Lena Dunham: Amanda Bynes is a Genius!

In the past, when Lena Dunham was feeling starved for attention she’d just take off her clothes on premium cable. 

But these days she has a new book to promote, and apparently serious authors don’t strip down at readings, so Lena’s been forced to get creative with her shock value antics.

Lena Dunham Smile

We already know Dunham slept with her parents until she was 12, and that revelation didn’t go viral the way Lena clearly hoped it would, so now she’s pulling out all the stops. 

Yes, the woman responsible for some of the grossest televised visuals outside of Westeros has hit a new low, as Dunham has taken to publicly praising the sad online ramblings of a young mental patient:


Discussing – for some reason – the ongoing Amanda Bynes saga during a recent promotional event, Lena didn’t express her shock at Bynes falsely accusing her father of sexual assault, or her sympathy for the mentally ill and their families.

No, instead, Dunham bafflingly praised Bynes’ ability to post compelling tweets. 

“She did say something kind of similar [to Dunham's character on Girls],” Lena told a crowd in New York over the weekend. “Which was ‘I’m not crazy, I’m actually the one who knows everything that’s happening.”

“I texted [Girls co-creator Jenny Konner] and said, ‘Maybe I’m nuts but I think Amanda Bynes is actually kind of a great writer. Do you know what I mean?’ She was like, ‘I don’t know what you mean!'”

Yeah…neither does anyone else Lena. It’s worth noting that the “everything that’s happening” to which Bynes was a false accusation of child molestation that Bynes later retracted and blamed on a microchip planted in her brain.

Even if the whole rant had been really cleverly phrased (it wasn’t) the takeaway would still be, “Wow, that’s really sad. Hopefully she gets the help she needs,” not, “Damn, that girl can tweet!

Mmm. Delish

When I was nine, I wrote a vow of celibacy on a piece of paper and ate it.

When I was nine, I wrote a vow of celibacy on a piece of paper and ate it.

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Lena Dunham: Amanda Bynes is a Genius!


Caroline Manzo: Cheated on By Husband Al; Reality Star Quit The Real Housewives of New Jersey to Hide Affair, Source Says

When Caroline Manzo quit The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she was probably hoping to put the drama of the show behind her.

But even though she’s moved on with a new reality series, Caroline can’t seem to escape the bombshell revelation that reportedly caused her to quit the show.

Caroline Manzo Up Close

Sources tell Radar Online that while filming season five last year, Caroline was confronted by Teresa Giudice’s friend Penny Drossos.

During an argument with Manzo, Drossos was heard to remark, “F–k you, the Jill card is on the table.”

“Jill is Al Manzo’s longtime mistress,” one insider revealed. “Caroline ripped off her microphone and bolted for the door. That’s the real reason she left the show.”

Caroline’s confessed in the past that her husband may not have always been entirely faithful, but she was reportedly terrified by the idea of the details of his decades-long affair being made public.

Manzo has released a life advice book and plays a more motherly role on her new series Manzo’d With Children. Sources say Caroline knows that if the word got out that she helped her husband conceal his affair, it would shatter her image.

The confrontation with Drossos apparently took place in front of Bravo cameras, but the network agreed to not air the argument.  Manzo had already quit RHONJ, and producers reportedly didn’t want to discourage her from returning to the network for a spinoff.

“If Caroline wasn’t coming back to the show, there was no reason to air it,” the source claims. “She wouldn’t be back next season to defend herself.”

For some vintage Caroline watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online.

To see what kind of motherly wisdom she’s dishing out nowadays, watch Manzo’d With Children online at TV Fanatic.

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Caroline Manzo: Cheated on By Husband Al; Reality Star Quit The Real Housewives of New Jersey to Hide Affair, Source Says


Caleb Pusey: I’m NOT Engaged to Amanda Bynes!

Orange County, Calif., teenager Caleb Pusey says he’s not engaged to Amanda Bynes, despite what numerous gossip blogs (and Bynes) have been saying.

  • Amanda Bynes Walking the Street
  • Caleb Pusey Photo

Amanda Bynes claimed earlier this month that Amanda Bynes is engaged to Caleb, a 19-year-old bait shop employee. Somewhat surprisingly, he does exist!

Not surprisingly at all, the engagement is news to him.

The somewhat unfortunately named Pusey grew close to the troubled actress while the pair were in rehab together last year, so they do know one another.

As for as them being betrothed, though …

Despite befriending each other, Caleb says the two never dated and he hasn’t spoken with Bynes in at least a few months, so don’t save the date for their wedding.

Bynes, who is now receiving the help she needs thanks to Sam Lutfi and her parents, revealed that the couple’s engagement would grace the cover of People.

She may well grace that cover, alright, but for different reasons. Bynes was placed on a 5150 psych hold Friday after being duped into flying home to L.A.

After her DUI arrest last month, Bynes went totally off the rails, moving to NYC and engaging in bizarre, unsettling and borderline dangerous behavior.

It wasn’t a matter of whether she needed help, only whether she would get it before she hurt herself and/or others. We can all be thankful that she got it.

With the aid of Lutfi, who convinced her she was returning to California to file a lawsuit against her parents and meet with an attorney, doctors got to Bynes.

Not a moment too soon, either.

Her psychiatric hold can be extended up to 14 days, by which point a conservatorship will likely be requested by her parents (again) to help safeguard her.

This same thing happened in 2012-13 until it culminated in a driveway fire and a 5150 hold. Then the conservatorship lapsed, and here we are again.

Get well, Amanda.

Amanda Bynes is Dope

Amanda Bynes thinks she is dope. The actress has posted this photo to Twitter.

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Caleb Pusey: I’m NOT Engaged to Amanda Bynes!


Miley Cyrus Falls in Concert: Watch, Laugh Now!

Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus admitted that she often drinks prior to taking the stage. A lot.

“I got so drunk at other shows, puking at the side of the stage,” Miley told a crowd in Australia, adding:

“You can’t be under the influence at shows when you’re gyrating on f–king cars, so I’m sober. Well, sober-ish. I’m trying to create some memories for you motherf–kers here!”

Cyrus then went ahead and fell on her giant fake butt:

Miley posted a video of the mishap on Instagram and wrote as a caption that it “never gets old.”

But it sort of does, doesn’t it? Some believe Cyrus is trying way too hard to be edgy, while even crossing the line now toward being dangerous.

Look at Miley photoshopping her face here in scary fashion. Or Miley photoshopping her baby photo on to other, adult, far more lewd photos.

These stunts are mostly harmless, but they’re mostly stupid as well.

What do you think of Miley’s antics? Have they grown tiresome by now? Or is the provocative singer, you know, just being Miley?

Miley Cyrus in a Food Bikini

Miley Cyrus isn’t just wearing any old bikini in this photo. She’s wearing a bikini that is covered in chicken and waffles. We don’t know why.

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Miley Cyrus Falls in Concert: Watch, Laugh Now!


13 Reasons Kylie and Kendall Jenner Have 26 MILLION Instagram Followers!

By her own admission, Kylie Jenner is obsessed with Instagram. Her older sister, Kendall, isn’t quite as active on the photo-sharing site and with good reason:

Kendall has a successful modeling career, and if you’re good at something (in this case posing for pics), you should never do it for free. Plus – at 18 – Kendall is wiser, more mature, practically ancient in the selfie-obsessed world of social media. 


Kendall and Kylie doing what they do best. What these girls have done before camera phones?

Even so, Kendall’s been in the game longer, so she’s rocking slightly more followers than her lil sis. And by slightly, we mean almost 2 million.

Sounds like a lot, but it’s human chump change when you’re the Jenner sisters, who the enjoy attention of over 26 million followers between them.

How do they do it? Well, it’s simple, really. The Jenners have figured out how far you can get with the perfect combination of style, selfies, disturbingly age inappropriate imagery, and, oh yeah…it helps to come from one of the world’s most famous families.

That last part is key.

But even if your last name doesn’t frequently appear on the cover of Us Weekly, you can still amass millions of fans (or at least a few hundred followers) simply by following the Kendall and Kylie Guide to Shameless Self Promotion.

So grab your most revealing attire, leave your shyness and sense of dignity at the door, and jump into the gallery above to find out how KJ and KJ became the Queens of Instagram.

Oh, and if you happen to know a famous rapper, form a romantic relationship with him ASAP! Even if – scratch that, especially if – he’s not that famous and way older than you.

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13 Reasons Kylie and Kendall Jenner Have 26 MILLION Instagram Followers!


Amanda Bynes Placed on 5150 Psychiatric Hold

Amanda Bynes is currently under doctor supervision.

The very troubled young star – who accused her father of sexual abuse this week – landed today in Los Angeles and was immediately taken by a car service to a hospital on Pasadena.

Her attorney, Tamar Arminak, was waiting there for Bynes with a physician.

Amanda Bynes is Dope

Amanda Bynes thinks she is dope. The actress has posted this photo to Twitter.

She is now being held on a 5150 psychiatric hold for 72 hours and sources confirm her parents are seeking a 14-day extension, during which time they will apply again for conservatorship.

Section 5150 is a section of the California Welfare and Institutions Code.

It allows a qualified officer/clinician to confine a person believed to possess a mental disorder that makes him/her a danger to himself or herself, a danger to others and/or gravely disabled.

Past stars to have been placed in similar situations include Britney Spears, Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan.

A few hours after accusing her father of sexual assault, Bynes took to Twitter this afternoon and retracted the statement.

“My dad never did those things,” Bynes wrote on Twitter. “The microchip in my brain made me say those things but he’s the one that ordered them to microchip me.”

This isn’t the first time Bynes has referred to a microchip. She told Life & Style just last week that people are “reading my mind.”

The actress was also hospitalized on a psychiatric hold in 2013. This stint was followed by an extended stay in rehab, during which time her mother became her conservator.

She was then released into her parents’ full-time care in December and appeared to be on a path to recovery.

However, Bynes was recently kicked out of her school and then she became estranged again from her mom and dad. Last month, she was arrested for DUI.

Amanda Bynes is clearly in need of major help. Let’s hope she gets it.

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Amanda Bynes Placed on 5150 Psychiatric Hold


Amanda Bynes Retracts Sexual Abuse Allegations: The Microchip In My Brain Made Me Say Those Things!

Earlier today, Amanda Bynes accused her father of sexual abuse in a series of shocking tweets.

Moments ago, however, the actress retracted her allegations in a fashion that’s raised further concerns about the state of her mental health.

Amanda Bynes: Mentally Ill?

“My dad never did those things,” Bynes posted on Twitter. “The microchip in my brain made me say those things but he’s the one that ordered them to microchip me.”

Bynes has spoken about the “microchip” in her brain in the past, claiming that she believes it was implanted to enable the public to read her thoughts.

Amanda spent much of today graphically detailing the manner in which she was sexually abused as a child, and announcing her plans to file for a restraining order against her father.

A lawyer for Rick and Lynn Bynes promptly issued a statement denying the allegations. Just before Amanda posted her latest tweet, Lynn Bynes made a statement of her own, saying:

“I am heartbroken for my husband of 47 years. Rick has been the best husband and father a family could ask for. He has never abused Amanda or our other children physically or sexually. These accusations are horrible and could not be further from the truth.”

As it becomes increasingly clear that Amanda is in desperate need of psychiatric evaluation, sources say Lynn Bynes is making an emergency trip to New York to attempt to convince her daughter to seek treatment.

Amanda Bynes is Dope

Amanda Bynes thinks she is dope. The actress has posted this photo to Twitter.

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Amanda Bynes Retracts Sexual Abuse Allegations: The Microchip In My Brain Made Me Say Those Things!


Hefe Wine to Iggy Azalea: I Want a Divorce (to End Possibly Fake Marriage)!

Hefe Wine wants a divorce from Iggy Azalea … who may or may not even think she’s even married to the guy hitting her with divorce papers. Say what now.

Filed in Texas by Hefe Wine (a.k.a. Jefe Wine, a.k.a. Maurice Williams), the documents seek to end what he insists is a legit common law marriage.


Wine says they “agreed to be married, holding themselves out as man and wife and began residing together in the State of Texas on or about September 2008.”

He says that Iggy (a.k.a. Amethyst Kelly) only began living separately from him last year, and that he had also served as her manager for that period.

How could this ever constitute marriage, you ask? Well …

According to Texas law, a man and a woman who live together are considered legally married “if they agree to be married and hold themselves out to others as husband and wife.”

This is true if the couple co-habitates “for any length of time.”

Of course, that leaves a lot to interpretation, and Iggy’s rep immediately took issue with the language, saying she never “held herself out as Hefe’s wife” etc.

Moreover, she never agreed to be married to him, or anyone.

Her Stage Name Has History

She took the name “Iggy Azalea” from her childhood dog and the street she grew up on.

Just the same, Hefe is asking a judge to prohibit Iggy from selling various assets – big surprise there – including music they allegedly wrote together.

Given Azalea’s success, that music may be worth millions.

If a judge recognizes the marriage, which we doubt will take place, all community property would be split 50/50. Don’t hold your breath though, Hefe.

Wine has also been threatening to peddle an Iggy Azalea sex tape, so it’s clear his motives are to ruin her or take her money, by any means necessary.

Good times. Not that it seems to bother the Aussie rapper.

She’s now in a year-long relationship with L.A. Lakers player Nick Young, and has been quick to brush off any and all scandals to come her way since her rise to fame.

Who dat, who dat? I-G-G-Y. That do dat, do dat? I-G-G-Y?

Iggy Azalea Bikini Photo

Iggy rocks a bikini on a yacht. Safe to say, she’s living the good life these days.

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Hefe Wine to Iggy Azalea: I Want a Divorce (to End Possibly Fake Marriage)!


Tyga Posts Kylie Jenner Photo on Instagram: Is the Couple Going Public?!

For weeks now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Kylie Jenner and Tyga are dating.

Both parties have denied it, and with good reason. Kylie just turned 17, whereas Tyga will be 25 in a matter of weeks.

So yeah, there’s some seriously creepy cradle-robbing going on, but regardless, these two seem to be an item. In fact, it looks as though Kylie and Tyga are getting serious.

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Photo

That’s a photo of Kylie that Tyga posted on his Instagram page. So he’s just watching her from across the room and posting photos of her online – why would anyone think there’s anything romantic going on?

Okay, the photo itself isn’t exactly hard evidence, but there’s a lot more to suggest that Kylie and Tyga are doing all sorts of barely-legal things together.

They’ve been spotted out in public together on several occasions.

At first, they would bring Kylie’s sister Kendall with them to make it look like an innocent hang session, but they recently dropped that charade and have taken to holding hands in restaurants

Now it seems Kylie and T-Raw might be on the verge of actually going public. We’re assuming they’ve researched the age on consent in California, but even so, they may wanna wait until Kylie turns 18 before they go public, because…ick.

Kylie Jenner Cleavage Pic

Kylie Jenner squats and shows off her cleavage in this photo. NOTE: She is 16 years old.

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Tyga Posts Kylie Jenner Photo on Instagram: Is the Couple Going Public?!


Juan Pablo Galavis to Nikki Ferrell: I DON’T Love You! Esss Okay, Maybe Someday!

The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis and his final rose recipient Nikki Ferrell are on Couples Therapy these days, and their situation hasn’t changed much.

In fact, if you watch Couples Therapy online, you’ll wonder how the heck these people are even together … which is what we thought on The Bachelor, too.

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Kiss

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell kiss in a cute photo.

If anything, last night’s Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 5 was a true low point, simply because it showed us how little has changed in six months plus.

Every glimpse we get of their relationship makes us less invested in them, and more concerned for Nikki’s self-esteem for putting up with this dude somehow.

Not that she’s coming across as a real prize either, the way she complaints 24/7 about cameras following her and acts like she doesn’t want to be there.

On a VH1 reality show that SHE SIGNED ON FOR.

That card didn’t work on The Bachelor, but one could at least buy the notion that behind closed doors, perhaps they were private people who were truly happy.

No longer. It’s as bad as we thought, if not worse.

Dating Nikki Ferrell doesn’t seem like a lot of fun. However, the way Juan Pablo treats his girlfriend and their relationship defies any and all comprehension.

In a rare moment of honestly and vulnerability, Ferrell broke down on last Thursday’s episode, admitting she is still waiting to be chosen, to be picked by him.

She would love to hear that he loves her, basically.

Does he? Asked point blank if he does on Couples Therapy, Juan Pablo tried to beat around that bush like nobody’s business, but had to answer eventually:


His way of handling things – namely blaming their communication gap and his own ridiculous behavior on cultural issues – is the biggest cop out of all time.

If you took what he said at face value, he’s not going to move in with her and doesn’t love her and she just doesn’t get it because she’s from America.

It’s insulting, honestly, and borderline infuriating.

Just break up, already. Move on with your lives and save us any more reality shows. Seriously you two, esss okay. We will survive quite well without you.

Dick Donato and Stephanie Rogers-Fischer

Dick Donato, or simply Evel Dick as he’s known to Big Brother Nation, is working on things with his girlfriend Stephanie Rogers-Fischer … and chose Couples Therapy as the platform from which to reveal that he is HIV positive.

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Juan Pablo Galavis to Nikki Ferrell: I DON’T Love You! Esss Okay, Maybe Someday!