Ariana Grande Asks Miley Cyrus For Advice: Help Me Make the Diva Rumors Stop!

For months now, Ariana Grande diva rumors have been circulating online and in the tabloids, detailing the singer’s mistreatment of fans and staff, as well as her borderline psychotic demands.

Ari claims that she’s got nothing in common with the sharp-tongued egomaniac that’s portrayed by the press, and that she’s deeply hurt by the false reports of diva behavior.

So hurt, in fact, that she did what so many of us would like to do in our darkest hour – she called up Miley Cyrus and was like, Girl, make it stop!

  • Ariana Grande Blows (Kisses)
  • Miley Cyrus Acting Weird

“I was upset and I contacted Miley,” Ariana said in a recent interview with MTV.

“She was like, ‘Girl don’t even look at it. Just be happy that you’re blessed. You have family and friends that love you. You have fans that love you who know what’s true and what’s not.”

Wow. We would’ve thought Miley’s advice would be more along the lines of smoke a ton of weed and put some weird crap on Instagram, and you’ll feel better instantly!

Instead, she offered some genuinely thoughtful input. It’s like these days, she’s twerkin’ with her head…or something.

Anyway, for whatever reason, rumors of Ari’s diva behavior have seemed to subside in recent weeks.

Grande is officially dating Big Sean now, so maybe the relationship has calmed her down, or perhaps it’s just given the media something else to focus on. 

Hopefully Miley will be able to offer some advice when the inevitable reports of “drama” between Ari and Sean begin to surface online. 

Her Name Was Inspired By a Cartoon

Ariana’s name was inspired by Princess Oriana from Felix the Cat!

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Ariana Grande Asks Miley Cyrus For Advice: Help Me Make the Diva Rumors Stop!


Lena Dunham On Losing Her Virginity And Not Getting Her 90210 Moment


Lena Dunham stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show today to promote her new biography “Not That Kind of Girl.”  The actress and author shared a few snippets from her book, including bits about celibacy and losing her viriginity in college being a little bit of a let down!

The “Girls” star decided at age 9 that she wanted to be celibate until after high school.  She wrote her promise to herself on a piece of paper and ate it.  “Because that’s how I thought you officially sealed contracts.  I thought that’s basically what adults did if they were buying real estate, getting a divorce, you eat the paper.” 
Lena then thought her will power wouldn’t be that strong and wrote up a contract and asked her mom to sign it.  Her mom refused, saying that Lena might not be able to stick to that kind of a promise and didn’t want her to be disappointed in herself.  “My mom was like ‘you just never know what’s gonna happen. I don’t want you to sign a contract you can’t keep.   So, I’m not gonna sign the contract.’ I think it was very enlightened of her.  And it turns out I didn’t need a contract.”

Lena kept her virginity until college and shared that she had a HARD TIME finding someone to help her lose it when she finally decided she was ready.  “I think I thought that it was gonna be pretty easy to find a guy who was interested in divesting me of this. It turned out to be a real wild goose chase.”   She shares the story of her attempts to lose it in her book.

Lena confesses that she had high hopes for the big event, but it was NOTHING like she saw on TV.  “And when it finally happened, I was comparing it to 90210 David and Donna.  Flower petals, candles.  I did not have my Donna and David moment.”  She laughed, “I remember thinking I’d wake up and look in the mirror and have these puffy lips and this really long hair.  I thought there was going to be some magical transformation.”

Have you picked up a copy of Lena’s new book yet?  Are you planning to check it out?

Photo by Instagram

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Lena Dunham On Losing Her Virginity And Not Getting Her 90210 Moment


Kris Jenner Confesses: I Don’t Know If Bruce is Getting a Sex Change!

This morning, Kris Jenner spoke about Bruce Jenner sex change rumors on the Today show.

As always, Kris denied that Bruce is transitioning into presenting as a woman and dismissed the speculation as “silly.”

Later in the day, however, when asked about Bruce’s gender identity by Entertainment Tonight’s Nancy O’Dell, Kris seemed much less certain (and far more evasive) in her response:

Kris and Bruce Pic

“I don’t know what he’s going through right now,” Kris answered vaguely. “I think he’s just very happy and I think every time he makes a change in his life whether it’s emotional or physical or whatever he’s doing, somebody’s going to comment.”

Reports that Bruce is planning a sex change have been circulating for years, but a number of factors have led to increased speculation in recent months.

Some sources indicated that Kris Jenner filed for divorce after Bruce revealed that he had begun hormone therapy.

Along with the divorce, changes in Jenner’s appearance in recent weeks have led many to assume that the legendary Olympian has begun his long-anticipated transition.

Bruce Jenner Olympics Photo

Bruce in his hey day. He certainly has changed a lot since then.

Kris’ non-committal response to questions about Bruce will likely be taken as a confirmation that Bruce plans to begin presenting as a female in the near future.

It’s important to note, however, that Kris simply said she doesn’t know what’s going on with Bruce these days, which makes sense as their divorce is rumored to be growing increasingly bitter.

Sources state that Bruce is dating Rhonda Kamihira –  one of Kris’ closest friends. Could Kris be attempting to subtly slander Bruce, or is she simply conceding that she has little contact with her ex these days?

Either way, Bruce will likely be under more scrutiny than ever in the coming days.

Bruce Jenner with a Ponytail

How long is Bruce Jenner’s hair these days? He can easily wear is in a ponytail.

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Kris Jenner Confesses: I Don’t Know If Bruce is Getting a Sex Change!


Madison Louch Blackmailed Over Nude iCloud Photos, Jamie Munoz Arrested in Sting!

Madison Louch, a young, smoking hot South African model, was recently contacted by a blackmailer over hacked nude photos stolen from her iCloud.

The message: Pay up or the naked pics go public!

Her response: Call the cops and flip the script!

  • Madison Louch Bikini Photo
  • Madison Louch Pic

Madison Louch was locked out of her Cloud back on September 7 before she got a call from some guy who bragged that he had just hacked her account.

He told her he is “notorious” for hacking into the accounts of stars and posting hacked nude celebrity photos online, then he made his demand:

Pay $900 or he’d “ruin her modeling career.” 

Yes, a relatively modest $900 was all he asked for … placed in a brown Trader Joe’s bag in a planter located at a building on Fairfax Ave. in Hollywood, Calif.

Louch called the LAPD, who put the money there and then kept undercover eyes on the bag, swarming the woman who came to pick up the package.

Jamie Munoz said she was merely a pawn, picking up the money for someone who was threatening to post nude photos, but not personally involved.

Nicholas Douglas from Vancouver, she said, was the person behind the extortion plot. Police are still investigating that lead, but Munoz was still arrested.

She ended up pleading guilty to attempted extortion and got three years probation and community service. Douglas, if that’s his real name, is still at large.

Mara Teigen

Mara is a California-based model (of course). She’s not related to Chrissy Teigen, so it would be totally kosher for them to make out.

While Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence nude photos got most of the attention from The Fappening, countless other stars and models were hacked.

Just when you think the scandal is dead, more photos leak.

As we saw with Joy Corrigan and countless other models, there’s really no need to extort anyone when you can simply gaze at their public profiles.

Seriously. Instagram is the best thing ever.

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Madison Louch Blackmailed Over Nude iCloud Photos, Jamie Munoz Arrested in Sting!


Jeremy Calvert Gets "Faith" Tattoo: Will He Stand By Leah Messer Despite Cheating Claim?

Teen Mom 2‘s Jeremy Calvert showed off a new tattoo that may indicate a thawing of sorts following a recent bitter and icy public feud with wife Leah Messer.

  • Leah Messer Calvert and Jeremy Calvert
  • Jeremy Calvert Faith Tattoo

On Saturday, Calvert posted a photo on Twitter of his arm with “Faith” tattooed across it. Jeremy captioned the photo, “Some bare knuckles tattooing.”

Just last week, Calvert accused Leah Messer of cheating on him, adding that that he “caught” his wife red-handed, and even called out her ex Robbie Kidd.

“Go back to Mingo and have a wonderful f–king weekend with Mr Kidd,” he ranted on Twitter, referring to their native West Virginia’s Mingo County.

He later deleted that from his profile, but he clearly put it out there for a reason.

Messer, who confessed to cheating on first husband Corey Simms with Kidd one week before their October 2010 wedding, quickly denied the accusation.

“I never cheated on my husband and he knows that,” Messer wrote.

“There was a rumor and he believed it but it’s okay.”

Believed, as in past tense? One can only hope her denial of cheating on Jeremy Calvert is true, because it would be a shame if the rumor were true.

Calvert and Messer have one child together and share custody of Leah’s twins from her relationship with Simms; Messer and Calvert have not commented further.

Leah Messer and Daughter

Leah Messer and one of her three daughters share a tender moment.

Their moms, however, have been ALL over it!

Messer’s mother, Dawn Spears, and Calvert’s mother, Tammy Calvert, engaged in a war of words online over whether or not Leah cheated on Jeremy.

“She know’s she’s caught and it over. Her own mother know what she was doing and covered for her. What’s that say about there people,” Tammy wrote.

Commenting on Starcasm’s Facebook post, she added, “when your in a custody battle the last thing you need is this. But she made her choice, Now LIVE WITH IT!!!”

That was a reference to Leah Messer and Corey Simms’ custody battle, but Dawn came to her daughter’s defense, pointing the finger at Jeremy’s dad.

Insinuating that he started the (false) rumor about Leah, she wrote, “I contacted Robbie myself and he said he wasn’t even in town. So this is crazy.”

Leah’s big sister Victoria Messer also got in on the gossip, saying on a local radio show. “Just because it happened once does not mean it happened again.”

“She would never. He’s upset, you know, even though nothing happened. I talked to Jeremy last night and he told me, ‘I love Leah and I love the kids.”

“I did post stuff on Twitter but I was upset.’”

Water under the bridge now though?

Amber Portwood-Gary Shirley Fight

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley FIGHT on MTV’s Teen Mom. It’s one for the ages right here.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Goes Short With The Shears (Love It Or Hate It?)

sarah michelle gellar haircutOMG. Talk about a haircut giving you a COMPLETELY different look. Do you even recognize Sarah Michelle Gellar in the main pic above? I’m not sure I would’ve recognized her if it hadn’t come from her twitter! I’ve got some pics of her with longer hair in the gallery after the break for a comparison. RELATED: Are you with Sarah Michelle Gellar in being unhappy with the Kimye Vogue cover?

Sarah tweeted:

Time for a change. Thanks @mararoszak for cutting and @rachel_goodwin and @TaraSwennen for talking me into it

I bet she did have to be talked into it: this hairstyle is quite a change- LOL. Change is good, though. I think she looks fabulous. What do you think?

Hollywood Bowl Opening Night And Hall Of Fame Inductions
Hollywood Bowl Opening Night And Hall Of Fame Inductions
sarah michelle gellar haircut

Main Photo Courtesy of Sarah Michelle Gellar
Gallery Pics by FAMEFLYNET

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Goes Short With The Shears (Love It Or Hate It?)


Kate Hudson & Goldie Hawn Wear Pink Proud For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

kate hudson and goldie hawn instagramHave you heard much about October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Normally I hear a lot about wearing pink and see the pink ribbons, but this year… I haven’t heard a peep before this. What’s going on? Well, Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn haven’t forgotten! RELATED: Kate Hudson makes it clear: she does NOT have an eating disorder.

Kate posted this pic of herself, her mother and some friend all wearing pink streaks in their hair on Instagram.

In honor of my bestie Juliana, my assistant Kathy, my grandmother Laura, Mimo and all the people who are fighting and have fought breast cancer. Your courage shines and inspires. We decided to show our support by wearing pink proud! Thank you @majormoonn for taking us there #breastcancerawarenessmonth #familyfun #pinkpower #pinkproud #courage #showthelove #bcrf

Now these are streaks of hair color I can get behind :). I need to go find a pink ribbon…

Photo Courtesy of Kate Hudson

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Kate Hudson & Goldie Hawn Wear Pink Proud For Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Brad Pitt & Shia LaBeouf ‘Fury’ Stars Rock The Red Carpet

brad pitt & shia labeouf  (1)‘Gone Girl’ had an impressive two weeks at #1 at the box office, but ‘Fury’ ended that this week, claiming the top spot on Friday night. Here are the movie’s stars, Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf, at a photo call at the Les Invalides in Paris. The rest of the cast joined them. RELATED: Shia LaBeouf explains his past year of behavior on an “existential crisis.”

Brad was looking as stylish as ever in his hat and blazer. LOVE it. He seems to be one of those guys who genuinely cares about his clothes and how he looks.

Shia… well, he’s looking a little rougher with that beard. This totally baffles me because Shia is a good-looking guy under all that hair. Why is he hiding his face? It sounds like he’s decided to be famous again, after all, with all the press he’s done for the movie. Perhaps this is a lingering effect of his “existential crisis”?

Have you seen ‘Fury’ yet? I haven’t, but people I saw who like war movies enjoyed it. With all the movies out at the theater that I want to see right now, I may not make it to the theater for this one, but if I don’t, it’s definitely going to be streamed at home.

'Fury' Photocall At Les Invalides In Paris
'Fury' Photocall At Les Invalides In Paris
'Fury' Photocall At Les Invalides In Paris
'Fury' Photocall At Les Invalides In Paris
'Fury' Photocall At Les Invalides In Paris
'Fury' Photocall At Les Invalides In Paris
'Fury' Photocall At Les Invalides In Paris
'Fury' Photocall At Les Invalides In Paris
'Fury' Photocall At Les Invalides In Paris
'Fury' Photocall At Les Invalides In Paris


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Brad Pitt & Shia LaBeouf ‘Fury’ Stars Rock The Red Carpet


Beyonce & Jay Z Gallery Hopping Across The Pond

beyonce & jay z instagramWe saw pictures of Beyonce and Jay Z catching a flight out of Paris. They didn’t fly home, however. Here are pics of the couple enjoying artwork in London from Beyonce’s Instagram and website. And the bangs look like they’re here to stay for a while. RELATED: Beyonce’s bangs: Love Them or Hate Them?

According to MTV, these pictures were taken at the Frieze Art Fair, the Marian Goodman Gallery and the David Zwirner Gallery. All of the artwork must be inspiring Beyonce to get creative with her clothes, too. Look at this outfit: a print top with a polka dot skirt and topped with a leather jacket. The outfit is unconventional, but Beyonce makes it work!

Looks like Blue Ivy stayed at the hotel this time. She might be a bit tired of galleries at this point. I’m sure she’s still enjoying plenty of things in London, though.

beyonce website
beyonce website 2
beyonce & jay z instagram
jay z on beyonce website

Photos Courtesy of Beyonce

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Beyonce & Jay Z Gallery Hopping Across The Pond


13 Celebrities Who Look Just Like Cartoon Characters (#9 is Scary!)

It’s not unusual for celebrities to voice famous cartoon characters.

We’ve already provided a list of 21 stars who you may not realize are behind such animated creations as Rapunzel, Donnie Thornberry and Brother Bear on The Berenstain Bears.

But celebrities who look like cartoon characters?

That may be a little less common. 

Rihanna/Sideshow Bob

Granted, Rihanna changes her hair on a near daily basis. But she also has a penchant for stepping on rakes, we hear.

But there are plenty of examples out there, from a beloved pop singer who resembles a beloved mass murderer to the mother of a reality star who looks a lot like a really mean octopus.

Seriously. A LOT.

Click around the above photo gallery to be taken surprise by some of these lookalikes and then follow the proceeding link for a similarly-themed slideshow.

You want 9 Celebrity Disney Princess Doppelgangers? We’ve got 9 Celebrity Disney Princess Doppelgangers!

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13 Celebrities Who Look Just Like Cartoon Characters (#9 is Scary!)