Amanda Bynes UNLOADS on Twitter: My Father is a Sexual Predator! Sam Lutfi is Ugly!

Amanda Bynes is officially out of the psychiatric facility, and showing us why she was committed there in the first place with a Twitter rant for the ages.

Amanda Bynes in Court Photo

To the surprise and dismay of many, Amanda Bynes was released from psychiatric care last night after the facility decided they could not hold her there.

She had been placed under a 30-day involuntary hold at the Pasadena, Calif., hospital, but lobbied to be released and officials shockingly obliged.

Believing she was lucid and that legally she could not be held there any longer, he involuntary commitment was invalidated and she was cut loose.

Almost immediately, we’re seeing why that decision will be immediately second guessed and may even prove extraordinarily dangerous before long.

In an epic and ongoing Twitter rant, the actress accused her father of sexual assault for the second time, and announced plans to get out of her conservatorship.

Here’s what she’s had to say in the last three hours:

  • It is not illegal to talk about my personal business.
  • I am going to court today with my lawyer to prove that I am more than capable of handling my personal life and finances and I am enraged
  • I got released from the hospital that Sam Lufti and my parents arranged to send me to because my dad is humiliated by what he’s done
  • I got a 4.0 grade point average at @FIDM and I am fully capable of taking care of myself and my finances and my parents just want to take
  • The police filed a report against my dad – I am not able to be in the same room with him. He is a sexual predator and he SHOULD BE IN JAIL
  • I am going to court with my lawyer today to fight my mother and father over control of my personal life and control of my finances
  • People need to hear the truth about who I really am – I need to show the judge that not only do I not need ANY help making decisions about My future, I was planning on transferring to NYU, and I was never homeless, I was living in the nicest hotels until I found the right apt in NY
  • So sorry you’ve been fooled by Sam Lufti and my parents, but they are lying about stealing money from me and i cannot continue to allow them to abuse me anymore!
  • Thank You everyone, have a great day :)
  • Also Love Bugs, I look horrible right now because I had a procedure done under my eyes to remove micro cysts under my eyes, so I need to Wear a bandage To Court :-)
  • Sam Lufti is Ugly
  • jilly is pretty
  • I hate you
  • I am crying
  • I am ug butt
  • My sister is not as un pretty as me
  • My Dad Is UGLY FOOLS
Amanda Bynes is Dope

Amanda Bynes thinks she is dope. The actress has posted this photo to Twitter.

All words simply fail us at this point.

It would be so, so funny if it weren’t so, so sad and a little scary. It’s not clear if Bynes really will be in court today and the outcome if so is even less certain.

After her parents’ first conservatorship lapsed this summer, Amanda moved out of their house, failed out of school, and got arrested for DUI again.

A period of bizarre behavior soon followed.

Sam Lutfi, her “friend” and Britney Spears’ former confidant, engineered a ruse earlier this month that ended with Bynes confined to the hospital.

She’s clearly not happy about this.

Her current whereabouts are not known, but she’s already made quite an appearance on L.A.’s Sunset Strip, specifically in the middle of one hotel lobby.

Bynes tried to get a room at London hotel after her release, but was turned away; Amanda has stayed there before and caused problems, TMZ reports.

The actress’ response? Reaching into her bag, grabbing a giant wad of money and tossing the bills into the air in the direction of the front desk.

Stay tuned.

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Amanda Bynes UNLOADS on Twitter: My Father is a Sexual Predator! Sam Lutfi is Ugly!


June Shannon Admits to "Spending Time" With Mark McDaniels, According to New Report

Last week, the world learned that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star June Shannon is dating a convicted child molester by the name of Mark McDaniel. 

Shannon claimed she’s cut ties with McDaniel at the time of his arrest 10 years ago. Initially, Shannon’s family corroborated her story.

  • June Shannon Mug Shot
  • Mark McDaniel Mug Shot

Shortly after the scandal broke, however, the already shocking story took an even more appalling turn as June’s daughter Anna Shannon revealed that she was McDaniel’s victim and stated that she no longer believes her mother’s story. 

Now after a week of denials and a mountain of evidence, June has reportedly confessed that she has been spending time with the man who molested her daughter, but insists she only did so because she “feels bad” for McDaniel:

Anonymous sources claim that following the release of photos showing McDaniel in the company of Shannon’s youngest daughter, Alana, “Mama June” finally admitted to contacting McDaniel and allowing him into her home.

“June insists that Mark only wanted to apologize for what happened with Anna,” an insider tells Radar Online. “She felt bad for Mark and wanted to help him get back on his feet.”

“Alana did spend time with June and Mark, but she insists he was never alone with her.”

Given that McDaniel served ten years in prison for sexually assaulting one of her daughters, and June initially lied about being in contact with him, her justification seems unlikely to win her much sympathy. 

Reality TV Family

This family is way more famous than you are. It’s just unclear why, exactly.

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June Shannon Admits to "Spending Time" With Mark McDaniels, According to New Report


June Shannon Had Daughter With Second Sex Offender, New Report Says

The star of the newly-canceled TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo may have been even more rife with scandal than originally believed.

Executives axed the show amid reports of matriarch June “Mama June” Shannon dating her ex-boyfriend Mark McDaniel, a convicted child molester.

June Shannon and Mark McDaniel dated before his 10-year prison sentence, and he even molested one of June’s daughter’s prior to being locked up.

McDaniel is not the first sex offender Shannon has been linked to, though.

  • June Shannon Pic
  • Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Family

The father of Shannon’s daughter Jessica, Michael Anthony Ford, was arrested in 2005 and later convicted for the sexual exploitation of a child over the Internet.

According to Georgia Department of Corrections, he was sentenced to a maximum of four years behind bars and 10 years of probation for the criminal offense.

He is still behind bars on a separate charge of child abandonment.

The fathers of Shannon’s other children, including estranged husband David Michael “Sugar Bear” Thompson, also have criminal records, albeit not for sex crimes.

The father of the titular Honey Boo Boo (Alana Thompson), Suge was sentenced to to five years for robbing a series of campsites and setting fire to another.

David Dunn, the father of Anna Thompson, did time for stealing a handgun and later for stealing a carton of cigarettes. June sure knows how to pick ‘em.

Anna was molested by Mark McDaniel before he went to prison, while Honey Boo Boo was exposed to him after he got out this year, photo evidence shows.

She and Sugar Bear split not long after Mark got out of the slammer.

All of which begs the question of why June wasn’t vetted by producers of Toddlers & Tiaras, where Alana got her reality TV start, or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Reality TV Family

This family is way more famous than you are. It’s just unclear why, exactly.

A basic background check would have shown that Shannon and McDaniel were connected via a residential address, along with several other names.

McDaniel’s name comes up as an “associated” name listed at a Stockbridge, Ga., address between 1996-2009 – the same as June’s address from 2001-07.

When the two shows premiered, in 2009 and 2012, respectively, he was in jail. In any case, “Background checks don’t catch everything,” one Hollywood lawyer said.

“And then you have the issue of juvenile records, which aren’t shown.”

Discovery had to abruptly cancel Sons of Guns, after star Will Hayden was arrested on multiple charges of rape and sexual assault against minors this year.

In this case, Hayden had no prior sexual offenses, so Discovery would have had no way of knowing about the alleged crimes except from the victims.

One high-powered reality TV executive says these two shows may change how diligently cast and crew members are vetted from this point on, however.

“This will force companies to go much deeper,” explained the source. “If a child is involved in a show, the entire crew undergoes background checks too.”

“That is likely to become more thorough as well.”

TLC Cancels Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Give the network credit. It pulled the plug as soon as rumors spread of June Shannon dating her daughter’s former molester. EWWWWW!

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June Shannon Had Daughter With Second Sex Offender, New Report Says


Mark McDaniel Defended By Daughter-in-Law: His Child Molester Past is Irrelevant!

Mark McDaniel, June Shannon’s child molester boyfriend and the center of major controversy, can count on his daughter-in-law in his corner if nothing else.

To hear her tell it, just because he molested a little girl years ago – including June’s daughter Anna Shannon – doesn’t mean that he’s a bad person.

Tell that to Anna and/or Sugar Bear and/or the State of Georgia.

  • Mark McDaniel Mug Shot
  • June Shannon Mug Shot

Peaches McDaniel tried defending her father-in-law on Facebook, adding in a defiant tone, “Peoples [sic] past are completely irrelevant to the present.”

“if you are going to judge someone by their past, look at your own first,” Peaches adds. “Michaels [sic] dad is an amazing man, as well an amazing father.”

McDaniel is a registered sex offender after serving 10 years in prison for allegedly (or not allegedly, actually) one of June’s daughters to have oral sex with him.

June and husband Sugar Bear recently called it quits, after which she started dating McDaniel, who was her boyfriend from before he went to prison.

For molesting one of her daughters. Did we mention that part?

TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo last week, announcing the reality show featuring June’s family and named after her little daughter won’t return.

The young star herself was recently exposed to the molester.

Shannon and Mark visited Peaches after she gave birth last month, which is when McDaniel was pictured with his hands on Honey Boo Boo’s back.

Wonder how Sugar Bear feels about that revelation.

Reality TV Family

This family is way more famous than you are. It’s just unclear why, exactly.

Mama June previously denied that she’s seen McDaniel since he was released from jail, but the photo evidence – and her split from Sugar Bear – tell a different story.

Now she’s out of a marriage and a show, while her 20-year-old girl has to accept the fact that her mom is dating her molester and touching Honey Boo Boo.

It’ll make you shiver if you think about it any more.

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Mark McDaniel Defended By Daughter-in-Law: His Child Molester Past is Irrelevant!


Anna Shannon: Hurt, Confused By June Shannon, Mark McDaniel Dating Rumors

Anna Marie Cardwell (nee Shannon) confirms she was abused as a child by Mark McDaniel, the convicted molester who reportedly dated her mom June Shannon.

This was years before she and her family became reality stars, a stint that’s now over after TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo last week.

Now 20, Anna Shannon says registered sex offender McDaniel “would try and touch me and all that stuff” when she was eight and he dated her mom.

  • Anna Cardwell Photo
  • Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Cast Members

Cardwell, who went by “Chickadee” on the show, says she doesn’t know what to believe in the wake of shocking reports that June is seeing him again.

“I’m just confused,” she says of the scandal that got the hit show canceled. “I’m hearing one story from Mama and another one from someone else.”

The question of whether June Shannon and Mark McDaniel are still involved romantically has been hotly debated, and denied by the former on social media.

McDaniel released from a Georgia prison in March after serving a 10-year sentence for aggravated child molestation, and June says they are not dating.

“Mama said the story isn’t true and she hasn’t seen Mark since he’s been out of jail,” Cardwell says. “My whole body believes that she is telling the truth.”

“But my mind is going back and forth,” she admits, “from you know, hey, she’s telling the truth or she’s not telling the truth, but most of me believes her.”

She may want to go with her mind on this one. According to reports, she was car and house hunting with him earlier this fall. There are even photos.

Cardwell also says that June, who split with partner Sugar Bear earlier this year, was skeptical of Anna’s abuse claims back when McDaniel was arrested.

“A week or so after it happened, I talked to Mama and she was upset, crying and saying, ‘I don’t believe you, I don’t believe you, why would you do this to me?'”

“And I was like, ‘Mama, he did that to me and I can’t do anything about it,'” Anna laments. “‘You were never there to see it you were always at work.'”

Cardwell moved in with her grandmother after the molestation, only moving back in with Shannon in 2012 before Here Comes Honey Boo Boo‘s premiere.

“Me and Mama realized we needed to put this behind us and get our relationship back on track and that’s what we did, that’s what we have been doing,” Cardwell says.

Reality TV Family

This family is way more famous than you are. It’s just unclear why, exactly.

Cardwell, who is a mom to 2-year-old daughter Kaitlyn, says that if the dating rumors are true, she would be sad and worried for her own little girl.

“I would feel hurt. I would not feel betrayed, but I would feel hurt. You know the past should be in the past and it should stay in the past and not come back out.”

“I would not let her see Kaitlyn unless Mark is out of the picture or away because I don’t want him nowhere near my child,” Anna says. “Nowhere close.”

Better keep your guard up, Anna.

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Anna Shannon: Hurt, Confused By June Shannon, Mark McDaniel Dating Rumors


Anna Shannon: Daughter of June Shannon Comes Forward as Mark McDaniel’s Sexual Assault Victim

Earlier today, TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in the midst of a shocking sexual assault scandal.

Details that emerged today make it clear why the network felt they had no choice but to halt production on the popular reality show effective immediately.

On Thursday, TMZ reported that series star June Shannon is dating a convicted child molester named Mark McDaniel. 

Shannon denied any involvement with McDaniel, and her children came to her defense, claiming that June had cut off all contact with McDaniel at the time of his arrest in 2004.

Anna Shannon Photo

Now one of those children – 20-year-old Anna Shannon – has revealed that she was the victim of McDaniel’s abuse, and that she now believes her mother is romantically involved with McDaniel.

TMZ reports that Anna approached them and revealed that she wants the public to know she was molested by McDaniel so that fans of the show will realize the severity of her mother’s betrayal.

TLC has reportedly uncovered evidence that June Shannon and McDaniel have been dating, including photographs and a car that Shannon allegedly purchased for McDaniel.

Sources say Anna Shannon has been made aware of this evidence and is no longer on speaking terms with her mother. TLC is said to have offered counseling services and other assistance to Anna and her husband and child. 

Reality TV Family

This family is way more famous than you are. It’s just unclear why, exactly.

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Anna Shannon: Daughter of June Shannon Comes Forward as Mark McDaniel’s Sexual Assault Victim


Tori Spelling: Hospitalized For Nervous Breakdown!

Tori Spelling has hospitalized last weekend because she is in the throes of a nervous breakdown, according to people with close knowledge of her life.

Tori Spelling Hospitalized

As previously reported, Tori was hospitalized and quarantined (supposedly) at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A., having checked herself in there.

This prompted the obligatory Ebola questions – her rep even said that she does not have Ebola – but now sources say the whole thing was all a ruse.

A lie designed to cover up her crumbling marriage and personal life.

If you watched True Tori Season 2 Episode 1, you’re familiar with how far she’ll go to script what is written about her and what you see on television.

Still, these are the supposed reasons Tori is falling apart right now:

  • Her marriage to Dean McDermott is on the rocks. Nothing new there, but they recently had an EPIC fight over a nanny whom he wanted to hire.
  • Dean, supposedly, is skipping his AA meetings and she fears he’s close to drinking again, which may lead to him cheating on Tori again.
  • Tori and Dean are financially strapped, having blown through her inheritance and believing that her best days are behind her as an actress.
  • Tori is faking illness to the point she is actually sick.

You can’t make this stuff up … except if you’re Tori.

The Ebola “quarantine” scare was never real, but Tori created such drama around it that she wasn’t sleeping or eating enough and actually fell apart.

A close friend of Spelling’s tells TMZ that an intervention may be planned soon, and that “I am hoping that shedding some light on it for all of her fans to read.”

That, the friend says, “may actually lead her to seek some change in her life … kind of like David Hasselhoff watching the drunk video of himself eating a hamburger.”

Tori and Dean Moment

Tori and Dean share a touching moment. So much to say about these two.

Maybe that sort of reality check (no pun intended for the perennial reality star) is what she needs. Here’s hoping she can pull it together for the sake of her kids.

Tori Spelling: Hospitalized For Nervous Breakdown!


How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: We Are Not Friends

How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 5 saw Annalise and her team defend a minor accused of killing his father in a case that took some intriguing turns.

Entitled “We’re Not Friends,” How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 5 got underway with what would seem like the team’s easiest case to date.

After a teen killed his father, a police officer with a penchant for beating his wife, the police turned out in force to discredit the accuser and protect the abuser.

While the killer’s motives may have justified his actions, this wasn’t the slam dunk it appeared, and Annalise had to dig deeper than you might think.

After some modest jury tampering, she was able to orchestrate a mistrial and a juvenile sentence for the boy in a case that was surprisingly moving.

As for the grander scope of the new hit ABC drama? Other developments you’ll see when you watch How to Get Away with Murder online include …

  • The flashbacks to the night of Sam’s murder focused on Laurel, who revealed that slept with Frank and used him to dispose of / plant evidence.
  • At this point five people are in on this murder.
  • Sam admitted sleeping with Lila, but swears he didn’t kill her. Annalise thinks Sam’s alibi is a lie and she seems more sure of his guilt than ever.
  • Rebecca did not hear much from Lila about her affair. They were not exactly best friends, despite the link to the scandals they may share.
  • Most significantly, Wes now also knows Sam was sleeping with Lila, leaving the show’s protagonist at an interesting fork in the road.

Will Annalise protect her husband or give her client the best defense she has? Or go rogue and do something so crazy it just might work? Stay tuned.

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: We Are Not Friends


June Shannon Broke Up With Mark McDaniel BEFORE He Went to Jail For Sexual Assault, Daughter Claims

Earlier today, TMZ reported that June Shannon is dating a convicted child molester named Mark McDaniel. 

Sources claim that McDaniel and Shannon dated before he went to prison for sexual assault in 2004, and they reconciled shortly after he was released in March.

This is June Shannon

Shockingly, insiders say that McDaniel met his 8-year-old victim through Shannon and that she may have even been related to the child.

Fans began voicing their outrage online within minutes of when the story broke and TLC stated the future of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is in question in light of this news. 

June has yet to publicly respond to the news herself, but her daughter – 14-year-old Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon – has come forward to say that there is no truth to the rumor that her mother is involved with McDaniel again.

“The story is not true,” Lauryn told Radar Online. “My mom left Mark 10 years ago. They haven’t seen nor talked to each other in 10 years.”

Lauryn also discussed Mama June’s breakup with Sugar Bear Thompson, stating that her mother is perfectly happy remaining single for the time being.

“She is all about the kids,” Lauryn said. “She only needs us girls, no one else.”

June is expected to make a statement about the rumor that she’s dating McDaniel some time this week.

Reality TV Family

This family is way more famous than you are. It’s just unclear why, exactly.

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June Shannon Broke Up With Mark McDaniel BEFORE He Went to Jail For Sexual Assault, Daughter Claims


Teresa Giudice: Bound For Orange is the New Black Prison!

Teresa Giudice has been sentenced to serve her 15-month prison term at the Danbury, Conn., location where the series Orange is the New Black is based.

Teresa Giudice Going to Court

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star was fired by her crisis manager earlier this week, allegedly for trying to orchestrate a move to this very spot.

Wendy Feldman ended her contract with her high profile client on Monday, for not following due process in her representations to the Bureau of Prisons.

Conflicting reports said that she tried to secure a place in a halfway house, which would have allowed her to work and visit home during the weekend.

In any case, a judge shot down her halfway house request, saying that her timing for such applications was all wrong and sending her off to Danbury.

Guidice, who was sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraud and conspiracy with her husband Joe Giudice (who got 41 months) is free until January 5.

The couple will serve their sentences separately so one is with their daughters, who you’re familiar with if you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online.

Orange is the New Black, which is based on a memoir by Piper Kerman inspired by the year she served at the facility, has become a hit for Netflix.

Guidice will not be the only celebrity resident Danbury has seen in recent months. On Friday, October 3, singer Lauryn Hill was released from the facility.

Expect a lot more headlines from there once Teresa checks in. Here are 11 reasons, in GIF form, why her fellow inmates had best be on notice:

Table Flipping Fiend

Teresa Giudice is not gonna take any crap. Her table-flipping reputation will precede her in prison, thanks to The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 1.

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Teresa Giudice: Bound For Orange is the New Black Prison!