Bethenny Frankel’s Mother SLAMS Reality Star as "Nasty, Snobby, and Very Arrogant"

We think it’s safe to say Bethenny Frankel and her mother do not get along. They haven’t spoken face-to-face in years and they’ve communicated solely through taking shots at one another in the press.

Bethenny Frankel on Watch What Happens Live

Bernadette Frankel kept the tradition alive today by granting an interview to Radar Online and  –  as expected – doling out some seriously unkind word about her famous daughter.

“The things she does and says on camera is not who she is,” Bernadette says when asked about Bethenny. “She started changing at age 16. She became very snobby and arrogant, especially toward me.”

“She had sex with her first serious boyfriend while still in high school at 16 years old, and she cheated on him about a year later. That’s just how she is. She jumps from man to man.”

Naturally, Bernadette also sounded off about Bethenny’s divorce from Jason Hoppy:

“I always knew that Bethenny and Jason would divorce after two years. I just knew that as soon as that child was in daycare, she was gone. She was really nasty to him on the show.”

Despite the fact that she’s no longer a reality star, Bethenny never stays out of the tabloids for very long.

The latest Frankel controversy involved Bethenny wearing her daughter’s clothes (the girl is 4) in an effort to showcase how scary skinny she’s become.

The kid’s too young to realize how weird that is now, but someday she’ll encounter that photo online and the face palm will be heard ’round the world.

So it looks like the torch has been passed to a new generation of totally effed-up mother-daughter duos. Long live the dysfunctional Frankels!

Condescension Will Get You Everywhere

Sure, it’s better in the long run to treat people with respect, but condescension and burning bridges will bring in ratings and money, so …

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Bethenny Frankel’s Mother SLAMS Reality Star as "Nasty, Snobby, and Very Arrogant"


Paris Hilton as a Brunette: Love It, Loathe It, or Couldn’t Care Less?

Aside from being filthy rich and coining some crazy annoying catchphrases, Paris Hilton is perhaps best known for being blonde.

So needless to say, her Instagram followers were thoroughly shocked when Heiress Paris posted the photo below over the weekend. 


Yes, that’s Kim Kardashian’s former BFF sporting some chestnut locks and, as Paris would say, that’s hot.

Frankly, we think she looks better than ever, but a number of her fans have vocally disagreed. Whatever your thoughts on the change, there’s no denying that Paris needs to get the web’s attention by whatever means necessary these days.

Her “career” has been slumping lately with far more downs than ups in 2014. Paris’ “Come Alive” music video tanked for the perfectly good reason that it was terrible. 

By contrast, Hilton’s Carl’s Jr. commercial was surprisingly popular, but when your most recent career highlight involved eating a burger in a bikini, it might be time to hire new management.

In other news, Paris is apparently hanging out by the skee-ball machines at Dave & Buster’s these days. We’re not sure if that means she’s fallen on hard times or if she’s just trying to appeal to the 99%.

Earlier this year, Paris snubbed the Kardashians at a party in LA, so if she’s just trying to get in good with us workin’ folk, she certainly knows how to go about it. 

Anyway, what do you think about Paris’ new look?

Paris Hilton Mug Shot

Paris Hilton hasn’t been famous for a long time. But she hasn’t been arrested in years, either!

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Paris Hilton as a Brunette: Love It, Loathe It, or Couldn’t Care Less?


Hailey Baldwin Modeling Photos: Is She The New Kendall Jenner?

Even though Kylie and Kendall Jenner have mastered the art of the selfie, there’s another pair of snap-happy celebrity relatives who may be going after the title of Queens of Instagram.

Hailey and Ireland Baldwin are just as selfie-obsessed as the Jenners and what’s more, they actually have talent in their family!

Sure, Hailey’s uncle, Alec Baldwin is a rage-fueled lunatic, but he’s also an acting legend who still somehow wields a lot clout. Which means that when the next generation of Baldwins settle on career fields, they shouldn’t have much trouble making names for themselves.

And it’s looking like 17-year-old Hailey has made her choice:

Hailey Baldwin on the Runway

Hailey Baldwin walks the runway in Paris. Fashion insiders say she’s a natural.

Sure, Hailey and Kendall are friends now, but will their BFF-ship last now that they’re competing for jobs?

After all, there’s only so much nepotism to go around and it’s only a matter of time before North West starts toddling her way down the runway!

Yes, the elder Jenner’s inner circle is filled with budding fashion icons and sources say that Kendall feels her fame is hurting her modeling career.

If that’s really what Kendall believes, it’s all the more reason that she likely doesn’t appreciate the competition from Hailey.

Not only is Alec’s daughter said to already be in higher demand (despite being a year younger than Kendall), her career is proof that blaming your lack of modeling gigs on your famous last name is just really, really dumb.

Ireland Baldwin Cleavage Alert

Hello, Ireland Baldwin cleavage! The teenager put this revealing picture online for all to ogle.

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Hailey Baldwin Modeling Photos: Is She The New Kendall Jenner?


Dane Cook: Jessica Simpson is Dumb! I Banged Hundreds of College Chicks!

Remember Dane Cook? He was the briefly popular bromedian who disappeared after being busted for stealing much of his act from other comics.

These days, Dane is launching a comeback (hopefully with original material), and he sat down with Andy Cohen last night to promote his upcoming standup special that we’re guessing is titled Dane Cook: Still a Douche!

Years ago, there were rumors that Dane dated Jessica Simpson, but now it looks as though they were just co-stars on the justly-forgotten 2006 film Employee of the Month.

These days, of course, Jessica is married with two kids and a thriving fashion empire. But that doesn’t mean she’s above being burned by a prematurely washed-up hack she worked with eight years ago!

Asked by Cohen about “the dumbest thing Jessica said” on set (a leading question, in fairness), Dane responded, “She said one day, ‘Are we making a movie?'”

Okay, that’s a pretty dumb thing to say, but we have no idea of the context, and is Dane really in a position to be burning bridges?

Cohen then asked Cook how many college groupies he’s slept with, and Cook replied, “I’d say a few hundred.” Stay classy, Dane!

Of course, none of this is bad as the time Cook joked about the Colorado theater shooting. Or the time he joked about nude photos of an underage Vanessa Hudgens. Or even the time Joe Rogan caught him stealing the jokes that made his career from lesser known comics.

Sigh…Do we really have to endure an attempted Dane Cook comeback? Sure he’s unintentionally funny, but who wants to pay to see that?

Jessica Simpson Bikini Photo

Okay yeah. That’s one insane shot of Jessica Simpson’s boobs.

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Dane Cook: Jessica Simpson is Dumb! I Banged Hundreds of College Chicks!


Kylie Jenner Flaunts Cleavage, Lip Injections on Instagram

By her own admission, Kylie Jenner is obsessed with Instagram, and she knows what she’s doing when it comes to photo-sharing.

Kylie’s got such a firm grasp on how to keep her millions of followers entertained that her selfie skills earned her a spot on Time magazine’s list of the most influential teens of 2014.

With all the benefits she’s reaped thus far, it’s unlikely that Kylie will cool it with the selfies any time soon, and we can’t blame her. Even so, pics like the one below definitely make us wonder where this girl’s parents are:

Hot Kylie Selfie

That’s Kylie and her lip injections rocking a typically age inappropriate outfit, and this shot gives us the feeling that even Kylie realizes she’s growing up too fast.

Something about that look on her face says, “Wow, I’m 17 and this is gonna be on the Internet forever.”

Of course, KJ is running with a much older crowd these days, so maybe she doesn’t realize what a bad idea it is for her to rush right into adulthood like this.

Kylie is dating Tyga, a 24-year-old rapper with a child of his own who was – until recently – engaged to one of Kim Kardashian’s best friends.

Hopefully Kylie will pull a Kim (ditch the douche and not settle down until her 30s) and not a Kourtney (settle down with the douche and pop out a million kids). 


Kendall and Kylie doing what they do best. What these girls have done before camera phones?

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Kylie Jenner Flaunts Cleavage, Lip Injections on Instagram


Selena Gomez Talks Living Alone, Walking Around Naked!

Despite rumors that Selena Gomez is living with Justin Bieber these days, the 22-year-old starlet is actually sharing a house with her childhood BFF.

And according to her latest interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Selena is fully enjoying the benefits of living in a dude-free zone:

“It’s good, I can, like, walk around naked now,” Selena said. She added that she enjoys not having to check in with anyone. (That means you, Biebs!)

Of course, Selena is doing a lot of grown-up things these days including slamming her adult critics (Yay!) and hiring Kris Jenner as her manager. (Boo!)

So it’s a mixed bag with SelGo, but as she points out, she’s only in her early 20s, and she has plenty of time to grow, change, and let go of the douchey, Canadian mistakes of her past.

Selena’s been making the media rounds lately to promote her buzzed-about indie film Rudderless, in which she co-stars with her celebrity crush, Billy Crudup.

So yeah, she’s going around talking about how she loves living alone and has a thing for mature, older men who don’t sip sizzurpand crash their snowmobiles into paparazzi.

If we were the Biebs, we might be starting to get worried.

Selena Gomez Bikini Instagram Photo

Selena Gomez rocks a bikini in this Instagram photo. She says in the caption that she is “taking” her “power” back.

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Selena Gomez Talks Living Alone, Walking Around Naked!


Kendra Wilkinson to Divorce Hank Baskett After All?

Is Kendra Wilkinson beginning to lose faith in the faith she regained in her marriage? Sources say she is now leaning toward a divorce from Hank Baskett. Again.

While promoting Kendra on Top Season 3, the reality star hinted in several interviews that there was hope for reconciliation, often singing the praises of Hank.

  • Go Kendra
  • Baskett in the Glory

This came as a bit of a surprise, given that he cheated on Wilkinson with Ava London, but you had to give her credit for giving this a chance to play out.

Well, that was before the leak of the Hank Baskett-Ava London phone calls in which he confirms the cheating and he offers to “make deposits” to the model.

“Hank told Kendra multiple times that no recordings existed between him and the woman,” a source says. “He said they never spoke again after ‘the incident.'”

Given this new information, Wilkinson is losing faith in him once more.

Possibly for good, as “she thinks that everything he told her is a lie,” the insider adds. “The sense of trust she was rebuilding with Hank is gone again.”

As we’ve seen on the first two episodes of the new season, and no doubt will see again on Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 4, she’s been BURNED.

Just the same, she’s “not making any snap decisions right now.”

Kendra and 2 Hanks

There was a time when Kendra and Hank looked to be a very happy couple. This photo was snapped in 2012.

“At the end of the day, I don’t want to be a stupid girl,” Wilkinson said last week in an interview. “I don’t want to be stupid, but I know Hank loves me.”

“At the end of the day, I have to take things one step at a time. Our #1 priority is making sure these two kids are raised with two parents, and [to] give them a great life.”

Will it be one in which the parents live together? Stay tuned.

Also this weekend, on K-Dubs’ aforementioned reality show, a girls night out nearly turns into a girls night BOUT on Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 5.

We wish we came up with that. That’s the episode title.

All she wants to do is have a good time until someone has to bring up Hank and the fact that he was masturbated by a woman with a penis and reciprocated.

Girl can’t catch a break.

Kendra Wilkinson to Divorce Hank Baskett After All?


Daily Link Love With Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Heading To The 'Fury' Screening

Brad Pitt Heading To The 'Fury' Screening
Brad Pitt Heading To The 'Fury' Screening
Brad Pitt Heading To The 'Fury' Screening
Brad Pitt Heading To The 'Fury' Screening
Brad Pitt Heading To The 'Fury' Screening
Brad Pitt Heading To The 'Fury' Screening
Brad Pitt Heading To The 'Fury' Screening

Here’s your daily dose of celebrity news and gossip, brought to you by Brad Pitt!

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  • Jill Duggar moved into a big house so she can prepare for a large brood of her own. (OK! Magazine)
  • Gisele rocked a minidress at the ‘No. 5 The Film’ screening in NYC. (Moe Jackson)
  • Gawker called Blake Lively’s homage to antebellum times racist, and Blake’s lawyers fired off a reply. (Lainey Gossip)
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  • Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg have a full-blown FEUD going down. (TMZ)
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  • When Kristen Stewart mocks actresses who act like “b*tches,” is it a case of the pot calling the kettle black? (Celeb Dirty Laundry)
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  • ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Kenya Moore shows off her long-promised donation to Detroit Public Schools! (Reality Tea)
  • Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert gifted Kelly Clarkson’s little girl with a guitar. (Celebrity Babies – People)
  • Pink says daughter Willow gets her recklessness from her father ;). (Babyrazzi)
  • Uh-oh: Kylie Jenner is said to be moving out after “constantly” arguing with her mother, Kris Jenner. (ICYDK)
  • We’ve got our first look at ‘Jurassic World’! (Celebuzz)
  • Olivia Culpo rocks a bikini and a bag that I absolutely NEED. (Celebslam)
  • Is Teresa Giudice trying to find a lawyer to overturn her sentencing? (Celebitchy)
  • Nick Young defends Iggy Azalea in her beef with Snoop Dogg. (Bossip)


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Amanda Bynes Nearly Convinced Judge to Release Her From Psych Center, Sources Claim

On Friday, Amanda Bynes was placed on 5150 psychiatric hold and committed to a hospital following two weeks of increasingly erratic behavior.

Amanda’s parents were initially unable to prove that the child star presented a threat to herself or others, but that quickly after Bynes accused her father of sexual assault, then blamed the false allegation on a microchip that had been planted in her brain.

Amanda Bynes in Public

Bynes’s parents worked with former Britney Spears manager Sam Lufti to convince their daughter to fly to Los Angeles under false pretenses. Once in LA, she was placed on a 3-day psychiatric hold.

A hearing was held yesterday to determine if the hold should be extended to 14 days, and remarkably, despite her obvious mental instability as of late, Bynes was nearly able to convince a judge that she should be released from psychiatric care.

Sources say Bynes seemed unperturbed by the proceedings, and casually rattled off a list of reasons she should be set free in a manner that made it clear that she’d rehearsing her argument.

Amanda reportedly maintained a calm demeanor while insisting to the judge that she had not posed a threat to anyone and was not guilty of violating any laws. (Bynes was caught shoplifting twice in one day last week, but no charges were filed.)

Insiders say the judge seemed to be on the verge of granting Amanda her freedom, but instead extended the hold for 3 days, rather than the additional 11 requested by her parents.

Rick and Lynn Bynes are seeking a conservatorship which would grant them legal control over Amanda.

Amanda Bynes is Dope

Amanda Bynes thinks she is dope. The actress has posted this photo to Twitter.

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Amanda Bynes Nearly Convinced Judge to Release Her From Psych Center, Sources Claim


Lena Dunham: Amanda Bynes is a Genius!

In the past, when Lena Dunham was feeling starved for attention she’d just take off her clothes on premium cable. 

But these days she has a new book to promote, and apparently serious authors don’t strip down at readings, so Lena’s been forced to get creative with her shock value antics.

Lena Dunham Smile

We already know Dunham slept with her parents until she was 12, and that revelation didn’t go viral the way Lena clearly hoped it would, so now she’s pulling out all the stops. 

Yes, the woman responsible for some of the grossest televised visuals outside of Westeros has hit a new low, as Dunham has taken to publicly praising the sad online ramblings of a young mental patient:


Discussing – for some reason – the ongoing Amanda Bynes saga during a recent promotional event, Lena didn’t express her shock at Bynes falsely accusing her father of sexual assault, or her sympathy for the mentally ill and their families.

No, instead, Dunham bafflingly praised Bynes’ ability to post compelling tweets. 

“She did say something kind of similar [to Dunham's character on Girls],” Lena told a crowd in New York over the weekend. “Which was ‘I’m not crazy, I’m actually the one who knows everything that’s happening.”

“I texted [Girls co-creator Jenny Konner] and said, ‘Maybe I’m nuts but I think Amanda Bynes is actually kind of a great writer. Do you know what I mean?’ She was like, ‘I don’t know what you mean!'”

Yeah…neither does anyone else Lena. It’s worth noting that the “everything that’s happening” to which Bynes was a false accusation of child molestation that Bynes later retracted and blamed on a microchip planted in her brain.

Even if the whole rant had been really cleverly phrased (it wasn’t) the takeaway would still be, “Wow, that’s really sad. Hopefully she gets the help she needs,” not, “Damn, that girl can tweet!

Mmm. Delish

When I was nine, I wrote a vow of celibacy on a piece of paper and ate it.

When I was nine, I wrote a vow of celibacy on a piece of paper and ate it.

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Lena Dunham: Amanda Bynes is a Genius!