Students Hate on Healthy Lunch Fare, Say #ThanksMichelleObama for Mystery Meat Sandwiches

It’s difficult to get Republicans and Democrats to agree on anything these days.

But unhappy students across the country have banded together to Tweet pictures of their unappetizing cafeteria food, blaming the First Lady for such disgustingly healthy fare.

The Thanksgiving-themed lunches seen here must comply with the food regulations implemented by the USDA (a limit on calories, fat, sugar and sodium) and supported by Michelle Obama, who has taken on the sweeping issue of childhood obesity.

Hence the hashtag “#ThanksMichelleObama” that accompanies these complaints/photos.

In July, Obama vowed to “fight until the bitter end to make sure that every kid in this country continues to have the best nutrition that they can have.”

She didn’t direct folks to healthy recipes on Food Fanatic for some reason, but she did get behind an initiative to change the ingredients used in cafeterias around the nation.

Still, we wonder whether or not Obama realized she’d be fighting the kids themselves.

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Students Hate on Healthy Lunch Fare, Say #ThanksMichelleObama for Mystery Meat Sandwiches


Ariana Grande Ditches Signature Ponytail, Looks Totally Different: See Her New Hairstyle!

You may not recognize Ariana Grande if you bump into her on the street these days. Actually you will, she’s the petite girl pulling insane diva antics.

We kid. But she did ditch her signature ponytail in favor of a new, sleek hairstyle at the MTV European Music Awards. Check out how much different she looks!

  • Ariana Grande: No Ponytail!
  • Ariana Grande: No Pony Tail

The breakout star’s teenybopper hair has become as synonymous with her as her pop hits, so this came as a bit of a surprise on Sunday’s red carpet.

That sexy navy gown with the huge side cutouts and sheer detailing was almost an afterthought, which is saying something. Girl had it going on that night.

Clearly she had no “Problem” in her bid to “Break Free” from her old look.

See what we did there? We are here all day, people. All DAY. 25/8.

As for the origin of the famous ponytail, she says it was a style she came up with in order to conceal the hair damage she incurred from Sam & Cat.

“I had to bleach my hair and then dye it every other week for the first four years of playing Cat,” she says of the character she originated on Victorious.

“As one would assume, that completely destroyed my hair,” she said.

“My real hair is back to brown and I wear extensions, but I wear it in a ponytail because my actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down.”

Fortunately in that sense, Nickelodeon canceled Sam & Cat after one successful season, leaving Jennette McCurdy out of a job and Ariana #1 on the pop charts.

Awesome? Depends which one of them you ask.

One thing there’s no debate about is this gallery below. If you’re an Ariana fan, or just want to know more about this rising star, it’s worth a look-see!

Her Name Was Inspired By a Cartoon

Ariana’s name was inspired by Princess Oriana from Felix the Cat!

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Ariana Grande Ditches Signature Ponytail, Looks Totally Different: See Her New Hairstyle!


Lena Dunham Goes Green, Dyes Hair Again

Lena Dunham has gone green.

No, the Girls star isn’t doing anything noteworthy regarding the environment, at least not as far as we know.

But the actress/producer/writer has changed up her hair color once again, ditching her platinum blonde bowl cut for… some kind of green creation.

Lena Dunham with Green Hair

“Newly minted for the Canadian leg of the tour thanks to @tanneyb @rheannewhite,” Dunham wrote on Instagram along with this photo, giving a shout-out to Rheanne White Salon colorist Tanner Bassett.

Many fans believed Dunham was donning a wig when she went blonde in August, telling E! News not long after her last hair color dye job:

“A paparazzo followed me through LAX the other day asking me how I felt about the ‘speculation’ that my hair is a wig. It was like the biggest scandal I’ve ever been embroiled in.”

That’s far from true, of course,

Lena Dunham is known for being outspoken. Recently, for example, she went off on the celebrity naked photo hacking scandal, referring to the incident as a sex crime and castigating anyone who viewed pictures of Kate Upton nude or other stars in the buff.

Lena Dunham Blonde Hair

We can’t tell people, can you? Does Lena Dunham have a new hair color?

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Lena Dunham Goes Green, Dyes Hair Again


Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult: Sleeping Together, But Not in Love, Source Says

Rumors that Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult are dating began to surface around the time the actors began filming Equals together in Japan.

  • Kristen Stewart Haircut
  • Nicholas Hoult Red Carpet Pic

Now that shooting has wrapped, Hoult and KStew are still spending a lot of time together. Just last week, Stewart and Hoult attended a movie premiere together, leading many to believe they’re preparing to go public as a couple.

But sources say that Nick and Kristen are in a simple “friends with benefits” arrangement, and neither has any interest in making it official.

“Kristen absolutely adores Nick,” says one insider. “Is she in love with him? No, not at all. She’s in love with her independence right now and the peace that comes with not dating anyone seriously.”

“She promised herself she would not jump right into a serious relationship after Rob. He was the love of her life.”

Stewart and Hoult both went through high-profile breakups recently, and both of their A-list exes have moved on to committed relationships.

Robert Pattinson is dating FKA Twigs at the moment, and friends say the relationship is quickly getting serious.

Meanwhile, Hoult’s ex Jennifer Lawrence is dating Chris Martin and has reportedly already begun spending time with the Coldplay singer’s kids.

Despite the fact that their exes both seem to have found happiness with new boos, friends say Kristen and Nicholas have no interest in settling down together any time soon.

“[Kristen] is happy that Rob’s happy, but it’s not a subject she wants to talk about. As far as Nick’s concerned, they are super tight, but that’s pretty much it.”

Happy Birthday, Kristen Stewart!

Hooray for Kristen Stewart! The actress is now 24 years old!

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Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult: Sleeping Together, But Not in Love, Source Says


Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI; Actress High on Unspecified Drug

Amanda Bynes has been through her fair share of trouble in the past, but the former child star has seemed to be on the mend in recent months.

Or so it appeared until the surprising events of last night, which saw her arrested  on a DUI charge, having been out of the public eye for months.

Amanda Bynes in Public

After a very public meltdown during which Bynes was admitted to a psychiatric ward, the actress seemed to recover almost miraculously last year.

Reportedly committed to getting her life and career back on track, she has stayed out of the spotlight, returned to school and pulled it together.

A big reason for that has been her sobriety, and remaining committed to that.

Bynes quit smoking pot (which was said to be a trigger for some of her most severe episodes of paranoia), and managed to stay out of the tabloid headlines.

Until last night, that is, after Bynes was pulled over while driving in the San Fernando Valley and promptly arrested by a highway patrol officer.

She was taken to the nearest police station, where a drug identification officer assessed her appearance and behavior and determined that Bynes was under the influence.

Amanda Bynes is Dope

Amanda Bynes thinks she is dope. The actress has posted this photo to Twitter.

What she was using is unclear, but reports say she was high on a narcotic, and it’s been widely speculated that Bynes has returned to smoking week.

To many, that sounds rather harmless considering some of the substances, or combinations of substances, that fuel a lot of Hollywood downfalls.

Given Bynes’ fragile mental state and history, though, even a little bit of pot could end up being far more dangerous for her than for the average recreational user.

The 28-year-old actress was released on $15,000 bail and returned to her parents’ home in Thousand Oaks, Calif., where she currently lives.

The arrest may result in serious legal problems as Amanda is still on probation from a previous DUI arrest, but that remains to be seen as of now.

Story developing

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes has been arrested in September 2014. For DUI. This is a mug shot from her previous arrest, but she’s been booked once again this year.

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Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI; Actress High on Unspecified Drug


Kaley Cuoco Asked Ryan Sweeting’s Permission Before Getting Her Haircut?

With the ninth season of The Big Bang Theory just around the corner, Kaley Cuoco has been doing the talk show circuit lately and making some pretty surprising revelations about her personal life in the process.

First, Kaley talked about the nude photo leak, in which she was one of many young actresses targeted. Turns out what she wasn’t all that bothered by the whole thing.

In fact, based on her recent sit-down with Ellen DeGeneres, Kaley spent way more time and energy thinking about the pixie cut she’s rocking these days: 

For those who are unaware – the Kaley Cuoco haircut of 2014 was a big deal for some reason. Now, an even bigger deal is being made of the fact that Kaley said she asked her husband Ryan Sweeting for permission before making the dramatic change. 

Some folks find it ridiculous that in 2014 a woman would have to okay it with her husband before she got her hair cut.

Frankly, we think it’s not that unusual for people of either sex to talk to their partner before making a major change to their appearance.

What’s ridiculous in this situation is that Kaley just signed a $90 million contract, meaning she shouldn’t have to ask anyone’s permission to do do anything!

“I’m headed to the hair salon. If ya don’t like it when I get back, I’ll you a solid gold rocket-car.” Boom. End of convo.

Kaley Cuoco Asked Ryan Sweeting’s Permission Before Getting Her Haircut?


Demi Lovato Selects Motivational Speaker as Opening Tour Act

Demi Lovato is once again proving that she’s unlikely nearly every other recording artist out there.

In anticipation of her impending world tour, the superstar just announced she will NOT have another singer come out before her.

Instead, Lovato has actually tapped a motivational speaker to serve as her opening act.

His name is Spencer West and he’s an activist who lost both of his legs at a young age. Lovato met him in East Africa when both working with Free the Children, an organization that seeks to empower youth.

“Spencer West is not only a really great friend of mine, but a huge inspirational speaker,” Lovato says in this video above. “After I spent some time around him and realized what an amazing person he is and how incredible he is at speaking, I decided to bring him on tour.”

West will begin Lovato’s shows by spreading his inspirational message to her thousands of enthusiastic fans.

They will then be treated to some serious Demi Lovato music and Demi Lovato dance moves, such as this awesome Thriller rendition.

In another cool and unusual move, Lovato recently came out with her own skincare line, but here’s the great catch: all proceeds will benefit charity.

She really is the best.

Demi Lovato in Concert

Sing it loud and sing it proud, Demi Lovato. The singer lets loose here in London.

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Demi Lovato Selects Motivational Speaker as Opening Tour Act


Wake Forest Recruits Star Defensive End Via Fake Kim Kardashian Cover, Relationship

Kim Kardashian has been at the center of plenty fake magazine cover stories.

Most recently, for example, Life & Style wrote that Kardashian has been betrayed by her sisters; while the same tabloid reported previously that Kardashian is both pregnant and newly single.

But what follows is a different sort of made-up Kim Kardashian allegation.

The geniuses at Wake Forest Photoshopped a People magazine photo of Kardashian and Kengera Daniel for a recent recruiting trip made by this star defensive tackle prospect.

It pretended as though Kengera and Kim were a power couple nicknamed “KimGera” and it claimed Kim really wants to see Daniel in a Demon Deacons uniform.

Fake Kim Kardashian Cover

“It did impress,” the 6-foot-5, 240-pound senior told ESPN. “But I haven’t really told anyone I was a Kim K. fan. I guess they assume all guys are. But it’s a cool edit.”

Does this mean Daniel will be taking his talents to Winston Salem?

He hasn’t decided yet, but it may have helped if the school put as much effort into building its football team as it put into this unusual recruiting tool.

The program has an overall record of 430–625–33. That’s only good for a winning percentage of .410.

And, let’s face it, Kim Kardashian would never date anyone on such a losing team. (Why do you think she dumped Reggie Bush before he went to the Detroit Lions?)

Kim Kardashians Butt Selfie

Hello, Kim Kardashians’s rear end! The reality star posted this shot on Instagram.

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Wake Forest Recruits Star Defensive End Via Fake Kim Kardashian Cover, Relationship


Kaley Cuoco Talks Nude Photo Leak: What Are Ya Gonna Do?

Kaley Cuoco appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and the conversation quickly turned toward the nude photos of Kaley that circulated online last month.

Kaley seems to be less upset about The Fappening than some of the other actresses that were involved, and with good reason:

For one thing her pics were so tasteful and flattering we’re beginning to think she hacked the Cloud herself.

In addition, Kaley is making $90 million for three more seasons of The Big Bang Theory – a show about the kind of guys for whom the massive nude photo leak was the best thing since to happen to them since the last Dr. Who marathon. 

So she probably doesn’t want to risk alienating her fanbase by griping too much about the time we all almost saw one of her nipples on the Internet.

Yes, Kaley proved that she’s able to take this sort of thing in stride, but she’s also giving herself way too much credit for being a good sport.

Again, Kaley’s pics were incredibly tame compared to some of the other photos that were leaked.

And while the “nude” photo that Kaley posted to Instagram in the wake of the scandal may have been mildly funny at the time, she can probably stop toting it around as her comedy portfolio at this point.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing that most of the time she’s on TV, Kaley has writers telling her what to say.

Kaley Cuoco Bikini Photo

The world’s hottest Kaley Cuoco bikini photo. Which is saying a lot.

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Kaley Cuoco Talks Nude Photo Leak: What Are Ya Gonna Do?


Kim Kadashian and Kanye West Put Unfinished, Abandoned Mansion Up For Sale; They Want HOW MUCH?!

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West bought a $20 million mansion in Hidden Hills, CA, we naturally assumed they’d had a change of heart about the other mansion that was being built for them in Beverly Hills.

Turns out the Kimye monster has, in fact, decided against moving into their original “dream home,” and we were relieved to find out that even Kim and Yeezy don’t need two mansions in the same county.

“Maybe they’re not as obscenely extravagant as we thought,” we said. Then we found out about their plans for the unfinished mansion and realized they’re actually far worse than we ever imagined.

The clip above shows Kim giving her grandmother a tour of the Beverly Hills place. So yeah, last we saw it, it still needed a lot of work. Despite that, Kim and ‘Ye have attached a ridiculous price tag to the shell of a home:

The place was listed this week at $11 million. 

Granted the Kardashian-Wests bought the property for $9 million last year, but we’re guessing their “improvements” on the place aren’t worth the additional $2 mill.

Now, if we knew that the sequel to the Kim Kardashian sex tape had been filmed there, that would be a different story. Then the place would be a film history landmark!

Kim and Kanye on a Motorcycle

Kim Kardashian sort of gets it on with Kanye West in this music video still. She’s topless!

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Kim Kadashian and Kanye West Put Unfinished, Abandoned Mansion Up For Sale; They Want HOW MUCH?!