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Daily Link Love With Kim Kardashian & North West


June Shannon on Anna being abused: ‘she’s lied about certain things too’

June Shannon of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo took her tour of lies to the Dr. Phil show. The straight-talking psychologist called her out while June just looked angry and defiant. Phil has said as much in an interview with TMZ, that June is full of it. We all know this, but it was morbidly fascinating to me to watch her do it yet again. On Dr. Phil, June continued to claim that she has only seen Mark McDaniel twice, the man who molested her oldest daughter, Anna. She claimed the first time was a coincidence and that the second time was just to give closure to her daughter Lauryn (Pumpkin), 14, who mistakenly believed McDaniel was her father. Photos show that June has been out with McDaniel multiple times, but she insisted that the photo of her in bed with McDaniel was Photoshopped. (As she also claimed on ET.) You could see right through her lies though. Here’s some of what she told Phil:

Dr. Phil: If you make a mistake and then [fans] feel like you blatantly lied to them about it they’re less forgiving. I think people want you to be completely honest about what mistakes you have made so they can say ‘wow, she gets it.’

On the picture of her in bed with McDaniel: it’s photoshopped but she flubs her rehearsed response
June: We have a thing showing that that picture right there has been Photoshopped by a company. There is an email I have that that picture, it proves it has been photoshopped. He did tell me that I needed to try to get it from TMZ but I tried to do that and TMZ refused to give it to me because it was sold to them and now it is property of theirs.

Dr. Phil asked her to show him which part of that photo has been photoshopped
If you look at me, I am totally laying in the bed. And if you see the full picture, he is fully dressed.

On the photo of her with McDaniel and Alana on the stairs
My kids don’t go anywhere without me, 24 hours a day. You know, that day I went, all my kids were there. All he said to [Alana] was ‘hey’ and that’s it. She pretty much doesn’t know anything about like the past or anything like that.

‘But you took her to meet a registered sex offender… he now has her in his crosshairs’
He doesn’t see her now, no.

‘If you had to that over again would you take Alana there?’
I probably wouldn’t even take Pumpkin there. Like I said before, I made a mistake, no parent is perfect.

Dr. Phil reads Anna’s statement about McDaniel being a child molester. The quote ends with Anna quoting June’s response that “mama was like ‘oh, he’s never done it to another girl.”
As far as I know, he’s never done it to another person. Me and Anna has talked about this. I’ve told her how sorry I am. Me and Anna has talked every day. We have talked, you know, several times.

Anna feels betrayed
I know that, that’s what she’s told me. The only way I can fix is constantly apologize for that that is to be there for her and try to move on from the situation. I know it’s hard to move on because she feels like she’s reliving it again but in some instances she’s lied about certain things too.

Why she didn’t believe Anna was being molested
For five years I was with this guy, I never suspected. I worked night shift [at McDonalds] he worked day shift [at a security job]. We were sitting there eating, they’re busting down the door like a drug bust… I don’t get any information… I’m like ‘what the hell is going on…’ He gets locked up. I even call the jail, the jail won’t tell me anything. I did not know for a couple months what he was actually locked up for.

‘Anna told you’ [what he was locked up for]
No, Anna did not tell me. My mother did not tell me what he was accused of. I did not know Anna’s side of the story until she moved in with me two and a half years ago.

‘[Anna] says when she told you, you did not believe her’
When my mother, not Anna. A person I’ve been with for 5 years. I don’t know that that person can do that. Now that Anna has told me two and a half years ago, I believe it. I wanted to talk to Anna to get her side of the story but I was never able to.

‘What is your understanding of what he did to her’
That he touched her in inappropriate places, made her watch like videos and stuff.

‘Why did TLC cancel your show?’
Honestly and this is truthful. We knew to get through October 19th was season 3A. The kids were acting like they wasn’t into it anymore because we’ve been doing it two and a half years. We went on break… that’s why they has called and says ‘look we’re going to cancel the show.’ I have nothing bad to say about TLC, they have been good to me. The rumor is that I was not going to get paid for this show, I did get paid for whatever was owed to me. My kids got paid to their trust funds. They’re still taking care of the girls with tutoring… which I’m very grateful for… After two and a half years, you could tell the girls were starting to get wore out and I mentioned that to the production company.

I think this has something to do with it, but I don’t think it was the full decision of why.

‘Do you think they cancelled this show because of your relationship with a registered sex offender?’
I think that had to do a part of it but I don’t think that was the full extent of why the show got cancelled.

Dr. Phil brings up the photo in bed again. ‘You know whether you were in that bed or not’
No I wasn’t. If I was there, I’d say ‘yeah, I was.’ There is a picture that is similar to me laying in the bed with Sugar Bear. Like I said, Alana takes like pictures all the times on her iPad and stuff like that. There is a picture that I’ve even shown Sugar Bear that is similar on her iPad, yeah…

On if the state will take away her kids
I can’t talk about that issue… I did have to sign something with them saying that I would not have Alana or Pumpkin around Mr. McDaniel, which I did explain to her is not going to happen again. We’re not together. I don’t want to be with him. Ever since this has gone down Sugar has been back in the home to be supportive.

On if Sugar Bear cheated on her
He has admitted to cheating to other girls to text messages to talking to the girls… and that was a big reason why we broke up back in September… I didn’t say that we was going to get back together, I just know that he wants to try to get his family back together… I love Sugar Bear to the extent that he’s the father of Alana. As far as being in love with him, with all the cheating that he’s done, he knows that I have fell out of love.

‘Have you cheated on him?’
No, I don’t do that.

‘Was it a betrayal for you to talk to Mark?’
No. We was not together when that transpired no.

‘As a mother, do you consider it your job to protect your children?’
My kids are number 1 in my life.

‘Did you fail to protect Anna?’
I do in a way feel like I failed to project Anna, but I didn’t know. She admitted that too. I was at work when this happened. I knew nothing.

‘Can you project Pumpkin now?’
Yeah, I can protect Pumpkin, I can protect Alana I can protect Jessica even though she’s 18.

Dr. Phil calls her out on her four relationships with convicts
I don’t have a perfect past either.

‘You don’t think Mark just started [abusing] after he met you?’
I wasn’t with him before I can’t tell you that. Common sense tells me a molester can do it again but then I’ve heard child molestators [sic] can be what they call rehabilitated.

What she will do for money now
There’s money put back that I was smart and I put back for myself that I could live on for a while. The girls’ futures are secure.

‘Anna has alleged that you have rifled her 30,000 trust fund’
I gave her $475 [a month] for a cell phone bill…. because she cannot stop buying games, buying music. Plus I was giving her $400 a month. I didn’t have to give her that until she was 21. Plus I have a cashier’s check that I have sent her which was the rest of the money in her account.

What was the last job she had?
I worked at the Flash Food, it’s like the maintenance store in [inaudible]

Claims she’s legally blind
Also I was on disability because I’m legally blind. I’m totally blind in this eye and legally blind in this eye. [points to eyes]

Denies she tried to commit suicide
The lies now that I try to commit suicide by taking over the counter pills was a lie. I have never had a suicidal bone in my body. I would never take pain pills.

Asked her if she was with Mark McDaniel or had any relationship with him.
No, no, no.

[From The Dr. Phil show, aired 11-17-14]

Notice that when Phil asked June to point out the part of the image of her in bed with McDaniel that was Photoshopped she only claimed that McDaniel was clothed, she didn’t say her head was pasted on or anything. She only elaborated on that lie later.

After June’s interview, they aired a segment with Sugar Bear and Lauryn/Pumpkin. Sugar Bear admitted to flirting with women on Facebook, and said that he’s somewhat sad the show is ending for his daughters’ sake. Pumpkin had some negative things to say about Anna. She said she doesn’t have a relationship with Anna and explained that “my thing is, if we’re supposed to be your family than why would you go about what someone else says. You would just listen to them and not listen to what your mama has to say.” She said that McDaniel raised her from when she was 3 months old to when she was 4 and that he gave her the nickname Pumpkin. Lauryn claimed that she spent only an hour with McDaniel in their latest and only meeting after he got out of prison. She “wanted to actually know for sure if he did what he did.” Pumpkin said she didn’t ask McDaniel if he committed the crime against her sister because “I feel like that’s kinda, that’s not something you ask somebody.” She said she felt better after the meeting, which she requested, but that “if I knew it was going to blow up as big as it has, I wouldn’t have asked.

Uncle Poodle, June’s brother-in-law, has an interview with Dr. Phil that will air today. He basically says that June is lying and that she’s been sleeping with McDaniel. In the preview clip he said that he’s seen McDaniel in bed with both Alana (Honey Boo Boo) and June.

I know this has been long and I want to wrap it up, but I just want to revisit what Lauryn said about Anna. She said that Anna listened to “what somebody else says… and not listen to what your mama has to say.” I interpret that as Lauryn stating that she doesn’t believe Anna was really molested, that she believes their grandmother convinced Anna she was abused. Of course that’s subjective, but doesn’t it sound like that’s what Lauryn said? June seems to really hate Anna for reporting McDaniel for abusing her. Anna was just eight years old at the time and June still seems to blame her for his incarceration. That is some twisted reasoning to say the least.





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June Shannon on Anna being abused: ‘she’s lied about certain things too’


Dr. Phil: June Shannon is a Liar!

Last week, Dr. Phil McGraw sat down with June Shannon for an interview that aired on his daytime talk show today.

Like just about everyone else in the world, Phil thinks Shannon is lying about her relationship with Mark McDaniel, and he said as much during an interview with TMZ today:

Asked by Harvey Levin if he believed a word that came out of June’s mouth, Phil responded frankly:

“She rambled around, jumped all over the place, but she was not forthcoming at all. I did not believe what she had to say. I told her I did not believe what she had to say. I told her straight up, ‘Look, it’s the cover-up not the crime that always creates the problem.”

As Phil’s interview with Shannon aired across the country, the man known to audiences as Uncle Poodle posted photographic evidence of Shannon’s relationship with McDaniel on his Facebook page, thus confirming McGraw’s suspicions.

Sadly, Dr. Phil believes compulsive lying is the beginning of June’s problems:

“She’s been involved with four men that we know of, and out of these four relationships, all four of them have been to jail or prison, two of them for sexual molestation…I don’t know who she’s turning down, but the ones she’s picking are not exactly great citizens.”

“This woman has been making bad choices with these children and with the men in her life for a long, long time.”

One of the more outrageous claims Shannon made during her interview is that TMZ faked the photo of her lying in bed with McDaniel. TMZ insists image is legit.

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Dr. Phil: June Shannon is a Liar!


Uncle Poodle Posts Photographic Proof of June Shannon-Mark McDaniel Relationship on Facebook

June Shannon has denied any romantic involvement with the man who molested her eldest daughter, and has stated that photos that show her lying in with Mark McDaniel were Photoshopped by TMZ.

Earlier today, Lee “Uncle Poodle” Thompson confirmed that June Shannon is sleeping with Mark McDaniel in an interview with Dr. Phil, and naturally, Shannon responded by calling him a liar.

Moments ago, Uncle Poodle posted the below photo on his Facebook page. He says it was taken by a fan, and shows McDaniel with June and her children on a family vacation.

June Shannon, Mark McDaniel Photo

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight last week, Shannon spoke about her relationship with McDaniel for the first time and claimed that she’d only interacted with him in a group therapy session with 12 other people.

Thompson cites the above photograph as proof that Shannon lied about her relationship with McDaniel and blasted a number of her claims in a lengthy online tirade:

“So June? Where’s the other 12 people?” McDaniel wrote. “So you would never take your children around Mark? So you haven’t seen him in over ten years? 

Thompson also accused June of sabotaging her relationship with his brother, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, by making an online dating profile in his name so that she could accuse him of cheating.

“I feel bad for my brother,” McDaniel wrote. “You made him the plenty of fish account and bragged about that by telling him and everyone else that he can see whoever he wants, while in the mean time your Talking to Mark and Seeing Mark, who was cheating now?”

Shannon and Thompson broke up in September, not long after McDaniel was released from prison.

Reality TV Family

This family is way more famous than you are. It’s just unclear why, exactly.

Uncle Poodle Posts Photographic Proof of June Shannon-Mark McDaniel Relationship on Facebook


Mama June Keeps Custody Of Daughters As Long As Ex-Boyfriend Stays Away

Exclusive... 'Honey Boo Boo' Signs Up For Another PageantWell, it looks like Mama June may have dodged a bullet where custody of her girls is concerned. The Department of Family and Children Services (DFACS), which is what Child Protective Services is called in Georgia, reportedly have told the ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ matriarch that she can keep custody of her daughters as long as convicted sex offender Mark McDaniel stays away.

Apparently that’s why Mama June is now hitting the interview circuit. Yet sources tell Radar Online she isn’t completely out of the woods yet. The case is staying open.

Social workers will also be watching Mama June’s interviews to make sure there are no discrepancies in what she has told them privately. She is taking a big risk by going public now.”

She gave an interview to ‘Entertainment Tonight’ last night and will appear on ‘Dr. Phil’ on Monday. THAT will be interesting. It boggles my mind that she’s being allowed to keep her daughters, but something tells me part of the issue is: who else would take them? I hope she’s at least realized how serious this is, and I really hope DFACs truly keeps an eye on things.

Celebrities Visit "Good Morning America"
Celebrities Visit "Good Morning America"
Celebrities Visit "Good Morning America"
Celebrities Visit "Good Morning America"
Celebrities Visit "Good Morning America"
Celebrities Visit "Good Morning America"
Celebrities Visit "Good Morning America"
Celebrities Visit "Good Morning America"


Mama June Keeps Custody Of Daughters As Long As Ex-Boyfriend Stays Away


June Shannon Claims Photo of Her in Bed With Mark McDaniel is a Fake!

June Shannon has been making the media rounds this week in an attempt to rebuild her shattered image.

Unfortunately, what should be an apology tour has instead become an occasion for Shannon to lie through her teeth and raise further concerns about the safety and welfare of her children.

In an interview that’s set to air Thursday on Entertainment Tonight, Shannon opened up about her relationship with Mark McDaniel – the man who served ten years in prison for molesting her eldest daughter.

Shannon claims that she’s encountered McDaniel only twice since he was released from prison, both times in group settings.

The problem is, there’s a mountain of evidence that indicates Shannon recently carried on a romantic relationship with McDaniel and may even still be dating him:

Photos of Shannon and McDaniel lying in bed together were obtained by TMZ last month, and members of Shannon’s own family claimed that she took vacations with McDaniel and invited him into her home.

Shannon was interviewed by Dr. Phil recently for an episode of his talk show that will air on Monday.

She reportedly claimed during the taping that the photo of her and McDaniel that appeared on TMZ is a fake, and that she plans to sue the website for defamation.

TMZ maintains that the photo is as real as it appears to be.

Shannon also claims she was paid in full by TLC despite the fact that the network canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo following news of Shannon’s relationship with McDaniel.

It was previously reported that Shannon’s children would receive their full salaries, while “Mama June” herself would not, as she was fired for misconduct.

Reality TV Family

This family is way more famous than you are. It’s just unclear why, exactly.

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June Shannon Claims Photo of Her in Bed With Mark McDaniel is a Fake!


Clay Aiken Loses Congressional Bid, Announces Return to Television

Clay Aiken has come in second once again.

The artist-turned-politician, who finished second to Ruben Studdard on American Idol, lost his North Carolina Congressional race last night.

He was defeated by incumbent Republican Renee Ellmers, who claimed 56 percent of the district’s vote and who was first elected in 2010 to the same office.

Clay Aiken Snapshot

If he had pulled off the upset, Aiken would have become the first openly gay congressman elected from the South.

It was a tough campaign overall for the Democrat, who distanced himself as often as possible from President Obama and whose primary challenger (Keith Crisco) actually died in May.

Then, last night, Aiken’s bus broke down after leaving a polling station. The accident took place after he voted and police had to tow the vehicle off the road.

Despite these setbacks, Aiken won’t be leaving the spotlight any time soon.

Esquire Network has announced that Simon Chinn and Jonathan Chinn have been behind the scenes of Aiken’s campaign since his February candidacy announcement, filming footage for a four-hour untitled docuseries that will premiere in 2015.

“We were granted incredible access during the making of this documentary, and in turn were able to capture the internal workings of an American campaign – the good, the bad and the ugly,” Simon said via statement, with Jonathan adding:

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Esquire Network, who are tackling topics that are not only popular and entertaining but also smart and thoughtful.”

Aiken can also take solace in knowing he was far from the only Democrat to lose last night. Far, far, far, far from the only one.


Rihanna claims she never meant to Tweet #FreePalestine. The message was taken down immediately after going up.

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Clay Aiken Loses Congressional Bid, Announces Return to Television


Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford, Sons of Guns Stars, Arrested For Child Abuse

Two stars of the show Sons of Guns, Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford, were arrested Friday in their native Louisiana for abusing a nine-year-old child.

Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford

Parish of Livingston officials say Kris abused Stephanie’s son (from a previous relationship last month) by striking the child in the lower buttocks area.

Stephanie Hayden was also taken into custody, after the boy told police that she was also present during this, although she is not charged with hitting him.

Kris Ford (full name Kristafor Ford) is accused of hitting the boy with a leather belt on the child’s lower, right thigh, leaving a large bruise in the impacted area.

Ford was arrested late Friday afternoon and charged with cruelty to a juvenile. Ford is married to Stephanie Hayden, who is the daughter of Will Hayden.

All three worked for Red Jacket Firearms, the reality TV show’s focus.

Stephanie’s father Will Hayden was arrested for rape in August … as well as for allegedly molesting his other daughter. Yes, those are two separate cases.

In all, Hayden has been arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated rape and one count of indecent behavior with a juvenile, all separate victims.

Two of the rape charges are in East Baton Rouge Parish, La., while the other rape charge and indecent behavior charge is out of Livingston Parish.

Sons of Guns was canceled shortly after this broke. Not surprisingly.

Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame was arrested at the Atlanta airport for packing heat. That’ll do it every time.

Read the rest here:
Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford, Sons of Guns Stars, Arrested For Child Abuse


13 Celebrities Who Look Just Like Cartoon Characters (#9 is Scary!)

It’s not unusual for celebrities to voice famous cartoon characters.

We’ve already provided a list of 21 stars who you may not realize are behind such animated creations as Rapunzel, Donnie Thornberry and Brother Bear on The Berenstain Bears.

But celebrities who look like cartoon characters?

That may be a little less common. 

Rihanna/Sideshow Bob

Granted, Rihanna changes her hair on a near daily basis. But she also has a penchant for stepping on rakes, we hear.

But there are plenty of examples out there, from a beloved pop singer who resembles a beloved mass murderer to the mother of a reality star who looks a lot like a really mean octopus.

Seriously. A LOT.

Click around the above photo gallery to be taken surprise by some of these lookalikes and then follow the proceeding link for a similarly-themed slideshow.

You want 9 Celebrity Disney Princess Doppelgangers? We’ve got 9 Celebrity Disney Princess Doppelgangers!

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13 Celebrities Who Look Just Like Cartoon Characters (#9 is Scary!)


Stephanie Hayden, Sons of Guns Star, Passes Out After Intense Dr. Phil Interview

Sons of Guns star Stephanie Hayden opened up to Dr. Phil about her father, Will Hayden, allegedly raping her and her sister, then passed out after the interview.

Seconds after Stephanie finished speaking with Phil in an emotional sit-down last week, she fainted and blacked out on the set in Los Angeles, according to TMZ.

Stephanie literally fell unconscious into her husband’s arms as she walked away.

Someone called 911, but Stephanie, who had mentioned being stressed about discussing the shocking rape case, regained consciousness by the time EMTs arrived.

She divulged details for the first time to Dr. Phil, so it must have been traumatic.

Discovery canceled Sons of Guns after Will Hayden’s arrest on rape charges, and Phil got the first interview in which she details the abuse she claims she suffered.

Will Hayden is being held without bail. More clips when they become available …

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Stephanie Hayden, Sons of Guns Star, Passes Out After Intense Dr. Phil Interview