Kim Kardashian: No to Makeup, Yes to Kendall Jenner Topless!

Image kim-kardashian-no-makeup-pic.png

Kim Kardashian has managed to post two revealing photos in one. The reality star, who allegedly took 1,200 selfies in Thailand, unveiled a makeup-free self-portrait on Instagram today and included with it a shot of sister Kendall Jenner topless. “LOVE @kendalljenner on the cover of LOVE,” Kim wrote as a caption, showing off Jenner’s latest…

7 Dogs That Totally Have Mustaches!!!

Image 7-dogs-who-have-mustaches_got-a-razor.jpg

As previously documented, some animals really want to be human. Heck, some animals think they are human. They get up on two legs, they sit at the table for dinner, they drive cars and motorcycles. And, yes, some are even in need of a shave. Or not because, let’s face it, mustaches are totally adorable…

Sharknado 2 Ratings: HUGE!!!!!

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Sharknado 2 has official devoured the original Sharknado. According to a Syfy press release, the ridiculous(ly awesome) film was viewed by 3.9 million people last night, good enough for a 180% increase over the first version. Along with becoming the channel’s most-watched original movie, Sharknado 2 delivered one BILLION estimated impressions on Twitter. 11 Awesomely Terrible…