Jeremy Calvert Gets "Faith" Tattoo: Will He Stand By Leah Messer Despite Cheating Claim?

Teen Mom 2‘s Jeremy Calvert showed off a new tattoo that may indicate a thawing of sorts following a recent bitter and icy public feud with wife Leah Messer.

  • Leah Messer Calvert and Jeremy Calvert
  • Jeremy Calvert Faith Tattoo

On Saturday, Calvert posted a photo on Twitter of his arm with “Faith” tattooed across it. Jeremy captioned the photo, “Some bare knuckles tattooing.”

Just last week, Calvert accused Leah Messer of cheating on him, adding that that he “caught” his wife red-handed, and even called out her ex Robbie Kidd.

“Go back to Mingo and have a wonderful f–king weekend with Mr Kidd,” he ranted on Twitter, referring to their native West Virginia’s Mingo County.

He later deleted that from his profile, but he clearly put it out there for a reason.

Messer, who confessed to cheating on first husband Corey Simms with Kidd one week before their October 2010 wedding, quickly denied the accusation.

“I never cheated on my husband and he knows that,” Messer wrote.

“There was a rumor and he believed it but it’s okay.”

Believed, as in past tense? One can only hope her denial of cheating on Jeremy Calvert is true, because it would be a shame if the rumor were true.

Calvert and Messer have one child together and share custody of Leah’s twins from her relationship with Simms; Messer and Calvert have not commented further.

Leah Messer and Daughter

Leah Messer and one of her three daughters share a tender moment.

Their moms, however, have been ALL over it!

Messer’s mother, Dawn Spears, and Calvert’s mother, Tammy Calvert, engaged in a war of words online over whether or not Leah cheated on Jeremy.

“She know’s she’s caught and it over. Her own mother know what she was doing and covered for her. What’s that say about there people,” Tammy wrote.

Commenting on Starcasm’s Facebook post, she added, “when your in a custody battle the last thing you need is this. But she made her choice, Now LIVE WITH IT!!!”

That was a reference to Leah Messer and Corey Simms’ custody battle, but Dawn came to her daughter’s defense, pointing the finger at Jeremy’s dad.

Insinuating that he started the (false) rumor about Leah, she wrote, “I contacted Robbie myself and he said he wasn’t even in town. So this is crazy.”

Leah’s big sister Victoria Messer also got in on the gossip, saying on a local radio show. “Just because it happened once does not mean it happened again.”

“She would never. He’s upset, you know, even though nothing happened. I talked to Jeremy last night and he told me, ‘I love Leah and I love the kids.”

“I did post stuff on Twitter but I was upset.’”

Water under the bridge now though?

Amber Portwood-Gary Shirley Fight

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley FIGHT on MTV’s Teen Mom. It’s one for the ages right here.

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Jeremy Calvert Gets "Faith" Tattoo: Will He Stand By Leah Messer Despite Cheating Claim?


Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Jenelle Evans Gets SHUT DOWN By Barbara!

On part two of Season 5’s Teen Mom 2 reunion, Kailyn revealed a secret that made Javi furious, while Jo and Vee had some interesting news of their own.

Dr. Drew also zeroed in on Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith and her mother Barbara, who got real and personal with the doctor and the MTV audience.

What were the main takeaways from Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 30?

While last week focused primarily on Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska, it was Jenelle, and Kailyn Lowry, in the hot seat this week with Dr. Drew.

Jenelle Evans‘ segment focused on her plans to secure full custody of her five-year-old son Jace, who is now under the care of her mother Barbara.

After over a year of sobriety and welcoming her son Kaiser with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, Jenelle said she’s prepared to become a full-time mother of two.

“I know I don’t completely got my life together as in being married for a couple of years and then having a career and doing it the right way,” Jenelle admits.

“But I’m happy enough to where I’m stable enough to have him.”

You don’t always see that kind of self-awareness if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, and Nathan said he was also invested in caring for Jace full-time.

“I know [Kaiser] has a bright future with both of us. I want Jace to not feel left out. I want him to have the same opportunity that I’m going to give my son.”

“I just think he needs a strong fatherly figure.”

Would Barbara be swayed by these words?

Despite agreeing to transition Jace to Jenelle’s care over the next year during the Teen Mom 2 Season 5 finale, Barbara sang a different tune on the reunion.

“We’re contemplating it,” Barbara Evans said, adding somewhat surprisingly of the couple that, “I think Nathan is the one pushing it more than Jenelle.”

“Jace only knows me and I’m his whole world,” she went on, bluntly. “If I relinquish custody to Jenelle, let me tell you this, it’s going to be a slow process.”

Ouch. Doesn’t sound promising, Jenelle.

Barbara Evans GIF

A classic Barbara Evans GIF from Teen Mom 2. She lays into Jenelle a lot.

Kailyn Lowry, meanwhile, may not get the headlines Jenelle frequently inspires, but her segment was incredibly dramatic last night for a few reasons.

Her mom, Suzy, and her alcoholic tendencies drove a wedge between Kailyn and her husband Javi Marroquin, after she told him she left their son in her care.

“I took Lincoln to her house and Javi doesn’t know. I came back two hours later and she was trashed,” Kailyn said. “I just got myself together and never spoke to her again.”

“I don’t want to talk to her ever again.”

Javi, upon hearing this, was LIVID:

“I said I don’t want Lincoln going over there by himself and sure enough, I was right. I’m so furious. I don’t know what she did, but she was drunk with my son!”

Kailyn claimed she believed that her mother would remain clean, and despite this fact and how angry Javi was, said she will always give her another chance.

Javi admits he feels distant from Kailyn lately, while according to Lowry, their relationship is not in jeopardy as much as it is fluid, a work in progress.

“Once Lincoln was born it was hard for me. It was hard for us. There was a time when I struggled a lot,” he said. “I don’t feel anything between us.”

Meanwhile, her former man Jo Rivera, with whom she has a four-year-old son Isaac, ironically stepped in to serve as the voice of reason for the couple.

Jo agreed that they “shouldn’t be left alone unsupervised” but said “I think that’s important” for both Kailyn’s sons to get to know their grandma growing up.

Amber Portwood-Gary Shirley Fight

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley FIGHT on MTV’s Teen Mom. It’s one for the ages right here.

Javi and Kailyn are not the only ones having problems. Jo’s live-in girlfriend, Vee Torres, also revealed that their romance has also been on the rocks of late.

“I had to move out because he wanted space,” Vee said, lamenting that, “I’ve been through a lot this past month and it’s still heavy on me a little bit.”

Yikes. Plenty of tension to go around.

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Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Jenelle Evans Gets SHUT DOWN By Barbara!


Jenelle Evans Accused of Child Abuse; Teen Mom 2 Star Defends Black Eye Photo, Fires Back Online

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans posted a photo of her baby son Kaiser with what looks like a black eye, which of course prompted cries of child abuse online.

Someone even called Child Protective Services on her over the image below, which did not sit well with the Carolina Hurricane and sparked a Twitter rebuke:

  • Jenelle Evans' Son, Black Eye
  • Jenelle Evans and Sons

Jenelle leaves Kaiser, three months old, in the care of her mother-in-law (or her baby daddy’s Nathan Griffith‘s mom, since they’re not married) while in school.

Often, she posts pictures from their day to day adventures in parenting, but someone actually reported Jenelle to the state agency after this photo.

Anyone with little kids knows that they get bonked, bruised and scratched on a routine basis, figuring out how to crawl, walk and roll over, et cetera.

That, combined with the fact that no one was there to see what (if anything) happened to the youngster makes the call to CPS a pretty crazy move.

Not surprisingly, Jenelle was fuming about it:

  • U guys r seriously accusing me of giving Kai a black eye?! Wtf is wrong with all if u. CALL CPS again. I dare u, idiots.
  • Me and Nathan’s mom just got finished laughing at u haters. She’s like “even if Kai did have a black eye.. Would u REALLY be posting it ?!”

She makes a good point, even it does look like he suffered a bonk of some kind. Attributing that to abuse you assume took place is pretty absurd, though.

Jenelle Evans, who appeared with Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, and Chelsea Houska on this week’s reunion show (watch Teen Mom 2 online) is a lot of things.

Abusive is not one of them. In fact, she posts almost daily pics of all the cute things she and her little family do together, from the benign to the adorable.

We know Jenelle has had a tough past and that haters will always assume the worst, and she may be guilty of oversharing and giving them too much ammo.

She’s not a child abuser though. Move on.

Jenelle Evans, Daddy and Baby

Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith and their newborn baby son Kaiser share a touching moment.

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Jenelle Evans Accused of Child Abuse; Teen Mom 2 Star Defends Black Eye Photo, Fires Back Online


Jana Duggar: Planning to Break Away From Famous Family?!

While Jessa and Jill Duggar become celebrity news staples, the oldest daughter from TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, Jana Duggar, remains an enigma of sorts.

So much so, you might not know the 24-year-old even exists if you watch 19 Kids and Counting online this season but aren’t a longtime Duggar devotee.

Jana Duggar Picture

If you missed it, Jill Duggar, 23, married Derrick Dillard in June and is carrying his child, while Jessa Duggar, 21, set to marry Ben Seewald November 1.

Jana Duggar? Mysteriously single and increasingly out of the reality TV limelight.

With patriarch Jim Bob’s help, Jana’s younger sisters and her older brother Josh Duggar have managed to court, settle down and make babies in short order.

Is there something about Jana that makes her different than her sisters, and anything less than prime courting material? Not as far as we can tell.

She’s a nice-looking girl any number of young Arkansas males would seemingly bend over backwards to side-hug the ish out of any day of the week.

Not only that, she’s quasi-famous yet very down-to-earth, sweet and smart, the whole package that many guys would kill for a chaperoned date with.

So what’s her deal? Is she not allowed to get married by Jim Bob and forced to take care of her younger siblings, as has been rumored in the past?

Or, is she at odds with, and planning on making a break from, the family?

Dates Without Chaperones

The Duggar parents often accompany their children on dates in order to maintain their “accountability” and “keep things from going in the wrong direction,” per Jim Bob. The girls are fine with this, as being alone with men puts them in grave “moral danger.” When the parents aren’t available, their older siblings will often tag along, making every date a group date and a family affair.

The most likely explanation of Jana’s single status is that she and Jim Bob just haven’t found The One yet. Admittedly, not everyone will fit the bill.

Given the things the Duggars do not allow and their rules for dating, that has to narrow the field a bit. But it didn’t stop Josh, Jill or Jessa, now did it?

According to FreeJinger (dot) org, it might not be an accident that she’s distancing herself from the family on 19 Kids and Counting and in private.

Very little is known for sure, but Jana is reportedly enrolled College Plus, where students can take classes that later transfer to physical colleges.

She is said to be considering a nursing degree, and she’s trained as both a first responder and a midwife. She also does extensive missionary work.

As such, there’s a lot of talk about her spreading her wings and flying solo, leaving her parents and the 18 kids behind. But it’s unclear if she will do so.

It’s equally unclear what that even entails as far as the conflict (or lack thereof) between herself and Jim Bob. As of right now, she’s still a mystery.

Maybe FreeJinger should rename itself FreeJana. Just an idea.

A Duggar Family Pic

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are still working on that 20th kid.

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Jana Duggar: Planning to Break Away From Famous Family?!


Kim Zolciak Shares Post-Plastic Surgery Selfie, Aims to "Set [Record] Straight"

Kim Zolciak has a few things to get off her chest.

Namely, photos of her chest. And her stomach as well.

Once again, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member has posted a revealing selfie online, attempting to send a message to both her critics and her fans.

Kim Zolciak Plastic Surgery Pics

In an accompanying Facebook message, Zolciak admits that she recently underwent a tummy tuck procedure, but she doesn’t recommend others follow surgical suit and she doesn’t believe this is why she looks so darn good for a mother of six.

“Just so you guys are aware of how fabulous I was before my tummy tuck! This picture on the left was taken a few months after I had the twins and before surgery!” Zolciak wrote to followers.

The reality star then warned that “a plastic surgeon is NOT the cure all,” explaining her unique situation thusly:

“I had a hernia I needed repaired as well as my muscles so don’t get it twisted for you lazy asses that sit on the couch And think I look this good from a surgeon you are now set straight! Enjoy!! Take a look at the placement of my belly button before and after!”

In September, Zolciak posted a couple bikini selfies, but didn’t admit to undergoing plastic surgery at the time.

She’s now opening up about it, but also maintaining that her physique is due to her own hard work, not that of any doctor.

“This is really happening on a Saturday at 5pm!” she also wrote on Facebook this weekend. “Kj and I In our gym busting it out! I’m so excited to be doing ab work!”

Kim Zolciak Swimsuit Pics

Kim Zolciak swimsuit pics are on display on Instagram. And wouldn’t you if you looked like that?

Zolciak recently bragged about how she looks “f–kin good” and concluded:

“My surgeon didn’t change my size, I’m the same size 4 I have always been, YES bitches I’m a size 4, he simply fixed my hernia, repaired my muscles and gave me the most incredible set of tatas EVER.”

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Kim Zolciak Shares Post-Plastic Surgery Selfie, Aims to "Set [Record] Straight"


Teresa Giudice Pisses Off Castmates at Reunion Show; Reality Star Still "In Denial" About Prison!

Last week, Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15 months in prison, but she won’t have to turn herself in to authorities until January 5. 

Naturally, Teresa has a lot to get done between now and then – things like getting her finances in order, making sure her kids are cared for while she’s gone, and of course, setting fire to the few remaining bridges in her life that haven’t already been burned.

Teresa Giudice Stands Tall

Yes, despite the fact that Bravo is pretty much the only business at which Teresa has any hope of getting a job after her release, the veteran Housewife seems intent on royally pissing off the network that made her famous. 

Over the weekend, the ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey gathered to tape their annual reunion show, and naturally, Teresa was the main attraction. She was also more than three hours late.

Better yet, once she finally did show up, sources say Teresa all but refused to talk about the one topic on everyone’s minds:

“Teresa is absolutely still in denial and did her best to dodge all questions about the prison sentence,” said a source at the taping. “She would get very emotional and storm off set and come back a few minutes later.”

In addition to her prison sentence, Teresa reportedly refused to discuss rumors that she and Joe Giudice are headed for divorce.

Joe has been sentenced to 41 months in prison for the same crimes to which Teresa pled guilty, plus several additional counts of fraud. 

He’ll begin serving his sentence after Teresa is released, as the court has allowed for staggered sentencing for the sake of the couple’s four children.

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online to see the Giudices in happier times.

Teresa Giudice: Table Flipping

And now for the classic. Teresa’s face is priceless as she famously flips the table. Bravo. Bravo.

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Teresa Giudice Pisses Off Castmates at Reunion Show; Reality Star Still "In Denial" About Prison!


Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood Quash Beef, Are "All Good" Now!

Continuing to turn over a new leaf in life, Jenelle Evans has evidently buried the hatchet with another fellow Teen Mom star, ending a long-running feud.

Jenelle and Amber Portwood have hashed out their differences, and amazingly, they did so while taping MTV’s Ask The Moms special in August.

In other words, they made up in private, and kept it to themselves!

  • Amber Portwood Mug Shot (New)
  • Jenelle Evans Mug Shot (May 2013)

After Portwood admitted she doesn’t follow Jenelle Evans on Twitter after “some stuff” occurred and suggested she could benefit from prison time.

“With her just saying ‘she needs to hit rock bottom before she’s able to pick herself up,’ I think we’re both in different situations,” Jenelle reflected.

“We both just dealt with it differently,” Evans added.

Amber Portwood served 17 months behind bars after multiple arrests and failing to properly complete a mandatory drug program. She’s free now.

She says she only meant to help Jenelle with her previous criticism that prison time would do her good and that she was headed down that road.

“Everything that I said [about Jenelle] … it wasn’t to be an a–hole and it wasn’t to be mean,” Portwood said on the Ask the Moms special.

Jenelle Evans Beating Up Girl

Will Jenelle Evans go to jail over this fight with Britany Truett? It’s certainly a possibility.

“It was simply because she’s going through the same s–t that I used to go through. It’s encouragement and wisdom because I’ve been there, done that.”

“I’m not saying I’m this wise person, but I did go to prison.”

Evans seemed to accept Portwood’s explanation, too.

“I’ve had absolutely no hatred toward Amber at all, I’ve actually related a lot to her because me and her were in the same boat,” she said, with surprising maturity.

“If you ever need to talk or anything, I know it’s a struggle … I’m there with you. I’m right here,” Portwood responded. “We’re good. We’re all good.”

While “Jenelle hasn’t talked to Amber privately” since then and the two may never be close friends, it’s clear there is no animosity between them.

That’s no fun … but it is good for everyone involved.

Amber Portwood Makeover

Amber Portwood’s makeover looks pretty great. At least compared to her mug shot chic look of the past.

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Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood Quash Beef, Are "All Good" Now!


Mario Lopez: I Lost My Virginity at Age …

You don’t need The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story to give you dirt on Mario Lopez, as he authorized the release of tons of it in his new memoir.

Just Between Us contains plenty of eye-popping details, including the age at which the actor and Extra host lost his virginity. Spoiler alert: He wasn’t old.

Mario Lopez Underwear

“I started having sex so young. The day before my 13th birthday,” he reveals. “I know I made my share of mistakes, and sometimes big ones.”

“I had to learn all my lessons the hard way.”

Lopez, now 40, also divulges that he got a girl pregnant as a teenager. She terminated the pregnancy, as the two were not ready to take that step.

”I could have a kid who is 25 years old,” says the father of two, regarding of the prospect of being a parent at that point in his life. “That’s unbelievable!”

Regarding his scandalous two-week marriage to Ali Landry in 2004, which ended after photos of him and another woman at his bachelor party surfaced?

“I got inebriated and a little too friendly with a young lady,” Lopez writes. “When it was time to return home, lightning hit me with the truth: I wasn’t in love.”

“But I walked down the aisle,” he laments, taking the blame he deservedly got from his soon-to-be-ex-wife. “Ali was hurt and angry, rightfully so.”

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez famously lost her virginity to a guy who all know (and some of us used to love), and this we know after he bragged about it. He being ….

Oh, and about seven years ago, before he got together with his wife Courtney Mazza, the mother of his two kids, he banged a big pop star in Vegas.

He won’t reveal the singer’s identity, however.

Lopez told Ellen DeGeneres when asked about this revelation in his book, “I’m a gentleman. I don’t want to drop names. I don’t want to go there.”

Not so gentlemanly as to omit it from his memoir, because he knows it will get us talking, but he’s not going to name names here. Come on, people!

That won’t stop us from speculating, of course. Because it was 2007, we’re guessing Britney Spears, as she was single and got around a ton that year.

Just a theory. We’ll never know for sure.

When did other stars give it up for the first time? Who lost his virginity at age eight (yes, eight)? Check out the gallery below, which will surprise you:

Kim Kardashian Was...

… 14 when she first slept with a man. She admitted this to Oprah Winfrey.

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Mario Lopez: I Lost My Virginity at Age …


Kailyn Lowry: Racist Comment Draws Criticism From Fans

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is no stranger to controversy.

Lowry’s breastfeeding photos attracted criticism from fans who deemed them inappropriate. Ultimately, however, most of her online followers were on Kailyn’s side, and defended her right to feed her baby and share photos of the moment if she so desires.

Kailyn Lowry Instagram Photo

She may not enjoy the same level of support this time around:

Kailyn’s latest controversy involves comments that she made to her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Jo Rivera. The remarks were first made public in a preview clip that aired after last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2:

Reading a text from Lowry aloud, Rivera says, “‘Little white boys don’t get their haircut like that. ‘”

The camera then focuses on Rivera’s phone, revealing other texts from Lowry that read, “He’s too young for that. He’s half white,” and “I don’t like his hair cut like that. Please don’t do it.”

Following backlash from fans, Lowry responded to the criticism on Twitter today:

“Bahahahaha ok, I’m not racist…Gotta make good TV somehow #TeenMom2″

It’s unclear if Lowry intended to blame MTV for the incident or if she was trying to suggest that she’d made the comment in order to create drama for the show.

Either way, Kailyn will have to provide a better explanation than that if she wants to maintain her fanbase.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic to relive all the drama of season 5.

Amber Portwood-Gary Shirley Fight

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley FIGHT on MTV’s Teen Mom. It’s one for the ages right here.

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Kailyn Lowry: Racist Comment Draws Criticism From Fans


Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 24 Recap: Will Jenelle Evans Seek Custody of Jace?

Wednesday, on MTV’s Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 24, Jenelle Evans, who welcomed baby son Kaiser last week, mulled over another big move:

She and Nathan Griffith may try to get custody of her first son, as well.

Jenelle Evans and Jace Pic

Jenelle Evans’ mom Barbara has legal custody of Jace. In case Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 24 is the first episode you’ve seen, this is for good reason:

Back in her heyday? Jenelle was a bit of a train wreck to put it mildly.

Give her credit now, though. She’s putting in the time with her five-year-old boy, and when Jenelle, Nathan, and Jace lay in bed together and watch Kaiser?

Cutest thing ever. He loves his brother immediately, as do they.

When Jenelle wakes up to find her beau Nathan Griffith feeding their newborn, they share another sweet family moment. Things are going very well.

At least until Nathan brings up the idea of them taking custody of Jace, which he seems more keen on than she, even though she loves the kid.

Jenelle Evans thinks they need to buy a house and settle down first, now that Kaiser has finally been born. Probably not the worst idea to take it slower.

Speaking of custody battles, Leah Messer and Corey Simms‘ dispute has escalated, and she’s completely crushed and overwhelmed at the idea of losing.

She breaks down emotionally when her stepfather tells her that hard times are gonna come. For Leah, it seems like there’s rarely an end to them.

Corey, meanwhile, tells his parents that he doesn’t believe Leah and Jeremy are stable enough to care for the girls properly, which is kind of ridiculous.

He does want the best for Ali and Aleeah, too, we’ll give him that, but there’s little doubt some of this is a personal vendetta as well as we see things.

Leah Messer and Daughter

Leah Messer and one of her three daughters share a tender moment.

In court, the judge decides not to make a decision about custody and appoints an attorney as a legal guardian to the two girls. What does that mean?

The lawyer will interview both parents, the teachers and doctors and evaluate the situation before helping the judge come to a decision about their future.

The plot thickens. Custody issues rage on for Kailyn Lowry as well, as Isaac is with his dad Jo Rivera for an extended period of time, and she’s reeling.

She’s really struggling with this, although it’s nice to get a break while raising baby Lincoln with Javi Marroquin, and she’s excited to go back to school.

She tours Delaware State, where they have on-campus daycare as well as commuter lounges she can study in, and goes on vacation with Javi.

Isaac’s absence casts a dark cloud over that day at the beach though, something that Chelsea Houska can relate to. Whenever Aubree is not with her?

No matter how well work goes – and by all accounts it’s going very, very well – Chelsea is always worried in the back of her mind about the loser Adam Lind.

Who, right on cue, was just arrested for a second time while he was supposed to be spending time with their daughter. That will make your head spin.

She’s really worried about her visitation agreement with Adam, and is considering taking him to court, after she gets a copy of his police record especially.

As always, you can watch Teen Mom 2 online to see all of these dramatic events play out from beginning to end, and to catch up on previous weeks as well.

Chelsea Houska and Daughter

Chelsea Houska looking fab on Instagram with her little daughter Aubree. <3

The rest is here:
Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 24 Recap: Will Jenelle Evans Seek Custody of Jace?