Jordin Sparks Throws Serious Shade at Jason Derulo in "How Bout Now (Remix)"

So much for an amicable break-up, huh?

In late September, the celebrity gossip world was thrown for a stunning loop when Jordin Sparks split from Jason Derulo.

Following rumors of infidelity on Derulo’s side, the singer spoke out and simply blamed the break-up on pressure to get married, which created tension for both parties.

But Sparks came out today with “How Bout Now (Remix)” – and it sounds like the former American Idol champion has a beef that goes beyond marital pressure.

“Feeling like I have to get all of this off my chest/I know you are sitting there thinking ‘What is she going to do next?'” Sparks sings on the track.

Making it very clear she’s targeting Derulo, Sparks then references a neck injury he suffered in 2012.

“Remember I deleted all my other guys’ numbers out my phone for ya?/Remember when you broke your neck and I had to wash your back for ya? You probably don’t remember half of the s–t that I did for ya.”

As you can hear in the above video, Sparks teased the new single with her collaborators, The L.A. Leakers, earlier today.

This remix will be featured on Jordin’s upcoming mixtape, “#BYEFELICIA,” which is a quote from the movie Friday. It essentially means a person is leaving and you don’t care and it could also be interpreted as a shot at Derulo.

Sparks and Derulo dated for three years and he has admitted to dumping her over the phone.

Regardless of the basis for the split, that’s just cold, J.

Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks

Say it isn’t so!!!! Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks, stunningly, called it quits in September 2014.

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Jordin Sparks Throws Serious Shade at Jason Derulo in "How Bout Now (Remix)"


50 Shades of Grey Trailer: Do You Trust Me?

A third trailer for the forthcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie has been released, offering fans another taste of the passion of Christian Grey and Ana Steele.

Like the previous, full-length Fifty Shades of Grey trailer released earlier this month, it’s all about the chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

Can they sell that spark and make this film a massive hit? You decide …

Set to the Beyonce song “Haunted,” the new teaser features Christian telling impressionable young Anastasia, “I don’t do romance. My tastes are very singular.”

Hmm. Wonder what kind of tastes he could be talking about here.

Cue the obligatory kissing, undressing and bondage montage, and the climactic final scene, in which Christian places a blindfold over Anastasia’s eyes.

“Do you trust me?” Mr. Grey asks, as the screen fades to black.

Do you trust these two actors to deliver a believable, enticing product that fans of E.L. James erotic novel will be similarly infatuated with is the bigger question.

One that has cast some doubts over the project from the start.

With Charlie Hunnam bailing on the lead role and Dakota Johnson not coming off sexy to the point where the love scenes had to be re-shot, it’s been a rough ride.

Hot Hot HOT

That look on Ana’s face as Christian Grey takes off his tie says it all.

With all the hype, skepticism and years of online fantasy casting becoming the Internet’s favorite pastime, some are bound to be disappointed by the result.

Once we see the finished product, though, it all could change.

Can Dornan, in particular, embody the tortured soul (and hot body) that is Christian Grey and win over 50 Shades Nation the way James’ book built an empire?

As February 13 draws closer, only time will tell.

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50 Shades of Grey Trailer: Do You Trust Me?


Beyonce releases new track & video for ’7/11′: funny, charming & silly?


Last week, two new Beyonce songs started leaking all over the internet. The songs are part of her platinum collection/box set or whatever. I thought about writing about it, but I figured as soon as I sat down to write something, the tracks would probably be pulled and no one would even care. One track got a lot of gossip-y attention – it’s called “Ring Off” and it’s about a woman who finally had enough of her dog of a husband and finally took the ring off. People were like “OMG, Beyonce is singing about Jay-Z.” But once the Hive had a chance to really analyze the lyrics, most thought it was probably a song about Beyonce’s mom Tina and how Tina finally left Mathew Knowles (because he was fooling around A LOT).

Then, late Friday, Beyonce dropped the video for the second song, “7/11”. This video is so… FUN. It’s silly and funny and actually pretty cool. You know me – I like Beyonce AND I like to poke the Hive a bit, so I’ll just say that I never really gave a crap about all of Beyonce’s music videos for her last album. She dropped those videos almost a year ago, and none of them really stood out as being fun or interesting or anything. The “Partition” video especially seemed… um, kind of ridiculous. But I really love this video, mostly because Bey is just dancing and acting silly with her girls. Here you go – I think this video is pretty SFW…? There’s no real nudity, just some girls dancing in their bras at various points.

I love it when Beyonce falls! My favorite part is when she uses the hair dryer for a wind machine though. Who knew Beyonce had a sense of humor? Also: Bey looks SO small these days. This is like the smallest she’s ever been.

Here are some pics of Bey & Jay out on Friday night, just after she dropped the video:



Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News & Beyonce’s Tumblr.


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Beyonce releases new track & video for ’7/11′: funny, charming & silly?


Beyonce "7/11" Video: No Pants Needed, Only Twerking at This Hotel Rager!

Beyonce has dropped her latest music video for “7/11″ and in the process, she’s set the bar impossibly high for anyone else looking to throw a hotel party.

She’s also turned wearing no pants into an art form. And we thank her for that.

The wacky video shows her cycling through numerous outfit changes, most of which do not involve pants, throughout the course of an epic hotel rager.

Beyonce and her backup dancers filmed the footage earlier this month.

“Man it feel like rollin’ dice, man it feel like rollin’ dice / Seven eleven, seven eleven, seven twice, man seven twice,” Beyonce sings. “Man it feel like rollin’ dice.”

“Man it feel like rollin’ dice / Seven twice, seven twice.”

She’s looking to get lucky, in other words … but Blue Ivy‘s mom doesn’t need luck when she’s got it goin’ ON like this and she’s letting everyone know it.

Between her leopard underwear, “Kale” sweatshirt, cut-up version of her 2013 Grammys gown, crop top and more, this is a feast for the eyes right here.

Beyonce Twerks, uses her foot as a phone, swirls in a chair, bounces dice off one a dancer’s back, dances in front of a Christmas tree and pops out of boxes.

“7/11″ is featured on the superstar singer’s Beyonce: Platinum Edition box set. Her other new, leaked song “Ring Off” refueled Jay Z divorce rumors.

All we know is the Kim Kardashian Paper photos have nothing on this video. Bow down to the Queen of the Booty and watch the above insanity now …

Beyonce Kisses Blue Ivy

Beyonce kisses Blue Ivy Carter in a very sweet moment which she delightfully shared for her fans.

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Beyonce "7/11" Video: No Pants Needed, Only Twerking at This Hotel Rager!


Beyonce Shakes Her Booty In ‘7/11′ Video

beyonce 7 11 videoWe heard a snippet of Beyonce’s new song, ‘7/11.’ Now here’s the entire song and the video. It looks like JLo and Iggy Azalea aren’t going to be the only ones flaunting their booties in videos. RELATED: Beyonce and Jay Z hit the shops with Blue Ivy.

What do you think of Beyonce’s new video? It’s different from a lot of what she does: lots of jump shots and quick cuts. That fits the style of the song, though. I think it’s a fun video. Check it out. Wonder if she’ll be performing this song at the AMAs tomorrow?

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Beyonce Shakes Her Booty In ‘7/11′ Video


Iggy Azalea-Eminem Feud Heats Up Following "Old Man" Diss on Twitter!

Iggy Azalea is no stranger to feuds.

The Iggy-Snoop Dogg beef made headlines last month, with the Aussie raptress eventually “winning” by forcing an apology from the Doggfather.

Prior to that, Iggy feuded with Nicki Minaj, and while the First Ladies of Hip Hop have occasionally shown love to one another in public, sources say that situation is unlikely to ever be resolved.

Considering how man beefs she’s been involved with, you may think that Iggy intentionally seeks out drama, when in reality, she seems to simply be a favorite target for A-list emcees.

  • It's Iggy Azalea!
  • Eminem Pic

Her latest public throwdown is no different, as Iggy finds herself in the position of responding to some shocking comments from a hip hop icon:

Eminem seems to be using controversy to promote his new mixtape, Shady XV. Last week, Em rapped about punching Lana Del Rey during a freestyle, and this week he’s set his sights on Iggy-Ig.

A recently released track on Shady XV contains the following lyrics:

“So what’s it gonna be? / Put that sh-t away, Iggy / You gonna blow a rape whistle on me?”

Eminem’s supporters have pointed out that he’s made a career out of targeting potentially offensive threats and insults toward other artists through his Slim Shady persona.

Many feel, however, that this time Em has simply gone too far, and his critics have pointed out that the sort of lyrics that may have gone unnoticed in 1999 are simply not acceptable in 2014 – particularly now that Mr. Mathers is 42 and has a daughter in college.

Iggy brought up the topic of Em’s age (and the fact that he remains an influential Rap God to many young men) when she responded to his controversial verse on Twitter:

“I’m bored of old men threatening young women as entertainment trend,” Iggy tweeted. “It’s especially awkward because my 14 year old brother is the biggest Eminem fan and now the artist he admired says he wants to rape me. Nice!”

Of course, the grand hip hop tradition requires that artists settle their differences in song form, and the fact that I-G-G-Y has never written a response track (despite her many feuds) is seen by many as further evidence that Iggy doesn’t write her own rhymes.

But that’s a conversation for another time…

Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wrote a song titled “Bad Blood” about an enemy in the music business. We’re pretty sure the subject was Katy Perry.

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Iggy Azalea-Eminem Feud Heats Up Following "Old Man" Diss on Twitter!


Tori Spelling: Pushed By Friends to Divorce Dean McDermott! Will She?

While their reps insist that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are still together, new reports suggest that they are barely on speaking terms and headed for a split.

It’s hard to know what to believe this point, given the unreliability of most “sources” online, and the fact that “still together” doesn’t really tell us a whole lot either.

According to a new report, however, she’s filled out divorce papers and is considering pulling the trigger on the long-rumored split, at the urging of friends.

  • McDermott
  • Tori Spelling on the Phone

This comes on the heels of Dean McDermott quitting their reality show True Tori and basically admitting he’s disgusted by the charade that is their life.

If he’s quitting True Tori, is that any different than quitting Tori Spelling?

In case he wasn’t clear enough on that, he reportedly told her the kids are done filming the Lifetime series along with him in his latest maudlin ultimatum.

So … where does that leave the reeling actress?

Planting stories in Life & Style, it would appear.

“She’s been pushed by some of her closest friends to end the marriage and is finally seeing that as a real option,” says an alleged source, out of nowhere.

Uh oh. Dean McDermott’s obligatory rebuttal?

Conveniently, he’s also reportedly said that Tori Spelling has become an “unfit mother” and shouldn’t be the one to get custody of their kids IF they split up.

Nice to see him using children as pawns.

Really, if you watch True Tori online, it’s hard to find sympathy with either one of these people, although it’s clear Dean wants out and it’s hard to blame him.

Yes, he used to self-complete to Tori on 90210, then banged Tori while married to his first wife, then banged Emily Goodhand when married to Tori.

He’s a depressed, probable alcoholic and uselessly narcissistic individual. At the same time, he’s trapped in a marriage with Tori Spelling. It’s gotta hurt.

Being exploited for ratings and jerked around left and right, regardless of his own problems and contributions to this malaise, is enough to drive a man insane.

Who do you think will leave who, and when? Or will they somehow find a way to keep this nonsense going for the sake of their kids and/or bank accounts?

We're Laughing at You, Not with You Dean

“I feel like I’m a little bit of a laughing stock.” – Dean, in the biggest understatement in the history of human civilization

“I feel like I’m a little bit of a laughing stock.” – Dean, in the biggest understatement in the history of human civilization

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Tori Spelling: Pushed By Friends to Divorce Dean McDermott! Will She?


Kim Kardashian on North West Posing Nude Someday: I’d Be Cool With It!

When the now-famous Kim Kardashian nude Paper magazine photos first hit the web, public opinion was decidedly split.

While the Sir Mix-A-Lots of the world found no cause for complaint, other, more reserved types stated their belief that Kim was setting a bad example for young girls, her own daughter included.

Kim Kardashian and Daughter North

Glee star Naya Rivera slammed Kim online, commenting, “You’re somebody’s mother,” on one of the pics.

While rumors that Kim wanted to pose nude before she gets pregnant again continue to circulate, until very recently, Mrs. Kardashian-West had not spoken out about the relationship between her roles as nude icon and married mom.

Yesterday, Kim was asked in an Australian radio interview how she would feel if her 1-year-old daughter, North West, decided to pose nude in 20 years. Her response is sure to piss off plenty of Kardashian kritics:

“I would support anything she wants to do,” Kim said. “But I don’t do anything to promote anyone else doing it – that’s not even what I’m trying to do.”

Kim went on to say that the pics made her feel “empowered,” after she “gained 500 pounds and looked like a huge slob” when she was pregnant.

Kim Kardashian: Naked for Paper

Kim Kardashian wears nothing but her birthday suit in this photo for the winter 2014 issue of Paper. Looks like she’s lost all that baby weight, huh?

Given her famous ego, we never thought we’d have to say this, but damn, go easy on yourself, Kim!

As for her comments about supporting “anything” North wants to do, well, Kim should know that statements like that often backfire. 

Kids have a way of finding the one thing you won’t support and doing it. In North’s case that would probably mean getting her PhD and taking a low-profile job as a research assistant, or something.

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Kim Kardashian on North West Posing Nude Someday: I’d Be Cool With It!


More Duggar Trouble: Petition to Cancel 19 Kids and Counting Reaches Goal of 100,000 Signatures

Back in September, a petition to convince TLC to cancel 19 Kids and Counting was posted on the website, and began to slowly make the rounds online.

The petition was a response to Michelle Duggar’s involvement in a campaign to repeal an anti-discrimination law. Yes, repeal a law against discrimination.

Say yes to sex, even when you're tired!

Be available. Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be available when he calls. – Michelle Duggar

Be available. Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be…

The law in question prevents employers and landlords from denying jobs and housing to applicants on the basis of sexual preference. The Duggars? Not fans.

Michelle recorded a robocall claiming the law allowed “males with past child predator convictions” who “claim they are female” to enter women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

Well, the author of the petition to axe 19 Kids and Counting claims that Michelle’s recording constitutes hate speech, and that TLC is implicitly supporting such beliefs.

Apparently, more than 123,000 people agree with him.

For months, the petition – titled “End LGBTQ Fear Mongering By the Duggars” – languished in obscurity, receiving just 6,000 signatures in its first two months online.  

However, a recent controversy involving Michelle and Jim Bob Duggars’ Facebook page brought a renewed interest in the Duggars’ political beliefs.

It all started when Michelle and Jim Bob asked married couples to submit photos of themselves kissing by posting them on the official Duggars’ Facebook page.

Several hundred did so, only for a number of gay and interracial couples to claim that their pictures were immediately deleted by the Arkansas couple.

The resulting uproar and media attention resulted in the anti-Duggar petition receiving an additional 117,000 signatures in the past four days alone.

Dates Without Chaperones

The Duggar parents often accompany their children on dates in order to maintain their “accountability” and “keep things from going in the wrong direction,” per Jim Bob. The girls are fine with this, as being alone with men puts them in grave “moral danger.” When the parents aren’t available, their older siblings will often tag along, making every date a group date and a family affair.

The Duggars have yet to respond to the campaign to have them taken off the air, but they did say, vaguely, that they will not compromise their values.

Stay tuned, and watch 19 Kids and Counting online to decide for yourself if the Duggars are dangerous or harmless, and tell us below in the comments:

Should TLC cancel the show because of the Duggars’ views?

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More Duggar Trouble: Petition to Cancel 19 Kids and Counting Reaches Goal of 100,000 Signatures


Beyonce "Ring Off" Leaks, Sparks New Round of Jay Z Divorce Rumors

Beyonce’s new single “Ring Off” from her upcoming platinum box set has leaked online, sparking the latest obligatory round of Jay Z divorce rumors.

Speculation that she and Jay are enduring marriage problems behind closed doors are as old as … well, like six months ago, after the Solange elevator video.

The superstar couple didn’t actually split, of course, but working through problems behind closed doors is a lot less fun for gossip lovers than marital woes.

So believe what you want when you hear the new track describing a person left picking up the pieces after a failed relationship … possibly due to infidelity.

Oooooh. Let the overanalyzing begin, Internet.

“In the mirror you would stare / And say a prayer like, ‘I wish he said I’m beautiful’ / I wish it didn’t hurt at all / I don’t know how I got here,” the lyrics read.

“I was once the one who had his heart.”

“Until you had enough, then you took that ring off/You took that ring off/ So tired of the lies and trying and fighting and crying/ You took that finger.”

Over the summer, sources reported constantly on the Beyonce and Jay Z divorce inevitability, citing his “wandering eye” and countless other issues.

The power duo has remained a united front ever since, however, with Jay presenting a tearful Beyonce with the Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs.

The two have gone on vacations, posted countless cute photos of daughter Blue Ivy to Tumblr and have made plenty of under the radar appearances.

In other words, they’re living a normal life. Happily.

Last weekend, they were both on hand when Solange married Alan Ferguson in New Orleans, and they’re even planning to renew their vows, supposedly.

But “Ring Off” MUST mean they’re DONE!

Beyonce and Jay Kiss

Beyonce and Jay Z kiss in Paris on stage. The couple just renewed its vows and has put all rumors of their breakup to rest.

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Beyonce "Ring Off" Leaks, Sparks New Round of Jay Z Divorce Rumors