Mark McDaniel Threatened to Kill Anna Shannon if She Revealed Sexual Abuse

Last week, TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo following a series of stunning and sickening revelations.

First, TMZ reported that series star June Shannon was dating a convicted child molester named Mark McDaniel. 

Later, we learned that McDaniel’s victim was Anna Shannon – June’s eldest daughter who was just eight years old at the time.

Then, in perhaps the most shocking development in this story thus far, photos emerged that showed McDaniel with Honey Boo Boo – Shannon’s 9-year-old daughter who currently lives with her in Georgia. 

More details have now emerged regarding McDaniel’s horrific crimes and it’s more astonishing than ever that June Shannon would welcome this man back into her life and allow him to spend time with her young children.

Radar Online has obtained a police report revealing that McDaniel was caught only when 8-year-old Anna told her teacher about McDaniel’s assaults.

Sadly, by this time the abuse had been going on for over six months.

“Anna told a teacher she had been molested by her stepfather, Mark McDaniel,” reads the report. 

Caleb Clark – an ex-boyfriend of Anna’s – spoke to the National Enquirer about the report back in 2012:

“Anna told me that McDaniel threatened that if she ever told her grandparents what happened, he would kill them and her,” Clark said. “That’s how he made her shut up about the rapes.”

June Shannon is reportedly under investigation by the state of Georgia to determine if her children are safe living in her home.

Reality TV Family

This family is way more famous than you are. It’s just unclear why, exactly.

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Mark McDaniel Threatened to Kill Anna Shannon if She Revealed Sexual Abuse


June Shannon Had Daughter With Second Sex Offender, New Report Says

The star of the newly-canceled TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo may have been even more rife with scandal than originally believed.

Executives axed the show amid reports of matriarch June “Mama June” Shannon dating her ex-boyfriend Mark McDaniel, a convicted child molester.

June Shannon and Mark McDaniel dated before his 10-year prison sentence, and he even molested one of June’s daughter’s prior to being locked up.

McDaniel is not the first sex offender Shannon has been linked to, though.

  • June Shannon Pic
  • Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Family

The father of Shannon’s daughter Jessica, Michael Anthony Ford, was arrested in 2005 and later convicted for the sexual exploitation of a child over the Internet.

According to Georgia Department of Corrections, he was sentenced to a maximum of four years behind bars and 10 years of probation for the criminal offense.

He is still behind bars on a separate charge of child abandonment.

The fathers of Shannon’s other children, including estranged husband David Michael “Sugar Bear” Thompson, also have criminal records, albeit not for sex crimes.

The father of the titular Honey Boo Boo (Alana Thompson), Suge was sentenced to to five years for robbing a series of campsites and setting fire to another.

David Dunn, the father of Anna Thompson, did time for stealing a handgun and later for stealing a carton of cigarettes. June sure knows how to pick ‘em.

Anna was molested by Mark McDaniel before he went to prison, while Honey Boo Boo was exposed to him after he got out this year, photo evidence shows.

She and Sugar Bear split not long after Mark got out of the slammer.

All of which begs the question of why June wasn’t vetted by producers of Toddlers & Tiaras, where Alana got her reality TV start, or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Reality TV Family

This family is way more famous than you are. It’s just unclear why, exactly.

A basic background check would have shown that Shannon and McDaniel were connected via a residential address, along with several other names.

McDaniel’s name comes up as an “associated” name listed at a Stockbridge, Ga., address between 1996-2009 – the same as June’s address from 2001-07.

When the two shows premiered, in 2009 and 2012, respectively, he was in jail. In any case, “Background checks don’t catch everything,” one Hollywood lawyer said.

“And then you have the issue of juvenile records, which aren’t shown.”

Discovery had to abruptly cancel Sons of Guns, after star Will Hayden was arrested on multiple charges of rape and sexual assault against minors this year.

In this case, Hayden had no prior sexual offenses, so Discovery would have had no way of knowing about the alleged crimes except from the victims.

One high-powered reality TV executive says these two shows may change how diligently cast and crew members are vetted from this point on, however.

“This will force companies to go much deeper,” explained the source. “If a child is involved in a show, the entire crew undergoes background checks too.”

“That is likely to become more thorough as well.”

TLC Cancels Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Give the network credit. It pulled the plug as soon as rumors spread of June Shannon dating her daughter’s former molester. EWWWWW!

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June Shannon Had Daughter With Second Sex Offender, New Report Says


Kim Kardashian Is NOT the Worst Person in This Photograph

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West returned to the scene of the romantic crime last night.

The famous couple attended Game Five of the World Series in San Francisco, visiting AT&T Park for the first time since Kanye proposed to Kim there way back in 2013.

Kardashian and West took in the Giants’ shutdown victory from a private suite, but they were joined there at one point by someone even more despicable than they are:

Lying and cheating home run king Barry Bonds!

Barry Bonds, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

“#WorldSeries #Barry Bonds,” Kim captioned the above Instagram photo of herself, Kanye and Major League Baseball’s all-time leader in career home runs and steroid use.

As you can see, Kim and Kanye looked totally thrilled to be hanging out with Barry, too.

For Kardashian’s 32nd birthday a little over two years ago, West shocked his long-time girlfriend by bringing her to the home stadium of the Giants (which he had rented out) and getting down on one knee to pop life’s most important question.

After she said yes, the couple was swarmed by friends and family members… and E! cameramen, of course.

You can check out the official engagement video to relive the special occasion and you can click through photos from it here:

The Future Mr. & Mrs. West

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian celebrate their engagement and look happy as can be.

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Kim Kardashian Is NOT the Worst Person in This Photograph


Lena Dunham Goes Green, Dyes Hair Again

Lena Dunham has gone green.

No, the Girls star isn’t doing anything noteworthy regarding the environment, at least not as far as we know.

But the actress/producer/writer has changed up her hair color once again, ditching her platinum blonde bowl cut for… some kind of green creation.

Lena Dunham with Green Hair

“Newly minted for the Canadian leg of the tour thanks to @tanneyb @rheannewhite,” Dunham wrote on Instagram along with this photo, giving a shout-out to Rheanne White Salon colorist Tanner Bassett.

Many fans believed Dunham was donning a wig when she went blonde in August, telling E! News not long after her last hair color dye job:

“A paparazzo followed me through LAX the other day asking me how I felt about the ‘speculation’ that my hair is a wig. It was like the biggest scandal I’ve ever been embroiled in.”

That’s far from true, of course,

Lena Dunham is known for being outspoken. Recently, for example, she went off on the celebrity naked photo hacking scandal, referring to the incident as a sex crime and castigating anyone who viewed pictures of Kate Upton nude or other stars in the buff.

Lena Dunham Blonde Hair

We can’t tell people, can you? Does Lena Dunham have a new hair color?

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Lena Dunham Goes Green, Dyes Hair Again


Kanye West to Kim Kardashian: You’re So Dope! I Love You!

We hate to write it, but Kim Kardashian may actually be growing up.

The reality star turned 34 years old yesterday, but she did not celebrate with any kind of Las Vegas blowout. What the heck?!?

Instead, we presume, Kim settled for a quiet night in with North West and Kanye West, the latter of whom honored his wife with a couple sweet Twitter messages.

Kim Kardashian Accentuates Breasts

“Happy Birthday baby! Thank you for being the dopest wife & mom!” West wrote, later adding:

“Sometimes I feel like just saying I love you isn’t strong enough to express how much I love you…”

AWWWW! So very romantic, right? And to think, some folks believe Kim and Kanye wouldn’t even last 72 days as husband and wife!

Earlier on her special day, Kardashian received birthday messages from members of her family, including a nice note from her mom/manager Kris Jenner.

“Happy Birthday to my precious daughter, best friend, and partner in crime,” Kris typed on Instagram. “You are the best daughter, wife, and mother and you have the biggest heart. You amaze me every single day and I am so blessed to have you to love. Enjoy your special day.”

We’re still waiting word from Ray J.

[Taking selfies] is the purpose of life.

[Taking selfies] is the purpose of life.

[Taking selfies] is the purpose of life.

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Kanye West to Kim Kardashian: You’re So Dope! I Love You!


Castle Season 7 Episode 5 Teaser: Meme is Murder

What’s scarier than looking after a classroom full of second-graders, which is the situation in which Rick Castle found himself on Castle Season 7 Episode 4?

That’s easy: The Internet!

On next Monday’s Castle Season 7 Episode 5, aptly titled “Meme is Murder,” Rick and Kate will take on the case of a World Wide Web celebrity who is found dead.

This leads them into flashy/frightening world of Internet fame.

However, when the culprit posts photos from the crime scene on a photo-sharing website, this beloved twosome realizes they are up against a social media sociopath… who may strike again.

And who may be targeting them next.

It feels like Kim Kardashian should guest star on this episode, doesn’t it? Not for the murderer part. For the Internet celebrity part.

Did you catch the latest hour of this ABC hit? If not, have no fear. Have no fear at all!

You can watch Castle online right here. We make it very easy to do so:

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Castle Season 7 Episode 5 Teaser: Meme is Murder


Taylor Swift Talks Death Threats, Stalker Fans in Dark Interview

As anyone who’s listened to Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” knows, the former breakup balladeer is rocking a more upbeat, poppy sound these days, but that doesn’t mean all is bright and sunny in Swifty Land.

Taylor Swift With Her Kitty

Taylor sat down for an interview with Esquire recently and she unexpectedly opened up about the dark (and occasionally scary) side of having millions of adoring fans. 

“I fought the idea of having security for a very long time, because I really value normalcy,” Swift says. “I like being able to take a drive by myself. Haven’t done that in six years.”

“They have to be in a car behind me. Because just the sheer number of men we have in a file who have showed at my house, showed up at my mom’s house, threatened to either kill me, kidnap me, or marry me.”

Needless to say, there’s a terrifying side to being one of the world’s most popular artists. Too bad she can’t just give these creeps the old, “No, it’s Becky,” excuse and be on her way.

“This is the strange, sad part of my life that I try not to think about,” Taylor added. “I try to be lighthearted about it, because I don’t want to be scared.”

Suddenly we have a new appreciation for why Taylor named her cat Olivia Benson.  Who could be afraid when you have NYC’s most badass crimefighter purring at your feet?

Taylor Swift and Olivia Benson

Taylor and the newest addition to her cat family. Olivia is named for Mariska Hargitay’s character on Law & Order: SVU.

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Taylor Swift Talks Death Threats, Stalker Fans in Dark Interview


Teresa Giudice Begs Judge For Placement In Connecticut Facility Over West Virginia

The Book Expo 2012 In New YorkDid you hear the rumors that Teresa Giudice was talking with new attorneys about possibly appealing her sentence? She made a comment about how she thought her attorneys would “fight for me,” so it sounds like she thought they should have done more. Maybe she blames them for getting prison time over house arrest or probation. Well, Teresa has retained new legal counsel, and her attorney has already sent a letter to the judge in an attempt to get placed at the federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut, which is close to New Jersey, over the federal prison on West Virginia. RELATED: Teresa Giudice is recording videos for her daughters while Joe pleads guilty to another crime.

According to Radar Online, Teresa’s attorney has sent a letter to the judge.

During Ms. Giudice’s sentencing, the Court expressed its intent to have Ms. Giudice serve her sentence in a camp environment. The sentencing transcripts reflect that Your Honor mentioned ‘Danbury and West Virginia.’ We acknowledge that at the time of sentencing, defense counsel did not ask for a specific designation.
“However, upon review of the judgment of conviction, and in discussions with a Bureau of Prisons expert, the language of the judgment as written will likely result in Ms. Giudice being designated to Metropolitan Detention Facility Brooklyn, or Metropolitan Correctional Facility Manhattan…both of which are administrative facilities that house females,” the letter continues. “This was clearly not the intention of the court when inquiring as to Danbury or West Virginia as a designation.
“Ms. Giudice’s offense and her Bureau of Prison classification will qualify her to be designated to a camp, however, the language of the judgment must reflect the same. At this time we respectfully request the Court to amend Ms. Giduice’s JOC to state ‘the Court strongly recommends a non-administrative facility placement, specifically, the FCI Danbury Satellite Camp to facilitate visitation with her young children; or if Danbury is full, we would ask for an alternative camp, specifically Alderson in West Virginia, for Ms. Giudice to serve her sentence.’”

Teresa reportedly opted against filing an appeal of her sentence, since it would have been rejected immediately, given that one of the conditions of the plea deal was that she would accept whatever sentence would be handed down. However, even this letter feels unnecessary. The judge doesn’t decide where Teresa will be placed (that’s up to the prison administrators and is based on availability at the time she has to surrender), and the Danbury facility is transitioning to a men-only prison, so it’s unlikely she would be sent there. It looks like she’s going to the mountains of West Virginia.
I can understand Teresa doing this, though. She must feel so helpless. I can’t even imagine…

The Book Expo 2012 In New York
2013 Bravo New York Upfront
2013 Bravo New York Upfront
2013 Bravo New York Upfront
2013 Bravo New York Upfront
2013 Bravo New York Upfront
The Book Expo 2012 In New York
The Book Expo 2012 In New York
The Book Expo 2012 In New York


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Teresa Giudice Begs Judge For Placement In Connecticut Facility Over West Virginia


Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 5 years in prison for culpable homicide


Last month, Oscar Pistorius was found not guilty of premeditated murder of Reeva Steenkamp. A day later, he was found guilty of “culpable homicide,” which in America we would call manslaughter. Now, more than a month later, the sentencing phase of Pistorius’ trial is finally over. I sort of thought the sentencing phase was more offensive than the trial, and that’s saying something because the trial included Oscar’s melodramatic theatrics as he tried to cover up his crime. Pistorius’ defense has claimed throughout the sentencing that Oscar is the big victim here, that he’s already been “punished” and that the sentence should just be house arrest and community service. Well, the judge didn’t go as hard on Oscar as she could have, but still… she gave him jail time.

Oscar Pistorius was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp by a South African judge who cited the “gross negligence” he showed when he shot her multiple times through a toilet cubicle door in his home.

Judge Thokozile Masipa also sentenced the double-amputee Olympian to three years in prison for unlawfully firing a gun in a restaurant in a separate incident weeks before Steenkamp’s 2013 shooting death. She ordered that sentence to be wholly suspended.

Masipa delivered her ruling after reviewing prosecution arguments for a tough sentence as well as the defense case for a more lenient punishment for Pistorius.

Pistorius killed Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day last year, shooting her through a toilet door in his home. Pistorius testified that the shooting was an accident because he mistook his girlfriend for a nighttime intruder. Masipa convicted him of culpable homicide, or negligent killing, but acquitted him of murder.

Pistorius stood as the judge announced his sentence, and then left the courtroom and walked down a flight of stairs that lead to holding cells. His sentence starts immediately.

Legal experts said the section Judge Masipa quoted when she handed down Pistorius’ sentence provides that his prison term be a maximum of five years and the runner could be eligible for house arrest after serving eight months in jail.

[From People]

Oh, a MAXIMUM of five years. But if he behaves, it could be as short as eight months in prison? For the love of God. I guess it’s good to be a celebrity athlete in ANY country, right? I do have to wonder – would the trial and the sentencing have been any different if Oscar Pistorius hadn’t been A) a famous athlete or B) white? This whole thing has been so shady and gross. I feel so sorry for Reeva’s poor parents.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Getty.


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Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 5 years in prison for culpable homicide


Jennifer Lawrence on Nude Photo Leak: At Least I’m Not a Hermaphrodite!

Recently, Jennifer Lawrence spoke with Vanity Fair about the nude photo leak that eventually impacted hundreds of young female celebs.

Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair Cover Photo

The first excerpts of her interview were released last week, and Lawrence demonstrated the sort of class and self-deprecating humor that we’ve come to expect from one of Hollywood’s most talented actresses.

She defended her right to privacy, spoke honestly about the shame and fear she experienced in the wake of the scandal, and called out the hackers responsible with eloquent indignation.

She was praised for her poise and bravery, and she helped put a human face on a crime in which millions were complicit.

A new portion of the interview that went public today, however, contains an offensive gaffe that has many in the LGBT community calling for an apology.

“At least I’m not a hermaphrodite,” Lawrence told the iconic lifestyle mag. “I could have been outed – Jennifer Lawrence, hermaphrodite.”

While Lawrence clearly meant for the comment to be taken as a joke, it’s struck many fans as insultingly transphobic.

Some believe Lawrence’s comment implies that being “outed” as a “hermaphrodite” would have been a worst-case scenario.

Given the struggles faced by transgender actresses like Laverne Cox, it’s not hard to see why Jennifer’s comments have been taken as hopelessly insensitive and derogatory to transgender and intersex individuals.

Lawrence has received support from countless fans and fellow celebs throughout her recent ordeal, and now many of her most ardent admirers find themselves hoping that she’ll return the favor by offering encouragement and a sincere apology to a segment of the population that faces daily discrimination.

Hot Jennifer Lawrence Picture

Wow. That’s the only word that’s really necessary when gazing upon this Jennifer Lawrence photo.

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Jennifer Lawrence on Nude Photo Leak: At Least I’m Not a Hermaphrodite!