Sadie Robertson: Dating Blake Coward! Saving Herself For Marriage!

Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Dancing With the Stars fame says she is saving herself for marriage, and boyfriend Blake Coward is on board.

That doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing for her, though.

  • Sadie Robertson and Blake Coward
  • Sadie Robertson Us Weekly Cover

The 17-year-old admits she’s having a tough time dealing with her decision to preserve her virginity, even though it’s a choice she is sure is right for her.

One of this fall’s best Dancing with the Stars competitors discussed what that means for Blake Coward, whom she has been dating for 10 months.

“People are like, ‘It must be easy for you because you’re Christian.’ That doesn’t make it any easier for me,” Sadie Robertson tells Us Weekly magazine.

“It’s something a couple really has to decide together.”

Fortunately for the daughter of Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson and Korie Robertson, her beau shares her beliefs when it comes to pre-marital sex.

“I don’t really date guys who don’t feel the same way,” Sadie says. “It’s going to be way harder if we went into a relationship having different opinions on that.”

Sadie goes on to add that Blake Coward was “raised in the same kind of family” as she is and even worships at the “same kind” of church as the Robertsons.

Sadie Robertson, John Luke Robertson

Sadie Robertson with brother John Luke Robertson of Duck Dynasty. They’re Willie and Korie’s kids.

Does that mean we can expect an engagement sooner rather than later, as we saw with her brother John Luke Robertson engaged at the age of 19?

“You never know who you’re going to end up with,” she says.

“Who knows if my boyfriend will be my husband? I’ve always thought that I would marry young, but it just depends on if I have the right guy with me.”

The Robertson clan recently celebrated the engagement of 19-year-old John Luke, Sadie’s brother and the oldest of the couple’s three biological kids.

John Luke, Sadie and younger sister Bella are joined by foster daughter Rebecca and the family’s adopted son, Will, to round out the Louisiana household.

Although she has been living in Los Angeles filming DWTS, Sadie says that her relationship with Coward is going really well despite the distance.

Here’s hoping that continues for this shining young star. Here’s a look at other famous celebrity virgins who are waiting (or waited) until marriage …

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici

Oh, they’re all smiles now, because they did the deed on their wedding night. The Bachelor star Sean Lowe vowed to wait until marriage for sex and Catherine honored his desires.

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Sadie Robertson: Dating Blake Coward! Saving Herself For Marriage!


Kim Kardashian Vows: My Daughter Will Get a Job!

As anyone who has seen the Kim Kardashian sex tape knows, Kim Kardashian has worked hard for her money.

Or, to be more precise, she’s been worked over by a hard Ray J for her money. But still. Either way.

Along these lines, the reality star tells London Evening Standard’s ES magazine that her daughter won’t be raised with a figurative silver spoon in her mouth.

Kim Kardashian Magazine Cover

Kim, after all, came from wealth, yet still has to earn her own way for awhile.

“We didn’t get anything [from my parents], we had to get a job if we wanted it,” Kim explains. “So I was working in a clothing store and I would save and save.”

She cites $400 Prada shoes that she saved a whole year to buy, along with a Dolce & Gabbana dress she “really wanted” in high school.

So even though North West allegedly already owns a gold toilet and $1 million worth of jewelry, Kim makes it very clear: her child will get a job once she’s of age.

“She will have to work for what she wants,” Kardashian says simply.

In what industry?

“She loves fashion. Maybe she’ll be a designer,” Kim muses. “Who knows? It’s too early to tell.”

Well, yeah. She’s not even 18 months old.

Kardashian could also picture her child getting into music, sharing the following story with the magazine:

“The best is when Kanye’s recording in the home and we’re in Mexico or whatever. And the music will be upstairs and she’ll hear it, and it’s really loud and you’d think it would disturb her, but I just kind of rock her to it, and she’ll just pass out.”

Anyone else find the image of North West falling asleep to “Niggas in Paris” to be absolutely hilarious?

Morning, Kim and Nori!

It’s Kim Kardashian and daughter Nori! The former posted this photo online with a simple caption: Good morning.

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Kim Kardashian Vows: My Daughter Will Get a Job!


Beyonce & Jay-Z ‘worked out’ their marriage problems & ‘renewed their vows’


Beyonce and Jay-Z seem tighter than ever. Who would have thought? They’ve had a hell of a year. The Met Gala elevator-drama, the wildly successful On The Run Tour, Beyonce’s Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs, and throughout it all, they’ve been battling the most serious crisis their marriage has ever faced. It really looked like they were headed for divorce there for a while. But now they’re not. They took an extended break in Italy and France and now they’re in London, soaking up the art. And apparently the worst is over. People Mag’s sources say that Bey and Jay are so strong, they even renewed their vows. Huh. Usually that’s the kiss of death for couples (example: Mariah and Nick).

What breakup rumors? Beyoncé and Jay Z have faced a whirlwind of whispers in recent months that they were on the rocks and ready to split, but now it appears the couple are doing well!

“They did have major problems,” a source tells PEOPLE. “But they worked it out and they’ve renewed their vows.”

Also confirming their relationship is on steadier ground: the pair have been been seen house hunting in Paris several times over the past month. “They’re looking for a place,” confirms an insider. The properties they’ve toured so far have been nothing short of extravagant, including a villa near the Seine, a home in a gated community referred to as “Millionaire’s Row,” and a townhouse next to the Elysee Palace. The real estate news doesn’t come as a total surprise – Bey and Jay have been vocal about their love for the City of Light in the past.

“We love Paris,” Jay Z told the audience at the last show of the couple’s “On the Run” stadium tour there in September. “It’s special to us because we got engaged here, and this is where Blue Ivy was conceived.”

The recent news of the couple’s united front comes after a summer of breakup speculation, initially kicked off with footage of Beyoncé’s sister, Solange, attacking Jay Z in a New York City elevator in May. While the source admits the stars’ relationship can be strained, “they worked it out for [the sake of] their reputations and for [their 2-year-old daughter] Blue Ivy.”

And while there’s been no official word on talk of a possible pregnancy (and a rep for the singer did not respond to request for comment on the vow renewal), the source says the couple do have at least one collaboration in the works: a new album.

[From People]

Yeah, about those pregnancy rumors… Beyonce keeps posting photos of her bangs trauma on her Tumblr and some of the recent pics have her drinking wine. I doubt she’s knocked up, so don’t bring out the pillowy conspiracies! As for their love of France… I didn’t know they felt that strongly about it. I didn’t know Blue Ivy was conceived there (was Beyonce there? haha JK) That seems like a very Kimye admission, honestly, although Kanye said earlier this year that he and Kim conceived North West in Italy (Rome, wasn’t it?). Us Weekly’s sources also claim that Bey and Jay want to partially raise Blue Ivy in France and they hope she’ll learn how to speak French too. How Jolie-Pitt of them!



Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr, Instagram, Fame/Flynet and WENN.


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Beyonce & Jay-Z ‘worked out’ their marriage problems & ‘renewed their vows’


Renee Zellweger Face Transformation: Insecurities Abound, Insiders Say

A Monday night red carpet event that became a Renee Zellweger face transformation showcase still has the web talking and speculating three days later.

Renee Zellweger’s dramatically different appearance left fans and entertainment industry experts wondering how, and why, she looks like THIS now:

Renee Zellweger Then and Now

Renee Zellweger in 2004 and 2014. Yes, that is actually the same person.

The 45-year-old Zellweger commenting that her new look is because she’s so happy only fueled the debate and puzzled more than a few people.

In a statement, Renee did not address the rumors of plastic surgery and simply stated her new look was a result of a healthier lifestyle and natural aging.

According to a close confidante of Zellweger, that drastically different appearance we’re seeing now is a clear sign of her insecurities, not happiness.

The insider, connected to Zellweger since the early days of her career, says the changes are hardly a big surprise, because “insecurities abound.”

“Hollywood gets to people more than one would like to think.”

So which is it, a new life, or old Hollywood pressures?

“Renee is obviously hyper-fixated on maintaining a youthful appearance,” says another insider, citing Hollywood’s undeniable focus on young females.

“The focus on youth and often unattainable perfection, like no wrinkles, certainly can [influence] those with a proclivity to engage in radical behavior.”

The pressure to stay young is a big issue all around.

“We the consumers are so obsessed with youth and so hateful to age, that affects everyone. Hollywood is just serving what we ordered,” says one psychologist.

Heidi Montag Boob Job!

The queen of plastic surgery. It’s shocking how different Heidi Montag used to look and how badly this obsession turned out for her.

Zellweger hasn’t been seen out in public much since her last project four years ago, when she was still one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars.

Ironically, if she is image-obsessed and changed hers dramatically because she thinks she has to look younger, she may have hurt her future prospects.

“Renee Zellweger is a brand she has seriously damaged, or at least changed,” says a Harvard sociologist of the long-term impact of this transformation.

For better or worse, Renee Zellweger “has chosen a career that puts her in the public eye and for which she is judged based on her appearance.”

If Zellweger is no longer easily recognizable – for the innocence, the vibrancy and the vulnerability that made her a star – that could be a career killer.

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Renee Zellweger Face Transformation: Insecurities Abound, Insiders Say


Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: The Rage of Jenna Jameson … and Nikki Ferrell

This week on Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 7, we learned a good number of things about the random cast of celebrity characters living in the house.

And what a cast of characters that is.

Continuing a theme touched upon often in previous weeks, Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 7 took fans inside the mind of porn legend Jenna Jameson.

And what a warped place that is.

Dr. Jenn got the couples to open up about things in their past that have shaped who they are today. For Jenna Jameson, it was her mom’s death.

Not for the loss itself, but for how her father responded and was so emotionally abusive, to the point where she couldn’t even tell him she’d been raped.

Jenna’s boyfriend John says he would never lay a hand on her because he’s just not like that, but didn’t know the extent of her past trauma either.

Dr. Jenn then takes them to a real house of horrors so they can vanquish their own internal house of horrors they live in. See the symbolism there?

Then Jenna Jameson smashes stuff.

With a bat. She breaks mirrors and a table full of plates and cups while yelling out all the things she needed from her father that he didn’t give her. It’s cathartic.

Treach has issues with his own dad, and boy does he let ‘em out. He says having Cicely embrace him makes him feel like somebody’s in his corner.

Jenna felt the same about John.

Juan Pablo Galavis, meanwhile, lets out his anger at his ex-best friend and his first ex-girlfriend, who dated each other after she and Juan broke up.

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Kiss

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell kiss in a cute photo.

Nikki Ferrell, who previously admitted she throws fits to get whatever she wants, despite being good at everything growing up, learns that JPG is scared.

Things then got ugly again, though.

Cicely reads aloud a magazine article aloud, talking about Nikki, her friends, Juan Pablo and how she’s constantly fighting for some kind of validation.

“Nikki, you kind of met your man on a dating show,” Cicely says.

“You were the winner. Leave the contestants behind.”

“I really like Juan Pablo, I really like Nikki,” Dick says.

Individually, that is. But “together, I don’t know.”

Jenna overhears and sees Juan Pablo Galavis try to console Nikki Ferrell, or not. He could see just how uncomfortable she was and did nothing.

Nikki rails against Cicely to Juan Pablo, saying how disrespectful she is, then rips Juan too for not standing her in this obvious time of need.

Well then, this concludes another week in the house. Follow the link to watch Couples Therapy online and hold onto your butts, it’s a wild one in there.

Dick Donato and Stephanie Rogers-Fischer

Dick Donato, or simply Evel Dick as he’s known to Big Brother Nation, is working on things with his girlfriend Stephanie Rogers-Fischer … and chose Couples Therapy as the platform from which to reveal that he is HIV positive.

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Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: The Rage of Jenna Jameson … and Nikki Ferrell


Beyonce and Jay Z Renew Wedding Vows in Paris!

By now it appears safe to say that despite the incessant online chatter their relationship has spurred, Beyonce and Jay Z are not splitting up. At all.

In fact, not only are they staying married … they just renewed their vows!

Beyonce and Jay Kiss

Beyonce and Jay Z kiss in Paris on stage. The couple just renewed its vows and has put all rumors of their breakup to rest.

The duo faced a whirlwind of speculation in recent months that they were on the rocks and ready to split up for good, but they are actually doing well.

Very well. Although not all of the talk of turmoil was totally off base.

“They did have major problems,” a source tells People of the two.

“But they worked it out and now they’ve renewed their vows.”

The power couple has also been spotted house-hunting in Paris several times over the past month. “They’re looking for a place,” confirms an insider.

Spoiler alert: The places they’re looking at are not cheap.

“We love Paris,” Jay Z told the On the Run tour audience there last month. “It’s special to us because we got engaged here, and this is where Blue Ivy was conceived.”

That place will hold a special place in any parent’s heart, and other places. We know Jay hates French paparazzi, but loves about everything else there.

Anyway … how long until he gets Beyonce pregnant again?!

We’re surprised it hasn’t happened already, to be honest, but given the summer they had, maybe it’s a good thing they aren’t going through that now.

Beyonce Kisses Blue Ivy

Beyonce kisses Blue Ivy Carter in a very sweet moment which she delightfully shared for her fans.

Footage of her sister Solange attacking Jay Z in a New York City elevator surfaced in May, after which Bey and Jay’s life became a constant source of gossip.

While things were tense for a time, “they worked it out for [the sake of] their relationship, their reputations and for [their daughter] Blue Ivy,” says the insider.

Regardless of whether or not they give baby Blue a beautiful sibling anytime soon, the music moguls do have another collaboration in the works next year:

A new album.

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Beyonce and Jay Z Renew Wedding Vows in Paris!


Jon Gosselin Reportedly Leaves Trashed Home Strewn With Garbage, Abandoned Kitten After Eviction

Jon Gosselin’s former landlord is speaking out in the aftermath of his recent eviction, and suffice it to say, she does not paint a positive picture of the man.

Getting Smoked

Linda Eways, who evicted Jon Gosselin from her house in Wernersville, Pa., says she paid a surprise visit to the property after she thought he’d moved out.

And he had … for the most part. He certainly left his mark on the place.

Not only did the father of eight leave the house trashed, strewn with garbage and debris with walls and doors damaged from Jon’s dog, he left something behind:

A kitten.

Yes, the landlord says she discovered a tiny cat abandoned there. Eways says she called Jon to ask about the kitten and he admitted as much.

Well, specifically, he said his ex-girlfriend Liz Jannetta (the one he appeared on Couples Therapy with, apparently without a lot of success) left it there.

According to earlier reports, Jon’s ex moved out in September, so the kitty was there for at least a few weeks with just Jon if our calendar is correct.

Eways says the sight of the poor kitten “broke [her] heart” so she decided to adopt it. In that sense, at least the animal has a loving home now.

But wow, Jon. We know times are tough, and being married to Kate Gosselin must have caused him major psychological damage … but come ON.

What would his kids think? What does anyone with a beating hard think?

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian

The marriage between Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian lasted 72 days. Pretty much every second of it took place on reality TV.

Star reached out to Jon, who claims what the landlord says “isn’t completely true,” but wouldn’t elaborate. So that totally makes us view him more favorably.

Meanwhile, speaking of Kate, she’s having a yard sale soon and says that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to her local animal rescue league.

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but #TeamKate. Too bad the animal rescue group find a way to relocate Jon from himself. Clearly he needs it.

Also he needs a home BTW. Being broke and getting evicted and all.

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Jon Gosselin Reportedly Leaves Trashed Home Strewn With Garbage, Abandoned Kitten After Eviction


Monica Lewinsky Comes on Twitter, Gets Blown Away By Loads of Crude Jokes

Monica Lewinsky is back, and you know what that means: Lots of BJ jokes!

But when she’s not making fun of Bruce Jenner like the rest of us, Lewinksy is forced to endure endless gags (sorry) about the times she gave oral sex to a sitting US president.

Monica Lewinsky Photograph

While she’s kept out of the spotlight in the years since the Bill Clinton sex scandal, the mere mention of Lewinksy’s name brings to mind images of stained blue dresses and improperly placed cigars.

Beyonce name-dropped Lewinsky in “Partition” back in May. Just days prior, a controversial New York Post headline claiming that Lewinsky “sucks” went viral online.

Needless to say, it’s been a rocky return to public life for the 41-year-old former intern, and her social media debut yesterday didn’t go much smoother.

Seemingly all too aware of what was coming (again, sorry) Lewinsky sent out her first tweet, “#HereWeGo” early Monday morning.

Within minutes, Lewninsky’s page looked like the minutes from a meeting of late 90s late night comedy writers. Some samples:

“Hey I’m just here to drop some loads…of knowledge.”

“Can you recommend a good dry cleaner please?”

“Insert answer about ML not answering b/c of being too polite to talk with her mouth full.”

You get the point. Of course, Lewinsky’s reemergence into public life is part of her campaign to combat cyber bullying, so the reception she’s received on Twitter has only helped to prover her point.

Of course, many have pointed out that she’s one of very few Americans to have a presidential scandal named after, and she would have been the butt of jokes in whatever media was available at the time.

But the fact remains that the Internet in general and social media in particular provide a sort of stranger-to-victim access that never existed in previous generations, leaving all of us more vulnerable than ever before.

And certainly no one is more aware of that frightening truth than Monica Lewinsky.

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Monica Lewinsky Comes on Twitter, Gets Blown Away By Loads of Crude Jokes


Beyonce & Jay-Z went out to dinner with Adele, Beyonce forgot her pants


I’m enjoying the fact that Beyonce is really trying to convince people that she really has bangs these days. Like, she heard that most of us were like “Eh, give it a week and she’ll have a completely new hairstyle,” and she took that as a Bangs Challenge. These are photos of Beyonce, Jay-Z and Adele out to dinner at Harry’s Bar in London on Friday night. Adele wore her most comfortable poncho, leggings and flats. Meanwhile, Beyonce wore a peasant blouse and heels and that’s about it. I can’t tell if she has anything on under that very short blouse. She must, right? Like, booty shorts or something.

Beyonce and Adele have been friends/friendly for years now. Adele has gone to Beyonce’s shows in London and they occasionally meet up for dinner or drinks every so often. I’d like to think that Beyonce appreciates the fact that Adele is off doing her own thing and it’s not a competition. Adele is pretty funny too, and she seems like a fun person to party with. I can only imagine what Adele thought of the bangs.

In other Bey-news, Page Six says that Bey and Jay are getting all kinds of arty up in here.

After checking out Paris’ Louvre, Jay Z and Beyoncé headed to London to shop at the Frieze art fair. Jeanne Greenberg-Rohatyn of New York’s Salon 94 gallery was seen squiring the hip-hop royals around town, including a stop at the London outpost of New York gallery David Zwirner, where Jay and Bey were led on a private tour by artist Kerry James Marshall of his work.

They were also spotted at sculptor Anish Kapoor’s studio and gallery White Cube — which sold a Damien Hirst shark at the fair for $6.5 million — where they viewed works by David Hammons. During Frieze, which wrapped on Saturday, Greenberg-Rohatyn also hosted rapper A$AP Rocky, Brooklyn artist KAWS, auctioneer Simon de Pury and others for lunch aboard a barge.

The boat trip was the brainchild of Michèle Lamy, the wife and muse of designer Rick Owens. Meanwhile, a 7-foot KAWS sculpture sold for $300,000 at Galerie Perrotin’s booth at the fair, where up to $2.2 billion in work was up for grabs. Salon 94’s booth had art with a smiley face theme.

[From Page Six]

I would love to know if Bey and Jay are buying and what they’re buying. We know they have more money than God at this point and I’d be interested in discovering if they, like, exclusively purchased modern art or whatever. Do they own any Banksy?

PS… Beyonce’s bodyguard is HOT.



Photos courtesy of WENN.


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Beyonce & Jay-Z went out to dinner with Adele, Beyonce forgot her pants


Beyonce & Jay Z Gallery Hopping Across The Pond

beyonce & jay z instagramWe saw pictures of Beyonce and Jay Z catching a flight out of Paris. They didn’t fly home, however. Here are pics of the couple enjoying artwork in London from Beyonce’s Instagram and website. And the bangs look like they’re here to stay for a while. RELATED: Beyonce’s bangs: Love Them or Hate Them?

According to MTV, these pictures were taken at the Frieze Art Fair, the Marian Goodman Gallery and the David Zwirner Gallery. All of the artwork must be inspiring Beyonce to get creative with her clothes, too. Look at this outfit: a print top with a polka dot skirt and topped with a leather jacket. The outfit is unconventional, but Beyonce makes it work!

Looks like Blue Ivy stayed at the hotel this time. She might be a bit tired of galleries at this point. I’m sure she’s still enjoying plenty of things in London, though.

beyonce website
beyonce website 2
beyonce & jay z instagram
jay z on beyonce website

Photos Courtesy of Beyonce

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Beyonce & Jay Z Gallery Hopping Across The Pond