseen guardian angel.

Barry now has the legs AND heart of a hero, though he comes up against many obstacles in his quest to save the universe. For one thing, Barry isn’t the only meta-human created as a result of the lab explosion… though he is one of the few who use his new abilities for good.

Unlike Arrow (which we love!), The Flash isn’t based in a dark world.

Thanks to the bright, engaging performance of Gustin, there’s a feeling of hope and optimism that radiates throughout the premiere, which, it should also be noted, simply looks terrific on a visual scale.

Other members of The Flash cast include Candice Patton, Rick Cosnett, Jesse L. Martin and Tom Cavanagh. All leave strong first impressions on the opener and all leave us wanting more.

We’ll get it every Tuesday night on The CW at 8/7c.

What did everyone else think of The Flash premiere? Grade it now:


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The Flash Premiere: Grade It!


CBS Station Accidentally Links to Porn Site in Local Weather Forecast Tweet, Sparks #Rockbone Trend

Today’s weather forecast? Surprisingly HOT AND STEAMY for October, at least in Memphis, where a local CBS Station accidentally linked to a porn site instead.

News channel WREG posted a tweet on Tuesday morning reminding viewers to “use our interactive radar to track the rain and storms,” with this link, hilariously:

Rock Bone

SPOILER ALERT: That link does not go to their interactive radar.

PornHub (dot) com, for the uninitiated, puts a lot of different things on your radar. Just ask user Rockbone (possibly Rockboner) who got a nice traffic boost today.

The tweet has since been deleted by the station, and WREG has apologized, seemingly blaming a hacker for the incident in a follow-up Tweet …


The station also made lemonade out of lemons as the story went viral, posting (non-porn) links to a list of charities and urging people to consider donating.

That was awesome of them, but so were the jokes that ensued.

Twitter promptly did what it does best and started sharing this at the speed of light, with the puns and jokes and the hashtag #rockbone trending.

Well handled, WREG, and Twitter. Everyone is a winner here.

Not so much in the case of these social media users …


Carly “@CarlyCrunkBear” McKinney, whose handle says it all really, was a 10th grade math teacher who often posted images like this on Twitter. Her employers were not happy and placed her on administrative leave. Her students thought she was pretty awesome, and protested to get her back. To no avail. She was fired in the end.

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CBS Station Accidentally Links to Porn Site in Local Weather Forecast Tweet, Sparks #Rockbone Trend


Alyssa Milano Explains Why She’s Leaving ‘Mistresses’

Pregnant Alyssa Milano Making An Appearance On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'Things are really changing for Alyssa Milano! She just welcomed her second child, a daughter. Now, even though her ABC show ‘Mistresses’ was renewed for a third season, she announced she won’t be returning to the show. RELATED: Alyssa Milano debuts pic of baby Elizabella with Milo.

Alyssa posted her explanation on her website, which, as of this writing, is down. This is via E! News:

After two wonderful seasons in Los Angeles, the studio has decided to shoot season three of Mistresses in Vancouver, Canada, for financial reasons. It’s with a heavy heart that I have decided that I can’t relocate. I have two babies under 4. Being a mother and wife comes first and I just cannot uproot my children and separate the family by moving away. I will miss this job desperately and wish everyone the absolute best.”

Well, that’s understandable! Work can’t always be the #1 priority, especially once you have a family. It’s too bad she’s leaving, though. ‘Mistresses’ won’t be the same without her!

'Pirate & Princess: Power Of Doing Good' Tour
'Pirate & Princess: Power Of Doing Good' Tour
'Pirate & Princess: Power Of Doing Good' Tour
'Pirate & Princess: Power Of Doing Good' Tour
'Pirate & Princess: Power Of Doing Good' Tour
Pregnant Alyssa Milano Making An Appearance On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
Pregnant Alyssa Milano Making An Appearance On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
Pregnant Alyssa Milano Making An Appearance On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
Pregnant Alyssa Milano Making An Appearance On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
Pregnant Alyssa Milano Making An Appearance On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'


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Alyssa Milano Explains Why She’s Leaving ‘Mistresses’